The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 5

She looked curiously inside. She saw Angelica standing next to Cael her feathers as pink as Cael’s.

“So what do you want to say?” Cael asks scratching his neck.

“ like you Cael...” she says as her wings couldn’t turn any darker shade of pink.

Cael stood there at a loss of words.

“Angelica, I always wanted to tell you but I didn’t have the courage to, but I like you too...” Cael says coming closer to her.

Micah thought it was the time to stop peeking but she couldn’t. She looked at them her wings peach as they both leant in and kissed each other. Their wings were still pink when they pulled apart. But Angelica grabbed Cael and put her lips on him again, her heart pounding. He was startled but then responded as he held her by her waist. Micah thought she should stop she thought of what was coming next and she was better not seeing it. But then they pulled away and stood there awkwardly. Now it was time to interfere before they got more awkward. Their wings were still pink though.

“Will brother Cael and Angelica may let Micah enter the room if they aren’t ‘busy’?” Micah asks her wings yellow.

They both get startled as Cael opens the door.

“We weren’t...” Cael says his wings pink.

“Does brother Cael think sister Micah believes him?” Micah asks smiling.

Cael shakes his head.

“Sorry but I peeked...” Micah say her wings peach as Angelica’s wings turn pinkish again.

They both say nothing.

“So it is about time Micah told mother and father that brother had his first kiss.” Micah teases.

Cael’s eyes were wide and Angelica’s jaw drops.

“Micah, father would kill me.” He says.

“And mother would spank you and I would love it.” Micah smirks as Angelica laughs.

Cael’s wings turn peach, embarrassed.

“Shut it. Angelica is here.” Cael mutters.

“Oh is brother Cael embarrassed?” Micah teases.

“Seriously, I am going...” Cael says as he walks out, his wings pink.

“Congratulations!” Micah jumps on Angelica.

Angelica smiles back.

“I knew it. Well I always shipped it.” Micah jumps up and down.

Angelica blushes.

“If he ever dares break your heart, just tell me. I will do the pleasure to murder him brutally in the woods.” Micah says as Angelica chuckles.

“I wonder when I will have my first kiss.” Micah says as they walk out.

“You will soon.” Angelica smiles at her, her wings yellow.

“I doubt.” Micah laughs as she starts walking to the library.

“Why are we going to library? We have to do the dishes...” Angelica says as they cross the dining hall and reach over to the library’s door.

The restricted library. Only allowed for some people. Some special ones.

“I have to do research on the other world” Micah mutters making sure no one saw her.

The stood on the door of the library which had a ring in middle of it with a feather like shape in it.

“How exactly do we enter this Micah?” Angelica asks shocked her wings orange.

It was sure she never went there.

“Like this.” Micah says as she plucks a feather from her left wing and places it in the middle.

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