The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 2

White is for normal

Yellow is for happy

Purple is for sad

Red is for anger

Cream is for bored

Pink is for flustered

Peach is for embarrassed

Green is for sick

Blue is for jealously

Orange is for shock

Brown is for pain

Black is for hurt

Grey is for confused

Sea green is for nervous

Silver is for love

Gold is for power

Got it?” Micah asks as she chuckles looking at Angelica who noted everything down.

“But I don’t have a power...” she sighs her wings turning purple.

“Everyone has a power, they just have to find it.” Micah smiles her wings yellow.

“Okay let’s go to Cael’s room, we need to talk about the other world right?” Micah asks to Angelica as Angelica starts walking towards Cael’s room.

She stumbles on the way her wings turning peach.

“This is why my wings are pink when-.” Angelica mutters something but Micah couldn’t hear it as Lilah comes in the way.

“Does princess- does Micah want something?” Lilah corrects herself as she asks smiling.

“No thank you so much Lilah, I will call you if I want something.” She smiles and they proceed to Cael’s room knocking on his door.

“Will brother Cael give permission to sister Micah-.” Micah is cut off my Cael shouting from inside .


“-and Angelica to come in?” Micah smirks completing her sentence.

“Well he is busy, let’s go Angelica.” Micah says laughing silently as she hears fumbles in the room.

“I meant why not, come in.” Cael says as he opens the door, his wings turning pink as soon as he sees Angelica.

“Idiot wings.” He mutters to himself.

“You were about to tell us about the other world right?” Micah asks.

He nods and motions them to sit. Micah sits on the side of the bed as Angelica sat in between Cael and Micah. Micah thought she saw their wings turn pink.

“So...where to start?” Cael asks.

“From the starting duh.” Micah laughs.

“Okay, okay.” Cael says.

“It was long ago when the world was created. It was ruled by an Angel who was the queen and a Devil who was the king. They both loved happily. The devils and angels loved each other. But then one day they got into a big fight. The queen demanded separation and her own world with just angels where no devils could come without the priest’s advice. So they separated. The special someone divided the two worlds by a black, translucent curtain which was indestructible. The both sides started hating each other. No one wanted to go on the other side. They stayed there. On their side. The curtain is still there and the priest is still alive hoping one day someone would ask him to go on the other side. But there’s a saying that a devil and an angel can’t be together. It will ruin everything. They have to stay apart. On the either sides and hate each other. No one has ever crossed the curtain and no one talks to each other. We live as this is the only world. Our world.” Cael ends.

“Where is the curtain?” Micah asks.

Cael shrugs.

“Who is the priest?” Angelica asks her wings grey.

“No one knows, or if they do, they won’t tell us.” Cael says moving his fingers through his hair as Angelica stares at him.

“Well Angelica you know, Cael-!” Micah starts but Cael snaps his fingers, his wings golden and Micah’s mouth shuts close.

“Shut up.” He says.

Micah crosses her hands.

“I will only break it if you don’t talk about it.” Cael says.

Micah nods, her wings light red.

“I swear, don’t you dare do that again.” Micah sighs.

Cael chuckles his wings pink still.

“I don’t know when I will find my power...” Angelica says her wings purple.

“We are going to class, teacher told us today he will see everyone’s powers and help the ones who haven’t discovered them yet, in discovering them.” Micah says.

“Oh let’s go then...” Angelica squeals her wings yellow.

“You are coming right?” Micah asks Cael.

He nods.

Then they head over to their class.

Micah with Angelica and Cael walks over to the school. The angels’ school. Micah opens the locker and puts her backpack in.

“I am Aqilah, want to be friends?” An Angel as beautiful as Micah asks her.

“Of course, I am Micah.” She smiles her wings yellow.

“Micah?! As in princess Micah?!” Aqilah asks her wings orange.

Micah nods.

“It is an honour to meet you princess Micah, my best regards to emperor and empress...” Aqilah says as she bows slightly.

“Oh no, you don’t need to...” Micah says.

They smile and walk over to their class. There were twenty students in the class. All of them bow to Micah and Cael as they enter the classroom.

“So class today we will talk about powers. How many of you are aware of their powers?” The teacher asks as Micah, Cael, Aqilah and few other angels raise hands.

“So we will know a little bit about powers first.”

Everyone nods.

“These powers are assigned to the angels at their birth by the priest and everyone has unique powers. No two angels can ever have same powers. You can use your powers with a snap of your fingers and vice versa. Not everyone can do so because they aren’t aware of it yes. The wings of the user turn gold while using the power and come back to whit after finishing. None can have two powers and there is no one without powers. Everyone has it somewhere. Is it clear?”

everyone nods.

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