The Twilight of Death Verse

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[Book 3 of The Fallasleep Series] Crystl's story continues. This time, new characters arrive to lend their aid in the battle against the Death King!!! After an utter failure to invade the Quintessential Verse due to the interference of the Supreme Being of Fantasy, the Supreme Being of Death returns back to Death Verse to heal his wounds and plot his revenge for his embarrassing defeat.

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“Son,” Voix lies down beaten to the ground. “Take me into one of your healing chambers…”

Caine hurries to Voix’s side, “Father, who did this to you?! HEALERS, PREPARE THE HEALING CHAMBER FOR MY FATHER!”

“We were attacked by the Supreme Being of Sleep,” Voix’s butler, Huryken Sabeastin, reports while the healers tend to his wounds. “It may sound impossible…”

“I don’t care,” he glares at the butler. “Tell me everything.”

“Yes, your highness…”



Death Gods

Ø Cyrrus Crystl – The Weaponair; god slayer

Ø Nymbus Livanne – The Reshaper; god slayer

Ø Strotus Darling – The Vacuum; god slayer

Ø Comulus Jet – The Fission; god slayer

Ø Fugn Junto – space and time; death knight

Ø Claad Moir – light and dark; death knight

Ø Smowk Aargon – sky and earth; death knight

Ø Myst Conveya – day and night; death knight

Ø Smag Jazz – peace and war; death knight

Ø Steim Lichten – plus and minus; death knight

Ø Fumi Belille – fire and ice; death knight

Ø Gusius Majo – sun and moon; death knight

Ø Voix – Supreme Death God

Ø Cyrrus Caine – The God Eater; ex-god slayer

Ø Huryken Sabeastin – The Petal; butler

Ø Morts Cycloe – Mother Death Queen

Sleep Gods

Ø G Fallasleep/Xeel – Supreme Sleep/Fantasy God

Ø Noiricca – nightmare

Ø Index Atlas – wisdom and knowledge

Ø Afel – war

Ø Tydon – pressure

Ø Etherio – injustice, and disorder

“Mother,” Princess Strotus Darling gives her mother a huge hug. “You never told us of your return!”

“My dear sweet daughter,” Morts Cycloe, queen of death verse, brushes her daughter’s hair. “It was my mistake to leave. Your father fed me with lies and believed him. I couldn’t believe that even my son is capable of betraying his nation.”

“I knew it,” Junto reacts while his head is lowered and his knees knelt in the presence of the queen. “Crystl’s suspicions were correct all along…”

“Who told you that father was really involved?” Darling asks her mom.

“He calls himself G Fallasleep,” the queen stands up and gestures the eight death knights and the two god slayers to be at ease. “Who is this Crystl you are talking about, Fugn Junto?”

“He is not with us right now for some reason, your majesty,” Fugn replies with great respect to the queen. “Incidentally, Lord Voix named him as the replacement for Prince Caine as the new title holder of Cyrrus.”

“Bypassing the knight, he must be strong.” The queen glances at Livanne, “isn’t he?”

“Yes your majesty, he is…” Livanne replies with her head lowered.

“How come he isn’t here with you if he is a god slayer? Surely, he would make an appearance in my presence,” the queen walks to the balcony outside.

“He’s got trust issues, your highness,” Moir answers in his behalf. “However, during his time as the new god slayer, he was able to weed out the traitors within the kingdom. He is also currently in possession of the eternal weapon Trinity-X-Calibur.”

“Ah he was also accepted by that sword,” the queen starts to take interest at the absentee. “What else should I know about him?”

“That he is dangerously more powerful,” Conveya answers her question, “than the rest of us, your majesty. He was given the title as the Reaper of Cataclysm…”

“Why did you say that he has trust issues, Claad Moir?”

“He was betrayed by Prince Caine and according to him it was Lord Voix who erased his memories.” Moir nervously replies.

“Right now, Fugn Junto, I want you to take me to where he is.” The queen approaches Junto.

“As much as I would like to follow your orders, I don’t think he would like to see you right now…” Junto closes his eyes as awaits his punishment.

“M-mom, I do agree…” Darling seconds his opinion. “I do think that he wouldn’t want to see you right now…”

All of a sudden, two explosive auras are felt from a great distance. The waves are felt by everybody in the kingdom. Alarms are raised and barriers are activated. The first aura comes from Crystl, but the other one comes from a being of unknown origin… a being that should be considered LOST.

