The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 21

“You look hot tonight.” Amon said as he bit his lip looking at Micah in her night dress.

Micah looked down.

“You look hotter.” Micah said slowly.

Amon wasn’t even wearing his shirt which made Micah blush hard.

“Oh shut up-.” Amon cut Micah off as he threw her on the bed lightly and kissed her neck.

Micah moaned lightly.

Her dress slipped off a little and now there bare bodies were touching each other with no barrier in between.

“I wish I could.” He said as he trailed down her neck, leaving kiss marks behind.

“Why do you have to be such a tease?” Micah asked as she turned around and now she was on top of him.

She leaned in and sucked his neck as he moaned.

Micah chuckled when they pulled apart.

Amon grabbed Micah as he kissed her. Amon bit her lip slightly as she let out another moan.

“You are a tease Micah, wearing this.” He pointed to her dress as he kissed her again. Micah had never been happier.


“Where are you going Angela?” Micah asked her seven years old daughter.

“I am going to the park with Gabriel.” Angela smiled and pointed at her twin brother.

They two were the cutest kids someone could ever ask for.

Angela had black wings and characters of her father as Gabriel looked just like his mother.

“Come home before dark then.” Micah said as they both kissed either sides of her cheeks and ran to the door.

“Having fun?” Amon asked them as he kissed Micah.

“Yes.” They both squealed.

Just when they were about to open the door, the doorbell rang.

Micah went to their door and opened it and her jaw dropped.

There stood Aqilah and Castell with a five year old boy into their arms.

He looked like Castell.

They both hugged Micah as Amon greeted them.

“Where have you been huh?” Amon smacked Castell lightly.

“We were out. Sorry we haven’t contacted in years.” Aqilah says smiling.

“Not going to forgive this easily.” Came the voice of Cael as he was behind them at the door, a girl with white little wings in his arms.

“You were supposed to marry before me.” Micah said as Angelica laughed and hugged her.

They all talked as Micah prepared dinner.

Aqilah and Angelica came to help her. They were talking about their prank on Cael when Micah remembered something.

“I will be back.” she said to both of them as he headed over to somewhere.

“Queen Micah.” Her chief bowed to her.

“What is wrong Heather?” She asked him.

“Shall we make a school on the left over ground or a park?” He asked smiling.

“I am busy right now, can you please ask King Amon?” Micah said as he nodded and headed towards Amon.

Micah reached the door she hadn’t opened in years.

The library door.

Everyone lived together and they could come and go at their will so there wasn’t a use of it. Micah’s heart was pounding. She plucked a feather and quickly went over to the shelf. She took out the rule book.

‘You tell them to accept the fate and where it took you and when they don’t understand just open page 189b of the rule book and show them.’ The priest’s voice rang in her ears.

She opened the rule book and flipped to 189b page, her heart pounding loudly. She broke into tears when she saw the page. It read:

‘I, the priest, myself say that no one has the right to say that a devil and an angel can’t be together. If they are meant to be, no one will stop them, not even fate. In fact, fate never said that two people in love can't be together. And them being together won’t bring destruction and war, it would bring peace and happiness. No one can say that they can’t be together. The rule has been hereby broken and proved wrong that a devil and an angel can’t be together. They can be. They will be. Forever. Here is a proof.’

And there was a picture of Amon and Micah holding Gabriel and Angela in their arms and smiling.

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