Surviving Eros: The Paradox of Jayne Le Faye

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A young Marine’s battle against survivors' guilt plays out in a fantasy world based on a story a girl tells him while he is in a coma. Personal demons are not supposed to escape from your own head. Angelic figures are not supposed to flicker in and out of reality on your college campus. And letters from a girl you cannot remember are not supposed to begin telling a story. One based on you. That comes to life. Patrick Cordell has the reality-bending pleasure of all three. Three months prior, a military accident killed every friend Patrick ever had and put him in a coma for two weeks. That pain spawned the demon. The angelic girl can counter the demon but comes and goes as she pleases. As for the girl behind the letters…she is a paradox. She says her name is Jayne Le Faye. With each stroke of her pen, she alters Patrick’s world even further. Her story begins an epic tale based on Patrick’s pain and loss. She casts herself as Sapphire, a reclusive sorceress and Patrick becomes Martel Farion, the story’s unlikely hero. His quest? To find the sorceress of course. When Patrick dares to finish the opening, his entire world is transformed. Jayne’s fantasy realm of castles and magic replaces his dreary college student reality and the hero’s quest to find the sorceress begins for real. But who is Jayne really? From

Fantasy / Romance
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Surviving Eros

The Paradox of Jayne Le Faye

By Philip “D.C.” Carlisle

© 2019 all rights reserved


To the past:

You hold my muse, frozen in time and immortal in memory. A point of reference in the infinite space. A kindred heart, an opposite in a dance cut short. Like sudden gravity, she altered my path through the cosmos, irrevocably. None do you hold that afflicted me with emotions so great or violent.

To the present:

You hold the aids to my pen. Those who lend thoughts and efforts to my task as it pours out. Few and far between they are, but all gave when requirement did not command their action. Chief among them my mother, steady, confident, and willing to deliver needed words. My thanks to all.

To the future:

You hold my hope. In you, the words I write will burn bright or burn up. A place of countless hearts I do not know and one I yearn to meet. Faceless though she may yet be, I’m pulled ever forward to see what burning my work may become. Regardless of which, I pray its light shines on her face.

To eternity:

You define the Almighty One, whose power of creation I wield as a steward, and whose heart I hope to have pleased.

When the body has a time of no purpose, we call that time rest. When there is no need to labor, a man may find peace in doing nothing. How different it is with the heart. A heart with no purpose is a most terrible affliction, and no rest is found in that stillness. Without something – nay someone to live for, someone to work for, someone to wait for, someone to yearn for, the heart is crushed by a weariness it cannot long endure.

A note from the author:

When you are convinced that one girl can change your world from the darkest monotony to an unrivaled epic, in a way that lacks all metaphor, it becomes impossible not to call it magic. The catch is such magic can only be seen by the one it affects. Even the caster is unaware. This book is my effort to give that magic a name. I’ve called her Jayne


My name is Patrick “Dante” Cordell. I’ve written only one love letter in my life. It’s 1,585 pages long. Page one opens in the summer of 2008 when I was Marine officer candidate, number 92525.

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