The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 9

He just stared at Micah his heart beating. Micah turned to look at Amon and found him already staring. She felt her cheeks heat as she turned her face away, looking down, and her silver hair falling again.

“I think it happened here too...” Angelica smiled and said to Castell.

Amon was still admiring Micah. Her dress, her hair, her eyes, her wings, her smile, her face, everything. He was admiring everything. He was admiring very small part of Micah. She looked perfect. Micah on the other hand couldn’t meet Amon’s eyes. She felt she would blush hard if she did.

“Well Prince Amon, how do you all show emotions?” Micah asked after some time as she noticed his black wings never changing their colour.

“We don’t. That is the point Princess Micah, isn’t it? Maybe that is why we are called devils. Well our facial features and gestures are enough to give it away...” Amon said as he looked down.

“Then what about the wings?” Angelica asked.

“They tell us when there is a trustworthy person or untrustworthy. They turn slightly sparkly even when someone lies.” Castell said as Micah looked at their wings.

They sure were shining under the light but weren’t sparkling.

“I think we should go Micah. Everyone would start worrying.” Angelica said tugging at Micah‘s sleeves.

“We should go too.” Castell said.

“I don’t want to.” Micah and Amon muttered together then looked at it other blushing profusely.

Micah had never felt what she felt every time looking at Amon or even thinking about him. It made her heart pound and cheeks red. There was a weird sensation in her stomach too. On the other hand Amon knew what was it, him blushing every time looking at Micah. He knew it. He perfectly knew it even though he himself never felt it before but he knew. They both were staring in each other’s eyes, inches apart from each other, the only barrier being the curtain.

‘I can’t do this. I can never do this. This is against the law. Against the rule. Against fate. This can’t happen. I can’t. I can never. It will ruin everything. Destroy everything. This is wrong. I can never fall for Amon.’

Micah thought to herself but she felt she was lying to herself.

“I ship it already.” Angelica and Castell jumped from joy.

“We should go.” Micah said to Amon.

She wanted to be away from him. Being close to him anymore would drive her crazy. She had so many thoughts is her mind. Her heart was still pounding on her rib cage, disturbing her. Micah bowed to Amon. He bowed back then stood up his eyes having an unrecognizable emotion. Angelica bowed to Castell as he bowed back to her.

“Let’s go.” All four of them turned to their sides and started walking away.

Mica took the sparkle from the bowl nearby then she and Angelica walked to the door. It opened as it knew they were there. Then there stood the bookshelf in front of her. Micah blew it on the shelf as it turned open. They walked out of the room. Micah still couldn’t think clearly. She kept walking. She put the book back and they left, their thoughts accompanying them as they walked to their rooms.

But no one had noticed that when Micah looked at Amon for the first time, her wings had turned silver. Indicating it indeed was love. No one noticed. Except one person.

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