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The evil red moon shone upon them, like the blood that stained the ground. War, Devastation and pain. That was all that remained. With Occultists and Anti-Government guilds causing trouble throughout the Le Alba, evil energy has been at an all-time high. Just when Twilight Heart had their hands full a new war begins. Everyone is determined to stop the war at all costs, but will Ray's deteriorating health and dark past become a danger to Twilight Heart? When the murderous intentions of evil cause devastation, will the war be too much for them to handle? WARNING; INCLUDES MILD VIOLENCE AND THEMES

Fantasy / Adventure
Cyndi Douglas
Age Rating:

Prologue- Dead End

The darkness was cold and eerie. Brayden Valero could see nothing but that darkness and feel nothing but numbness. There was a loud crackling bang, and a flash of light as Ray’s senses slowly started to return. It was a stormy night with thunder booming every few minutes, and the smell of rain and blood filled the air. The darkness faded but Ray’s vision was still limited. The only thing he could see was Darkyn in the distance. However, he was younger than the one Ray knew, in fact, he almost looked ten years younger. The young Darkyn’s eyes were wide with fear, and he was covered in blood. Even from a distance, Ray could tell that Darkyn was severely injured.

“D-don’t come any c-c-closer,” Darkyn stuttered.

A man walked towards the crouched Darkyn. Ray couldn’t make out any details about the man apart from his long light brown hair. Ray watched as Darkyn looked up at the man in terror.

“Come now, you’ve been so helpful up until now,” the man stated. His deep and cold voice so frightening it made Ray’s heart beat so hard that it felt like it was caught in his throat.

“I-I-I d-didn’t mean for…” Darkyn stuttered. “This is-isn’t what I wanted.”

“Darkyn, you know the consequences for disobeying my orders,” the man laughed.

“P-please… We’ll do whatever you say from now on. But please don’t do this anymore, I can’t lose her too,” Darkyn pleaded, attempting to be brave.

Ray’s vision became clearer. He was lying on the cold hard ground of a near empty room. The walls and roof of the large space were collapsing, making the lightning filled sky more visible. Ray tried to move, but all he could do was close his outreached hand into a fist. He continued to watch as Darkyn attempted to step away from the man. Ray also notice that the young Dark Oviri held someone on his back. Their hands were limp over his shoulders, and their hands were dripping with blood. They also had a mark on their right hand that was almost similar to Ray’s. It didn’t take long for him to realise who it was.

“Darkyn, hand over Azaliea now,” the man snarled.

The unconscious Azaliea’s head lay loosely on Darkyn’s back. Blood rolled down her face, staining her hair and fell to the ground. A thought came into Ray’s mind, the thought that he had to save them. He began to push himself to his knees. He tried to call out to them, but his throat was so sore and dry that the words barely came out.

“D-don’t…” was all he managed to say.

Darkyn’s teary eyes flickered to Ray. A slight moment of relief appeared on his frightened face.

“R-Ray…” Darkyn muttered.

The evil man turned to Ray. His fierce crimson eyes made Ray freeze in complete terror.

“Well, well, well, you’re still alive after all that?” the man smiled devilishly. “Looks like that creature failed the mission I gave him.”

The man turned away from Darkyn and Azaliea, his demonic gaze fixated on Ray. As it did an expression of absolute horror appeared on Darkyn’s face.

“Wait, you can’t…” Darkyn muttered, watching the man with wide shaken eyes.

“But then again it’s practically impossible to kill you two,” the man continued, ignoring Darkyn. “No matter, I just need to take matters into my own hands.”

“Ray, run!” Darkyn yelled, turning his gaze to Ray. “You need to get out of here, now!”

Ray blinked, and the man was suddenly in front of him. He didn’t have time to react before the man reached towards him and everything went black.

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