The Life of Shadows

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What is worth living for? Is it love? Power? When you come of age these are the questions you must decide. Kian, Jae, and Abe come from different walks of life but one thing that unites them is their love for the life of a shadow. With trials of forbidden love, harsh missions, and friendship the three will have to find out for themselves what is worth living for.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Tokane Clan

Jae stared at the ceiling blankly. She could feel her body move with the shakes of the bed but all of her senses were dull. She knew her mother was in the room dealing with the next customer and a few more were outside the door waiting for their turn but despite the bodies in the room, Jae felt alone.

Jae heard the customer grunt faintly before getting up before the usual zipper could be heard, the door that separated her and her mother from the customers split down the middle and fell onto the ground in two separate pieces.

“What the hell-”

Jae watched in confusion as one her friends from the village stepped into the room. His name was Kian and he was covered in blood from the looks of it. Jae’s mother pushed the client closest to her towards Kian. “Get him out of here.” Her mother seemed unbothered by the fact that a ten-year-old boy had just broken the large door in half and stood in it covered in blood but Jae was very confused as to why Kian was here.

None of the kids were allowed to leave their houses at night, let alone come to her house. Jae watched frozen as Kian sidestepped the older man before taking his head in his hands and twisting till a sickening snap flowed through the air.

Before Jae could cover herself with the blanket on the ground Kian had stepped over it towards her mother who now stood in the corner of the room in surprise, the cash still clutched to her chest desperately. “Where is your mother-” Jae gasped in surprise when her mother spat blood out.

Kian’s hand had driven into her stomach and shoved up to create a hole in her chest.

Jae sat in shock of the situation. She hated her mother yes but seeing her die before her eyes was a completely different emotion.

“Demon brat!” The last customer, the one who had just finished rushed towards Kian in a fury, his body jiggling with the effort to pick up speed.

Without thinking Jae put her foot out to trip the running man. He fell to the ground with a groan and Jae moved to pick up the blanket on the floor quickly before turning to face Kian.

Standing over the man Kian moved to grab a knife before shoving it into the fat male’s throat.


Her friend looked at her with the snap of his neck and Jae stepped back at the intense red eyes staring back at her. “What happened?” Her voice was soft and seemed to break through the haze of whatever state Kian was in.

His red eyes morphed back into his usual black eyes, confusion filling his expression as he looked at her fully.


The two children stood facing each other in confusion while dead bodies scattered around them.

“Why am I covered in blood?” He asked softly.

“You don’t know? Kian you just came in and killed everyone. Your eyes were red and you seemed out of it...”

“I killed them? Even your mom?” Jae looked over her shoulder at her mom and nodded not knowing why the feeling of loss wasn’t overcoming her like it had when she lost her dad.

“Look we have to get you out of here, the town will kill you.” Jae pulled on Kian’s wrists and forced him to move behind her as she led him out of the house.

She ignored the bodies lying everywhere across her house and rushed out only to find a mountain of bodies lying in the road. The pile was taller than her by a long shot and dead bodies built it up to be a grotesque scene.

Jae gagged at the sight while Kian looked on in shock.
“I killed them? All of them?” Jae hadn’t ever seen Kian so full of emotion. He was the stoic kid that everyone strayed from because he didn’t talk or express much. To see him on the verge of tears was upsetting and frightening. He really had no idea of what he did.

“I gotta find my family.”

“Kian no! We cant-”

Jae struggled to keep her hand on Kian’s wrists but the boy was stronger than her already so it wasn’t much of a feat to push her off and run. Jae began shivering from her lack of clothing and picked herself up to cover her body in the blanket again. “Kian!”

Jae heard a groan from before her and rushed to kneel next to the twitching body of the dying man. “Hey, sir. Tell me what happened.” Jae moved the man’s head to the side to look him over but aside from the fact that another dead woman was lying on top of him, nothing seemed to be the matter.

“Kian... the boy snapped. You need to leave before he comes for you.” A scream resonated from the distance and Jae watch the man take his last breath before she ran towards the sound.

She found Kian kneeling outside of his house, his family covered in blood and lifeless underneath him. Jae watched quietly as the boy looked on in horror at his family. She felt more remorse for the scene in front of her than when he had killed her mother. Kian wasn’t a killer he was a misperceived kid, yeah, but Jae wouldn’t ever come to the conclusion that he wanted to kill those people. Especially looking at how broken up he is now.

Jae felt the air shift and with a chirp from a bird in the distance she moved to grab Kians collar. “We have to go now!” She demanded to pull, with all of her strength. Kian tripped over his feet before moving to follow her. Within seconds a spear pierced the space which Kian had just occupied.

“We have to get out of here. Otherwise we’re dead!”

“I need to get my book!”

“Leave it Kian! Come on!”


“We can’t risk our lives for a book. They will kill us.” Jae shivered as the frost hit her skin but she continued on while dragging Kian behind her while holding on to the blanket to keep her naked body hidden.

She had lost the will to live under her mother’s tyranny but now that she wasn’t there anymore Jae was ready to live her life to the best of her ability and she wouldn’t let Kian stop her by trying to get himself killed while she was trying to protect him.


Hey guys! First story being published, Yay! Let me know what you think.

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