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Woodward High a place out of fairy tales. Beautiful mountains, happy people and some ugly mysteries. Come along and discover truth, if you dare... Love was never a well known fact of Aurora's life. She was an orphan and lived with her Nana. Her old Nana did whatever she could to make her happy and Aurora was grateful for that but still she felt the loss of her parents bothering her. Her life changed when a stranger from another world claimed her to be his and literally swift her off her feet. Will she be able to escape these unknown ties or will the utterly gorgeous stranger change her life for good.

Fantasy / Erotica
Himani Thakur
Age Rating:

Last wishes


You know the feeling where in a crowd thousands you feel alone, well that's how I am feeling right now.

My parents died in a car accident when I was eight. Since then grandma or as she insists me to call her 'Nana' is taking care of me and my every little need. She was my rock at those hard times when I grieved and my best friend for the years I spended living alone from everyone, friends, society, social event you name it, I wasn't there.

It's my eighteenth birthday. My Nana is hosting a small party (note the sarcasm), totally ignoring my protests. She has used her most powerful weapon in order to persuade me. Her age.

"Sweety, I am old. Soon I will die, let it be my last wish if that's what takes for you to agree.", add a wrinkled pout in there and volla she won.

I have been losing against her last wishes for quite a while.

"Where this dress honey."
"You have to learn karate. It's for your safety."
And the list goes on.

So here I am sitting in the middle of my cousins, aunts and uncles enjoying a sunny afternoon at Woodward High beach.

My Nana and I originally live in Santavill. But Nana has this amazing house or mansion to be exact in Woodward and she wanted my birthday to be special. I know she is wierd that way. She thinks something amazing will happen and it will happen in Woodward.

This town was giving me the creeps as soon as we entered. The locals are all good and jolly, a bit too much for my's a small town everyone knows everyone. I never knew about my Nana being loaded, until now.

She told me her father was a propertier of some kind and left all of his wealth for her. She hasn't told me about it because she didn't want me to be burdened by this.

"How will this burden me?" I asked confused.

"You are the next hier my child. This property and the responsibility that comes with it are yours now." she said calmly.

"What responsibility? We can always sell it and live in Santavill happily. You and me against the world." I tried to convince her.

"No darling we can't. This land is in our family for generations and I don't want you to give it away. If you want to use it then it's yours, if not then forget that it exist and let it be but don't sell it." Her voice had a certain edge, like she knew something I didn't.

"Ok granny as u wish."

"It's Nana for you honey, now come along your cousins are waiting for you. We have a cake to cut." sighing deeply I followed her.

Oh god thank-you something good after all. A chocolate cake with strawberries and cherries. I love chocolate, who doesn't?

After cutting and devouring the chocolaty goodness I rolled up my jeans and went for a walk along the beach.

Ocean has a calming effect on me which I discovered when I was a child. I would stroll along the bank or sit and watch the waves for hours. Night sky with ocean and expensive wine is a deadly combination. Atleast that's what Nana says.

I walked for a while enjoying the silence away from the chitter chatter of my family. Suddenly I was attacked by the evil twins, Vivian and Valarie.

"What do you want now?" I asked trying to act intimidating but who am I kidding.

"Come on Auora, let's play." Vivian said jumping up and down. Her blond locks looking beautiful with her olive skin and blue eyes. Perfect is all I can think of.

"Yes don't have to be so boring, it's your birthday." Thanks for reminding Valerie.

Valerie is not much different from her sister, they look alike but she is a brunette just like me. While my hair are long, dark and wavy, she has a pixie cut which looks cute on her.

"Ok fine but what will we play, I don't even have a ball."

"I got it." Vivian said producing a red silk scarf from nowhere.

"Cover your eyes with it and try to find us." That's easy I smiled inwardly. I was hoping for a viscous game for which they are famous but this game sounds safe-ish.

"We will be close to you, calling you at times, all you got to do is catch us."

After tying the scarf they twirled me around four times and that's it the game begins.

Hmm....where could they be. Snap!

What was that?

"Here here...come on Auora don't be a slow pock." Hahaha...not funny.

"It's Aurora..." I mumbled but they ignored me.

"What Auora?"

Why did I agree to this again?

Because you are stupid and too easy.

Hey I may be stupid but I am not easy.

yeah right

Hush now I need to play.

"I can't see you, don't blame me." I said while managing not to fall on my butt.

"Stop complaining we are helping you." Yeah right.

They giggled and pushed me a few times. After having enough I stood at a place thinking about my next move. I heard a rustle and some footsteps from my left and moved towards them.

"I am coming sister, you will be caught soon."

Something touched my shoulder and a strong manly scent filled the air around me.

Hmm yummy. Wait what? Stop it Aurora. Focus. The girl have a wierd taste in perfumes.

Something or rather someone was behind me I could feel it. I swiftly turned and trapped her in between my arms.

"Got you. I won." I cheered happily and waited for her to say something. But she didn't, instead she hugged me tightly and that same scent hit me again.

"Okay...." I patted her lighty " can leave me now."

"Why should I?" This voice isn't Valerie's or Vivian's but it's...oh god no.

"Mr listen I was playing with my cousins, I caught you by mistake. Leave me." I tried to wriggle out of his grip but it was useless.

"What a beautiful mistake. But I am not mistaken." What??

"Hey I said sorry alright. No need to get all handsy with me." I said sharply. His hands leaving me only to grab my shoulders. His touch, oh my.

"You haven't seen handsy princess, not yet. I have waited for you for ages, now you are here. Soon you will be mine. And I almost forgot, happy birthday hermosa." Kissing me lightly on the forehead he left.

I hurriedly took off the scarf. Where am I? I could here the ocean but can't see it. I am in the forest near the shore. Who was he? Where is he?

His touch was sensual yet calming. How will I be his and what's his motive. So many questions and not even a single answer. What have I gotten myself into?

I took a deep breath, maybe I was dreaming. Yeah it was a strange dream. No one lives around these forest and it's a private property anyways. I decided to return back before Nana sends a search squad for me.

"Where were you?" Oh she looks pissed.

"Just checking out the area. You needed me?"

"Actually yes, I need to tell you something."

"Okay, what happened you look worried, everything okay?"

"We can't leave Woodward tomorrow. I just got a call from our society's head, the government is taking over our building claiming it to be illegal construction or something. We don't have a home in Santavill anymore. They are transporting our stuff here as we speak."

It took me awhile to absorb all the information. And finally it dawned on me. I am never going back to Santavill again. I am stuck her for the whole summer.

"No Nana come-on do something. We can't stay here. Our home is there. Please Nana." I reasoned with her desperately trying to look for a way out.

"I am sorry honey, until this is resolved we have nowhere else to go." She said dismissively.

"Take it as another one of my last wishes. I will spend the last of my days here." She looked sad almost broken.

Oh god stupid stupid me. I can't be so selfish. Nana loves this place, I have to accept it too.

"I am sorry Nana. We will stay here as long as you want. And maybe I will finally learn how to swim." She beamed happily and hugged me.

"Oh yes you will. Thankyou darling."

I hope it's a good decision or this might be your last wish to be fulfilled by me.
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