The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 8

Micah felt the need to introduce herself as she didn’t know what else she could have done.

“Princess Micah, heir of the...the kingdom.” She stuttered as she bowed, lifting the frill of her dress just a little, her hair falling in front of her eyes as usual.

Angelica stood there and Amon’s friend stood silently on the other side too.

“Prince Amon, heir of the kingdom. A pleasure to meet you Princess Micah...” Amon said as he bowed, his thin but muscular body glistening and then smiled at Micah.

Micah felt her cheeks heat. He looked really handsome with his crystal eyes and shiny hair and his muscular thin body and him but she probably won’t say that out loud.

“Same here...” Micah smiles back.

Angelica and the other boy were having their conversation on the other end.

“Angelica, Micah’s best friend and the daughter of the head.” Angelica bowed.

“Castell, son of the head of the kingdom and Amon’s best friend.” Castell bowed back.

Micah was still looking at Amon admiring him.

“So what brought you here Princess Micah?” Amon askes.

“Just the fact that brought you here Prince Amon.” Micah smiles.

“So I think we don’t need books to know the other world anymore?” Amon asked.

“No we don’t as the heir itself stands in front...” Micah says smiling again.

“But aren’t the two worlds supposed to hate each other?” Micah asks doubtingly.

“Do you, in any way hate us princess Micah?” Castell asked.

Micah shook her head.

“I never had imagined talking to someone on the other side, now I stand here talking to the heir himself and his friend and you two are the nicest guys I ever met...” Micah says smiling.

Angelica nods agreeing.

“I don’t beat around the bush Princess Micah, so let me get this straight: You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire 17 years or will see. I am sure.” Amon says as he smiles, his bangs falling in front of his eyes.

“Thank...thank you so much Prince Amon.” Micah stutters.

“Is Prince Amon that charming Micah, making you stutter already?” Angelica asks chuckling.

“Shut up.” Micah smacks Angelica as Amon chuckles.

“Well I didn’t know that the boys of the other world were this handsome...” Micah said to herself.

“I heard it Princess Micah.” Amon smirked and winked at her.

It set her heart racing. She felt sweat on her neck. Amon chuckled at her.

“I know I am charming Princess Micah, why not you just admit it?” Amon asked smiling.

“Who...who said that?” Micah asks stuttering as her cheeks burned.

Amon smiled at her, his eyes glistening which set Micah’s heart on fire.

“What is this I feel?” Micah asks herself putting her hand on her chest.

“Love...” Angelica whispers in her ear.

“Shut up.” Micah smacks Angelica, her cheeks hot as Amon chuckles.

“So Prince Amon, how is everything on the other side?” Micah asked.

“Fine, yours?” Amon asked stepping closer to the curtain, his hands in his pockets.

“Amazing...” Micah smiles her heart still racing.

She wondered why.

“Now, do you Prince Amon take Princess Micah as your lawfully wedded wife?” Castell asked as Angelica chuckled.

“Where did that come from?!” Amon asks hitting Castell on his shoulders.

“You are blushing you know Prince Amon.” Angelica says smiling.

“I am not.” Amon says turning his face away.

“Admit it already...” Castell whispered.

Micah was somehow concerned how she looked. She looked down at her red gown with a cut around her collarbone which was embedded with black gems and descended in a frill gathering tight at her waist and her arms covered by black net fabric. She looked good to herself. She wondered how she looked to Amon. She smacked herself mentally for thinking that.

“But we can’t be together...” Amon whispered back his face dropping.

“Why not?” Angelica had joined the conversation leaving Micah to her thoughts.

“It is said so...It is written in the rule book.” Amon said.

“Then break the rule.” Angelica said.

“What?!” Amon asked his eyes filled with shock.

“Can’t you do that for someone you love?” Castell teased at which Angelica laughed slightly.

“I don’t even know Princess Micah completely.” Amon stated looking at Micah who was deep in her thoughts.

“Do you need to know someone to fall in love? Don’t you believe in love at first sight?” Angelica asked to Amon.

“I think it already happened.” Castell said who looked at Amon’s red cheeks as his eyes were fixated on Micah.

Amon didn’t answer.

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