Crying Wolf

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"Mate!" Everyone around me gasps. What just happened? Why did I say that? Phoebe is a werewolf, as is her brother. They find themselves moving into a small suburb only to realize that she has stumbled into something she has no control over. She's special.

Fantasy / Romance
Anahita R
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Chapter 1


"Why are we leaving again?" I ask while sitting at the breakfast counter.

"We've talked about this, sweetheart. I've gotten a better job and they require us to move into a suburb. Don't worry, you'll make friends," my mom says while washing the dishes one at a time.

"That's not what I'm worried about, mum. Besides, you know I don't like being around people too often, other than you and Devin."

"Alright. Enough chitchat, Phoebe. You have to finish packing."

"Yeah, kay," I walk up the stairs and into my room.

My name is Phoebe Harold. My nineteenth birthday is around the corner and I won't be at home to celebrate. Instead, I'll be in a new town, surrounded by new people, with just me, my mum and Devin.

Oh yeah, Devin is my brother. He's older, twenty-one. In case you were wondering, no he doesn't have a girlfriend.

I don't know where my dad is. Mum doesn't like talking about him and always diverts conversations relating to his whereabouts.

I don't blame her. He left without saying anything and nobody deserves that, especially not my mom.


"What is it, Devin?" I shout back.

"You're gonna want to see this."

I sigh. I walk into his room. "Look what I found."

He holds out a journal. My journal.

"Oh my god, where did you find this?" I stare at it.

"In this box. I remember you cried when you couldn't find it. I promise, I didn't read it," he smiles.

"Thanks, Dev, this is so amazing." I hold the journal close to my chest and run back to my room, placing the book in my suitcase along with my other belongings.

I run around my room, fishing out anything that I might need and dump them in my two bags.

"Mom, I'm done!"

I walk back into the kitchen.

"Can I go for a run?"

"Be back before sunset," she warns.

I roll my eyes. "I know."

I slam the door behind me and run towards the treeline of the forest. I quickly take off my clothes and place them under a bush. It takes a few seconds but I hear my bones crack and find myself on all fours.

Did I forget to mention I'm a werewolf?

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