The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 20

“Father I have did everything you have told me to do, I have fulfilled your each and every wish. I have done what you have wanted me to do, just for once, for this instance, let me do what I want to do father. Don’t do all this. Don’t start the war father. It will ruin everything. You can still stop everything from destruction. It is still in your hands. Father I know you wanted a dragon when you were 5. You didn’t get one. I know how you felt father. I feel the same. I have never asked of anything from you. I ask today father. Please let me be with Micah, father. She is my desire to live. I love her. Father please.” Amon ends as Micah looks at his father.

Everyone was.

His face softens for a second but then stiffens again.

“Son, you made your choice. Let me make mine. Attack, army.” He says as the soldiers hurry over toward their direction.

Amon picks Micah up and tells her to close her eyes. She does what he said then she feels everything moving round. She holds Amon tightly.

“Open your eyes Micah.” Amon whispers.

Micah gasps when she sees that she is in between and everyone is fighting everyone else. Both of queens and kings are looking at each other with as straight face. She sees Cael, Angelica, Aqilah and Castell get out at the last moment.

“Where are we?” Micah asks.

“We aren’t anywhere Micah. We are on the field as well we aren’t on the field.” Amon says.

“I know it is confusing.” Micah gasps as she sees everyone attacking each other with major hatred.

“No I understand, it is like Schrodinger’ cat.” Miah smiles.


“Nothing, I have to think. Let me think.” Micah closes her eyes and sits down think.

She was thinking what exactly could be a solution of a problem like this. She thought and thought but nothing came in her mind. She could hear the screams and she could even feel hot blood down her leg. She sat there concentrating as Amon squeezed her hand.

“I am sorry.” They both said.

But no one knew what they were apologizing for.

Then Micah remembered something.

The golden feather falling down. She couldn’t touch them but she could see them. She closed her hands in Amon’s as they entangled and puts her lips on his.

“What are you-?”

“Shut up and forget everything.” Micah said as she did the same.

All Micah thought of was Amon. She forgot everything else. Her hands were warm as the orb was producing heat and light. Micah cried as she kissed him. She forgot everything and thought about Amon. Then after what felt like years, the sounds of people screaming and crying died.

Everything fell silent.

She opened her eyes and saw the same golden feathers falling down. She was in the battle field but everyone had stopped fighting. Many people were dead already but as the feathers fell on them, they woke up. People were now hugging each other and the queens and kings were laughing and talking to each other. Micah was shocked at first, then she cried.

“I did it Amon.” She ran in Amon’s arms.

“You did it Micah.” Amon whispered as he held her cheeks and kissed her.

Micah felt she was the happiest person in the universe at that moment. Then when they pulled apart, they walked over to the queens and kings. The blood from her dress had vanished.

“You have our agreement Micah. We are sorry.” The queen and king said as they bowed.

Micah bowed lower than them.

“You don’t have to, please. Thank you so much.” Micah smiled.

“Now is the time when you two take the place of us and rule this world.” Michael says as Micah and Amon look at each other eyes wide.

“This single world.” Amon’s mother said.

“This is not two worlds now dear, this is one world. Our World.” Seraphina smile as they all hugged each other.

“I will prepare for the honeymoon.” Angelica whispered as she hugged Micah.

They all chuckled.

“The priest.” Micah remembered something.

“What about him?” Amon asked.

“I don’t know.” Micah said as she ran towards the door with a weird feeling.

She opened the door and saw the priest. There were pieces of golden dust coming out form him and going up.

“My time has come.” He said as everyone looked at him, shocked.

“You two look beautiful with each other. Just perfect.” He smiles as he vanished.


It wasn’t that he was alive but now he wasn’t going to come back.

He has got what he wanted.


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