Estelle Zeristia

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I was just another assassin, who loved otome games. My pleasure was looking at stupid ikemen fall in love with the heroine~Now that I‘m a villainous.. In my previous life, I was an S-Class assassin. A beauty with unimaginable intelligence and someone, no one wanted to anger. All information on me was classified, except for the higher ups. However, many people knew me as a natural disaster. Companies, military bases and a whole country, I could either bring into chaos or completely destroy. After a long day, I would return to my apartment and play otome games, which was my only pleasure in life. It was interesting for me to see, how the capture targets could fall in love with someone so incapable so easily and protect her, while offering their lives and even status. Yet, soon my life came to an end, because I was betrayed by my teammate. Now I‘m in that very otome game, which I liked and am playing the role of a villainous~ I wonder what fun awaits me~?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Shadow, the secret organization I worked for. I was an S-Class assassin with both beauty and intelligence. Among my pears, I was known as a natural disaster, because big companies, military bases and countries would be in chaos or entirely destroyed, just from me having something to do with it. Nevertheless, all information concerning me was strictly classified, left only in the hands of the higher ups. My whole existence was a secret.

However, in all that turmoil, I found my joy. The happiness of playing otome games. I loved to see the capture targets, who had many childhood traumas and problems, fall for the heroine, who was completely useless, but had the ability to touch their hearts somehow. There were always baseless love triangles and rivals among all the people surrounding the heroine. Incredible, isn’t she?

Now, back to reality. I’m currently undergoing a top secret mission, which is about stealing slush funds documents from the biggest and wealthiest company in the world, the JK company. My teammate is another trusted and skilled assassin from the organization, with whom I went through countless dangerous situations with and walked through hell with. We’re basically family already.

After we stole the documents, we climbed towards the top of the skyscraper, awaiting the helicopter, that would pick us up. As soon as I heard the helicopter, I felt a stabbing pain on my back. When I looked down, I saw blood dripping.


‘You trust people too easily, don’t you? Well, either way, since you’re dying anyways, I’ll tell you. You became too strong, that even the higher ups started to fear you. It’s basically your own fault Number 1. Now die in peace~’

My teammate pushed me from the back and I started to fall. As the cold air was rushing past me, I felt my body get heavier and my view started to get blurry. I am dying now, aren’t I? Well, it was bound to happen, because of my job. Being backstabbed by the organization and dying, I already knew it would happen, but... I never expected it to be so soon.



When I opened my eyes, I saw a tall person pointing his sword at me. He had blond hair and green eyes, behind him were two people. A tall guy with long blond hair and red eyes and a girl with curly brown hair and purple eyes. Both of them were hugging each other, while glaring at me. In addition to the current situation, someone was pulling my hair from the back. When I turned around, I saw another guy with blue hair and dark blue eyes.


Estelle Zeristia? I heard this name before...That’s right! That was that otome game called “Love X Heart 1”. It was a popular game and made it’s way to the top of the game charts, because of it’s plot. According to the game, the heroine ,Anastasia , was a commoner, but worked hard to get a scholarship and attend the best school in the Kingdom of Roland. The school however, was only for aristocrats and royalties, so there were many students and families against this. But, they didn’t bully her, until she did the unforgivable.

Anastasia didn’t possess the proper etiquette and not the right knowledge of the aristocrats, so she was considered rude among the students. But, she broke the border, which the students drew, when she started to interact and flirt with the capture targets, who already had Fiancées.

Among the capture targets, is the prince, Leonard Reinhard, so the person with long blond hair and red eyes, which is the Fiancé of Estelle Zeristia. I’m guessing that I reincarnated right now, so I probably took over the body of Estelle Zeristia and I am currently in the situation, where the prince annulled his engagement with Estelle.

If I’m correct, the person pointing his sword at me is Sebastian Zeristia, my brother. He was also another capture target and fell in love with Anastasia. The person with blue hair behind me, is Eden of the East, the only son of the strongest magician of Roland. Now that I grasped the situation, then I can act.

Estelle:’ If you would kindly remove your disgusting hands from my head, then I’ll answer.’

Eden:’ I would love to remove my hands from your dirty hair, but who knows what you may do after that.’

