The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 3

“Okay, first we will see a demonstration of your powers and then we will help other people in finding theirs. Okay?” Teacher says everyone nods.

“Princess Micah, please...” The teacher bows and calls Micah.

“Sir please, don’t be this formal, it embarrasses me...” Micah says her feather peach.

The teacher chuckles.

“So what is your power Princess Micah?” Teacher asks.

Micah sighs at the use of ‘princess’ but replies.

“Um...I can create a realistic illusion. Of any form. Anywhere.” She says.

“May princess Micah do the honor of demonstrating the powers of her to us.” The teacher says.

Micah thinks for a second and then snaps her fingers. Her wings turn the perfect shade of gold as all of them find themselves in a dark room. There stood the copy of Cael, Aqilah, Angelica and Micah dancing to a beat of song. The teacher of the illusion joins them too. And soon the whole class starts dancing.

“I love this song.” The teacher says as he sways to the song. Everyone in the class was chuckling and the real teacher was smiling.

Micah chuckles and snaps her fingers and they are back in the room.

“Well I do love the song...awesome.” the teacher says smiling as everyone claps.

Micah heads back to her seat.

“Prince Cael please...” the teacher bows again.

“Sir call us Micah and Cael and no need to bow, you are older than us. It makes us embarrassed. Just treat us like everyone else.” Cael say as he goes there.

Everyone nods.

“Okay so Cael, what power do you have?” The teacher asks.

“Sir I can make anyone shut up at my will...” Cael says.

“Please demonstrate, you can try on me.” Teacher says as he starts talking.

“So as Cael is going-!” the teacher stops as Cael snaps his fingers, his wings golden.

His mouth shuts. The teacher nods and Cael snaps his fingers again.

“Good...” the teacher says as everyone claps again.

Cael comes back.

“Aqilah, you next.” The teacher says.

Aqilah walks over to the front.

“I can shapeshift into anyone. Any kind. But it must be a living being.” She says.

The teacher nods telling her to go on but he knew what was coming next.

Aqilah snaps her fingers and turns into the teacher itself. Her wings golden.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my class?” she asks her voice still the same.

Everyone chuckles as she transforms again. She comes back to her seat. A few other people demonstrate their powers and then no one was left.

“Now we will help everyone else. Let’s start with Angelica.” The teacher says.

Angelica walks over to the front of the class her wings grey.

“What I want you to do is to close your eyes, forget everything and concentrate. Just concentrate on the darkness and something will appear if o concentrate hard. Then tell me what it is.”

She nods and closes her eyes.

Her wings were glistening.

“I see water...” she says after a minute and opens her eyes.

Her wings were still glistening. The teacher nods thinking something. Then he goes out and comes with a glass of water.

“Snap your fingers Angelica.” He says.

With her wings sea green, Angelica snaps her fingers. The water moves a little inside the cup. She gasps.

“Okay now think any realistic figure and snap again.” Teacher says.

Angelica concentrates and snaps. The water in the cup turns into a realistic heart. Everyone claps as her wings turn from golden to pink as she looks at Cael. Micah fakes a cough as Cael smacks her shoulder, his wings pink.

“Congratulations...” Micah says to Angelica.

“Oh god I can’t believe. Now I will play with water all day.” she says her wings yellow.

They both chuckle.

“But sir, what is your power?” Aqilah asks.

“My power...” the teacher says as he snaps his fingers and disappears.

Everyone is shocked but then they see a potato lying down.

“I knew Sir was a potato!” Cael shouts as a snap is heard and the teacher comes back to his original laughing, his wings yellow.

“Oh god, Cael is so funny...” Angelica says laughing.

“He isn’t!” Micah says as he says Cael trying to hide his wings.

After a few hours the class ends and they come back. They all go to their rooms to get ready for dinner. Micah gets changed and hurries over to Cael’s room.

“May brother Cael come out and join us in dinner.” Micah says as the door opens and Cael goes down.

Micah then goes to Angelica’s room. She was about to knock when she sees the door is slightly open and Angelica is mutter something.She knew it was bad to peek but the curiosity got better of her. She peeked inside and her wings turned orange. She saw Angelica standing in front of Cael. But he just went down. She hears what Angelica was saying.

“Cael, I like...I like you...I liked you from the first sight...” she says Cael stood there looking at her.

Micah gasps but then she looks at Angelica’s wings.

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