The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 7

“Awaits the night, afraid of light.

Sinking shadows inside, hiding from the bright.

Demons lurking everywhere, sleeping peacefully there.”

Micah stops her wings grey in confusion.

“You know I am not good at riddles, help me Angelica.” Micah looks over to Angelica who was already beaming, her face bright.

“I know. I know.” She says.

“You do?!”


“Then go on, touch the door and mutter the answer, your eyes closed.” Micah says.

Angelica heads over to the door, closes her eyes and mutters


As her wings glisten and the door slides open.

They both stood their gasping on what was there. There in front their eyes, was the black curtain. Glistening in the little light, it hung in the middle of the room. Micah and Angelica were too shocked to react in any way, there wings orange but then they walk over to the curtain.

“Can I touch it?” Angelica asks as she had seen the almighty.

“I think you can.” Micah says as Angelica heads over and touches it her wings glistening again.

“It is cold.” Angelica says.

They take a look around the room. It was small with a door on the right end and a bowl of sparkle lying there. They were too busy gazing on the other side to even notice the door. They saw the same room, just like theirs on the other side. Just as dark.

“Wow. Tell me this is not a dream.” Angelica says but before Micah could answer, someone’s voice comes from the other side.

“Honestly Amon, you think we should lurk here? Emperor will punish us if he knew we were trying to know about the other world. And how do we get out of here?” The person says as Micah and Angelica stand on the side, hiding themselves.

“Father won’t and I don’t know.” Someone else says, their voice ice cold as they come close to the curtain.

Supposing it must me Amon as the other person said so, Micah looks at him. There he stood. A tall boy of the same age as Cael, his black hair reflecting his white body as his tight shirt outlined his body glistening in the light, his black eyes focused on the curtain as his black wings never changed their colour. Micah’s stomach flipped and she didn’t know why, her heart pounded loud in her ears when she saw him. Angelica accidently stumbles which causes Micah to get pushed in front of the curtain.

“Really?!” she asks looking at Angelica as she realized another pair of eyes were looking at her.

She looked over to Amon staring at her, his jaw dropped. Micah’s heart pounded in her chest again.

For a second no one said anything.

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