The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 6

It starts glistening as the ring spins around and the door slides open.

“Come on...” Micah pulls Angelica inside as the door closed.

The library had a very dim light. Almost dark. There were thousands of shelves placed in a row. There was a smell of books filling the dramatically large room. There was a strange coldness in that room. There was a shelf which said: Restricted information.

“Here. We need just this.” Micah points to the shelf.

It had a lock on it with no keyhole.

“How are we supposed to open it?” Angelica gasps.

Micah goes near it and places her left hand on the lock.

“I Micah, princess and heir of the kingdom, daughter of emperor Michael and empress Seraphina, beholding the truth inside me, swearing the priest to never revealing the information lying in front of me, taking the hidden to the grave, order the lock in front of me to open.” She finishes as her wings glisten and they hear a click and the lock drops on the floor.

“Wow. I never knew you could do that.” Angelica claps slowly her wings still orange from the shock.

“Cael taught me. He would teach you too...” Micah smirks.

Angelica’s wings turn pink, Micah not able to see it because of the darkness and the fact that she was looking for any book related to the other world when her hand stops on the perfect one ‘The other side’ and it was written by the priest himself. She takes the book out and opens it not being able to read it because of the darkness.

“Angelica, will you?” Micah asks as Angelica nods and snaps her fingers.

There appears a ball as similar as a small sun producing enough light for them to read the pages.

“What gibberish is this?” Angelica says, raising her eyebrows as her wings turn grey in confusion Micah chuckles.

“This, my dear Angelica is our ancient language.” Micah says.

“Oh sorry. Forgive me Priest and tell me you know how to read it...” Angelica says, eyes still wide.

Micah nods her head.

“Wow.” Angelica was really in awe.

“Father taught me.” Micah says smiling.

“Let’s find a place to sit and then I will read it aloud for you.” Micah says and they find a corner and they lean over the bookshelf and Micah opens the book.

But before they could read, the bookshelf turns around and they fall on their back, the book dropping on the floor. The bookshelf turns around and closes leaving them in the little room with a door behind them.

“What just happened?” Angelica asks shocked.

“Oh dear it isn’t...” Micah stands up looking at the other door which was golden in color had inscriptions written all on it.

“What is it?”

“The ancient door. Maybe the one which leads to the black curtain.”

“No way”

“I would know if I could read this...”

“Come on let’s go back.” Angelica says as she pulls Micah but the bookshelf was shut.

“You can’t go back until you take the sparkle from inside and sprinkle it on the shelf. I read about this.”

Micah says. Angelica stood there shocked as the knowledge of Micah.

“So we have to go inside?!” Micah nods.

“But the way it written on this door, I can’t read it...” Micah squints.

“Wait I know.” Micah slaps her hands together beaming as her wings turn yellow.

“What?” Angelica asks.

“These are mirror imaged. Our priest was really wise. Intelligent obstacles for not letting anyone enter. Wise man indeed.”

“You are wiser.”

“I am not.”

“You are”

"We don’t have time to argue on that Angelica. Can you please give me a mirror so I could read all this long inscriptions?"

“But how do I?” Angelica asks as Micah looks at her as to say ‘you are an angel’.

“Oh!” Angelica say as she snaps her fingers, a watery mirror appearing in mid-air.

Micah looks in the mirror and reads.

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