“For the last time,” Crystl sharpens his sword arms, “tell me the reason why you attacked me!”

“An audition,” says the pale-looking blonde prince who wore a medieval armor underneath a hooded cloak that screams ominous.

“An audition for what?” asks the angry god slayer.

“It doesn’t matter,” the prince powers up his huge sword, “you failed.”

“Don’t be so cocky,” Crystl morphs his sword arms into larger ones. “I never even attacked you. However, if you were sent by Voix or Caine, I would be so happy to eliminate you.”

“That’s enough Etherio,” the human-like being watching down below halts their fight. “Everyone has their reasons. Let me take it from here.”

“I got this father,” the prince does not take his eyes off Crystl. “Let me handle this skinny god.”

“Ooh that’s harsh,” the supposed father who looks younger than the pale prince reacts. “We are called slim… not skinny. Besides, I am not your father. Your father is one of my previous incarnations… how many times do I have to make you remember.”

“Ugh, I lost my interest to fight already,” the pale prince lands down on the ground. “I can’t just address you as G, you know…”

“Well that’s your problem, Etherio,” he then turns his attention to Crystl who still has his guard up. “Listen, we are gods of sleep and we are here to do something worse than what Voix will do!”

“What do you mean?” Crystl asks raising his voice.

“I don’t want to keep yelling! Why won’t you come down and talk?! We won’t do anything wrong!”

“I don’t believe you!”

G instantly appears in front of Crystl, “If you won’t come near then I will.”

Though his reaction is delayed, Crystl backs off immediately, “You caught me off guard. You should’ve taken me down.”

“Then that would be very boring,” G yawns. “Speaking of worse, my plan is to take Voix out of the picture and rule this verse. How’d you like that?”

“Definitely not to my liking,” Crystl summons Trinity-X-Calibur. “Although, dispatching Voix is part of my plan…”

“Crystl,” through a portal created by Junto, Darling and the others make their entrance. “Are you alright?”

“I got this,” Crystl coldly brushes her off. “You lot shouldn’t have come.” He notices that the other Sleep gods with G did not move an inch even when he’s got back up. “Strange, why aren’t they backing you up?”

“Because I am G Fallasleep, but Mother Death Queen and the others call me Lord Xeel,” he grins.

Darling gasps, “You are ‘the Lord Xeel’? Guys, lower your weapons. They are mom’s guests.”

“No fucking way,” Smowk gasps in disbelief. “I mean, I would lower my weapons…”

“Mom,” Crystl curiously looks at her. “I’ll pass. Just leave me alone…”

“It’s the Queen of Death verse,” Junto hits Crystl with his elbow, “you know Lord Voix’s wife?”

“I know who she is,” Crystl sighs. “I don’t care about royalty and stuff… no offense.”

“I still want to test out your skills though,” G summons a sword, “I summon the Unbreakablade. Ladies and gentlemen, please back away because things… are going… to get very… ugly...”

“Your allies massacred,” a mysterious voice haunts Crystl. “Your master… eaten in front of you…”

“Where am I?” Crystl struggles to search for the voice, “Who are you?!”

“Your memories… taken away from you,” the mysterious voice continues, “Betrayed by the system!”

“ENOUGH!” he swings his arm into nothingness, “BREAK!”

As he implodes, the space around him shatters like broken glass.

He breathes for his dear life as he realizes that he has returned back to reality.

“Index,” G asks one of the sleep beings with him, “How many seconds?”

“29 seconds,” the software hologram-like entity exclaims. “This is rather amazing!”

“What did you do?” Crystl still gasps for his breath.

“The thing that could get ugly is just a joke,” G looks at the others who are still asleep. “You were asleep just like your comrades…”

Crystl looks behind him, “They are asleep? Was that to your doing?”

“No,” he shakes his head. As one of the gods of sleep, I am the Sleep god of Sweet Dreams. The one responsible for those nightmares is my own creation, Noiricca Sleep goddess of nightmares.”

A nurse in a pink uniform holding what looks like a red panda stuff toy comfortably resting on her chest appears behind him and waves her hands. Her expressionless innocence and beautiful calming face, her short black hair, and two moles each placed perfectly underneath the outer canthi of her eyes… nothing on her speaks nightmares. Although… she has those pitch-black eyes just like G’s bloody red eyes…

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,” she lowers her head.

Crystl lowers his head unable to understand what she said, “Y-yes… nice to meet you.”