Ah, that’s right. I forgot. Estelle Zeristia was the daughter of the prime minister, Crest Zeristia. She inherited her blond hair from her father and her blue eyes from her mother. However, because of her status and wealth, she grew up rather greedy and spoiled. As soon as she laid her eyes on Leonard, she fell in love at first sight and pestered her father for an engagement. Nevertheless, because of her greed, she got easily jealous and the prince never came to fall in love with Estelle. Because she was so focused on the prince, she didn’t have any friends or any ties with anyone. She was blinded by love.

Still, Estelle never did anything wrong. She never acted out of jealousy, but only if Anastasia interacted with other people’s Fiancés. Actually, she was a pretty likeable person, who was not only pretty, but smart. If only she never fell for this bastard of a prince, she could have done so much better.

In the end of the game, the prince confronted her on the “bullying”, but she finally lost her cool and tried to stab Anastasia , leading to her execution. However, I’m glad I wasn’t reincarnated at that very moment, but before her inexcusable actions. Now, back to this other bastard behind me.

I glared back at Eden, whereas Eden flinched and let me go. I stood up and started to wipe the dust off of my uniform.

Estelle:’ Now then, where were we?’

Sebastian flinched in front of me and took a step backwards. I can’t blame him though. It would also surprise me, if my sister’s personality took a 360° turn. As I’ve said, Estelle was a really spoiled child, who never kept her cool, but would escalate pretty quickly. I however, am calm and can comprehend the situation better than most of the people.

Leonard:’ I asked you why you acted that way?! Why did you bully Anastasia !? Even if you did that to get my attention, you went too far!!!!!’

Estelle:’ I never “bullied” her, I simply educated her on how to behave accordingly.’

Leonard:’ Don’t lie! You were the one, who splashed wine on her outfit and made her cry!’

[“No, I wasn’t. At least investigate properly and spill the true facts!”] I would love to say that, but I have to say it in a more polite version, since he’s a prince after all. Laughable though. I could die just from plucking a strand of his hair.

Estelle:’ Would you then please show me your evidence? Have you witnessed me do it directly?’

Leonard:’ Don’t make me laugh! Everyone knows you sent other people to take care of the dirty work!!’

Estelle:’ Then, please show these people to me? Point out every single one of them, but I must confess, I do not have any special bonds with anyone, except for my brother.’

Still, if he pointed them out, they would blame it on me, because they wouldn’t want to be executed. My only chance is for him to not have any clues at all and change the subject to the annulment of this engagement. The chance is very slim, but I’m betting on this.

Leonard:’ Nonsense!!!! Either way, this engagement between us is annulled from now on!!’

Jackpot! My first time winning the lottery and I hit the jackpot. I smiled and bowed down elegantly, whereas everyone in the hall flinched, including Anastasia and Leonard. Estelle would’ve never done this. She would’ve cried in that very moment and beg for the prince to give her another chance. I’m different though. I might be in the same body, but I do not possess any special feelings for anyone in this very hall. That is also why, I can just smile without a care in the world right now.

Estelle:’ As you wish, your highness. Then, let us not meet again~.’

I turned away and walked out of the hall, while smiling diligently. Suddenly, Estelle’s memories came popping up in my head and I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. Estelle really loved the prince. Even if she was greedy and spoiled, her love was true and sincere. Maybe I was reincarnated into that very moment, to save Estelle from her destiny and so that she won’t feel this pain afterwards.

I walked towards my carriage and got in. A maid was sitting in front of me. I just smiled at her and looked out of the window, while staring into space. The memories kept flying through my head. The first time Estelle saw Leonard, her countless confessions and the effort she put into conveying her love to him. It’s so painful, my heart is being stabbed by a really sharp knife and being squeezed together, while pointing needles into it. At this very moment, it feels like I became Estelle. Tears are forming in my eyes. How could she have loved him so much? He was just a brainless idiot with good looks and status. His way of speaking was rude and he sounded like an idiot, judging from his previous actions. No matter how much you play these memories, I can’t find a single good thing about him, yet why did you fall in love with him?! Why does my heart have to hurt for your love?!


To be continued...

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