The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 4

They were golden.

“Oh goodness, she is practicing her powers and her confession, hit two birds with a stone huh? She scared me.”

Micah says to herself. Her eyes grow wide and feathers peach as she sees Angelica leaning in.

Really? That is water...

Micah thinks to herself. Micah coughs loudly. Angelica turns around snapping her fingers, her wings peach too.

“What was going on huh?” Micah asks.

“Uh...nothing...” Angelica says her wings pink.

“You are lying. Do you think I would believe it? I saw everything. I already knew and honestly, go kiss real Cael...” Micah teases her wings yellow.

Angelica’s wings turn dark pink.

“But he doesn’t-!”

“You leave that to me, you will go and talk to him because he is such a pussy and would never tell you first...”

Micah says laughing.


“Yes, I am hundred percent sure you would succeed. I can bet on it.” Micah smiles.

“Fine. I would talk to him today after dinner...” Angelica’s wings were still pink.

“That’s my girl...” Micah says as they go to the dining table.

“Good Evening.” Micah bows to everyone.

Micah on purpose sits beside Lilah so Angelica has to sit beside Cael. Both of their wings were pink. Micah thought it was time for fun.

“Does father and mother know something about brother Cael?” Micah smiles and asks.

“What is it, princess Micah?” her mother asks.

Micah smirks and looks at Cael. His eyes were wide and wings orange.

“That Cael is in-!” she is cut off as Cael’s wings turn golden.

“Continue Micah...” her father says.

She shakes her head telling them it is nothing and then she shoots a death glare to Cael who chuckling snaps his finger again.

“Honestly, father would give me the pleasure to die if you tell him...” Cael says to Micah as they walk to their rooms.

“Really? You shut me up.” Micah says.

“But you were telling them. You know what would have happened?” Cael ask.

Micah nods snapping her fingers.

They are in the dining hall. Micah completes her sentence

“That Cael is in love with Angelica.” Everyone except Micah chokes onto their food.

“Did I hear it right, prince Cael?” Her father asks Cael.

He nods slightly.

“You come here prince Cael, we will have a sweet little talk...” her mother says as she grabs Cael and takes him to a room.

Then she spanks him hard. Cael is on the verge of tears.

“Did I hear it right prince Cael, you in love with Angelica?”

she asks as she spanks him again. Then keeps getting spanked and after that he is not able to walk for minutes.

Micah snaps her fingers back rolling on the floor laughing as her wings are dark yellow.

“Honestly.” Cael says but he was laughing too.

Cael goes to his room. Micah stops Angelica.

“All the best and don’t you dare not have your first kiss...I want it to be with Cael, I ship two of you so damn hard...” Micah says her wings yellow.

Angelica nods.

Then Micah goes to her room. After few minutes when she went to the washroom she heard voices form Cael’s room.

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