“She says, ‘please treat me kindly’,” G pats her back as she moves back with the others. “Anyway, the queen already agreed to relinquish this universe to me… provided that I seal Voix and just imprison their son. Even if you disagree, there is nothing you can do about it.”

“You are quite confident that you can beat him,” G shows him footage captured by Index. “Do you know how to use smartphones? Anyway, just watch this footage…”

“You beat him in Essence Verse yet you let him get away?” Crystl hits a rock with anger. He then takes notice of something, “I thought you were a Supreme Being, how come you were able to hit him? I read your lore in the world archives, you beings were supposed to have disappeared. Is that why you disappeared, to find a way to bypass the first rule?”

“I’m not a Supreme Being, Xeel is dead. I am G, sleep god, and I just inherited his will, spirit, and memories… or essence at that.”

“Another one has already snapped out of it, master.” Index takes note of the time, “approximation of 9 minutes…”

“Who is it?” Crystl goes to his comrades, “Princess Darling…”

“Y-you had it rough, Crystl,” Darling tearfully weeps. “I saw everything that happened to you… and to him… my beloved…”

“Let’s take them all back to the kingdom,” G sighs as Index mass teleports them back to the halls of the kingdom. “We will talk later, Crystl. In the meantime, I want you to speak with the queen. We will tend to the others while you have a heart-to-heart talk.”

*SLAP* the queen hits G.

“Why is my daughter crying?” she yells at G.

“Apparently, it is my fault, your majesty,” Noiricca asks for forgiveness. “It wasn’t master’s fault.”

“He still ordered you to make her cry!”

“I probably deserved that,” G smirks. “Queen Cycloe, your daughter weeps because she found out the truth of this person’s,” he points at Crystl, “past.”

“Is that true, my dear sweet daughter?” the queen approaches Darling.

“Yes mother, it’s true.” Darling goes over to G. “I don’t care if mother relinquishes this world to you, but please avenge my beloved…”

“Oh you dear sweet girl,” G smirks. “I’m going to make sure that he suffers in my hands. However, I am now more interested in this Caine. He’s become stronger than his father,” he glances at the queen, “of course I will not cast your cannibal son to oblivion, your majesty. So, that brings me to you, Cyrrus Crystl.”

“…” Crystl ponders. “You really talk too much…”

“Well… your majesty, you may speak with him.” G excuses himself. “I’ll introduce my gods later…”

“Let me tell you something, Cyrrus Crystl,” the queen speaks with him alone in her room. “Inside of me is Voix’s other half.”

Crystl is shocked by the revelation, “What are you saying, death queen?”

“What I mean to say is that Voix will never be sealed even if he were to.” She sits down on her bed. “I think it is his unique ability just like Xeel… G, as he is called now.”

“How sure are you that you are the only half?” he asks her with his hand transformed into a sword. “Why would you tell me this?”

“I can feel it,” she looks at her own palms. “Our powers are of the same amount. I can also call out the other half of his ethereal blade. G plans to give the other half inside of me back to Voix.”

“You’ll die,” Crystl sighs. “Why would he make Voix stronger?”

“He believes that it is the only way for him to completely seal off the Supreme Being,” the queen smiles. “He promised to bring me back to life if ever I died.”

“Tell me death queen,” Crystl gazes at the window, “is it possible to extract his other half from you?”

“Are you concerned?”

“I’m concerned about your daughter losing her entire family.”

“Then you’ll have to take good care of her for me if I end up dying or worse getting erased from existence.” The queen stands up and opens the door, “The god of sleep cannot return your precious memories… but he can show you your master’s memories.”

“H-how do you know all of this?” he slowly walks out waiting for her answer. “How do you know a lot about me?”

“I will tell you… if I survive.” She ushers him to the door. Before opening it, “I will also tell them about what I told you, except for the take care of my girl part.”

“Then why tell me this?” he asks.

“Insurance,” she pats his head. “You will take good care of her, yes?”

“So, you will die. All the more reason to tell me how much you know about me…”

“Whether I die or not, the fate of my daughter rests in you.”

“I’m not going to marry your daughter.”

“Then don’t,” she sighs. “Eventually, you will change your mind.”

“The only thing in my mind right now is to get my revenge on your husband and your son for screwing with my life!”

“After achieving that, what’s next for you?”


“See,” she opens the door for him. “Whether you like it or not, you are going to be the next king. If I survive, you’ll find out the reason… so pray to Xeel that I survive.”

“I’m leaving,” he immediately leaves as soon as the queen opens the door for him.

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