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Darkness surrounding her the fresh blood on the floor oozed out her mouth. The cold chains that keeps her against the wall shift as she struggles. Creatures that are born from a strong emotion can bestow humans unique powers. When certain emotions are at its peak the creature will appear before a human. In Rase’s case her Rage caused her to gain the power control dark fire. The power she has gained will cause the leaders of the World to take action against her.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

An Emotia a creature born from a human’s intense emotions. The creature bestows the human powers and becomes their companion.

Not all creatures are friendly though but in the end they are stuck with their human until they die. In this world there are many people that will take advantage of their powers, and use it to bring misfortune upon the populace.

Darkness surrounding her the fresh blood on the floor oozed out her mouth. The cold chains that keeps her against the wall shift as she struggles.

She grits her teeth as she is losing energy whatever they kept injecting her made her nerves feel like they were on fire. She starts to look around her familiar prison.

After getting her bearings, rage overcomes her senses as she remembers the men that put her here.

“I’ll kill them one way or another, those bastards.”

Then she smiles content in imagining their screams as she tortures them as they did to her.

As she thinks of the torture she experienced her rage returns.

She lays on her stomach with injures on her back and arms since she struggled against her restraints for hours since she first got here. As she closes her one good eye the other one is swollen from the beatings she is trying to calm her anger gritting her teeth she starts to struggle again.




Those are the words she kept thinking as her arms constrict from the pain.

She drowns in those thoughts her hunger for the blood of her enemies at her feet.

As her mind goes numb from her goal she is startled at a golden light that flashes in front of her she feels the warmth of it. It’s a comfort that glows in the dark confines of the dungeon. She looks towards the light and sees it form into a creature.

The creature stood on four legs it has a small body with a long tail with fur that is goes along to the base of the head to the end of it’s tail it’s body seemed to glow in the darkness. It pads over to Rase it’s sharp teeth glistening as it grins at her. It bends it’s neck to look into her uninjured eye

“Rase Yartza, What do you desire more than anything? Tell me, and if I like your answer I will help you out of this prison.”

The woman glares with at the creature her good eye her expression is of defiance the unknown creature grins it’s teeth is showing in a mocking way.

“If you don’t answer, I can leave you to die here. You have unfinished business with the humans here right?”

She sneers at the creature knowing that creature may be her only hope to get out she slowly starts to answer expression filled with determination.

“I want to destroy this world…”

The creature tilts it’s head to the side, it is curious from her answer.


A crazed grin appears on Rase’s face she maybe bloody and beaten but she looks like demon on her own.

“Just for fun! I want to see if someone will stop me! I want to see how far this world will be pushed to the limit!”

The creature’s red eyes spark to life as looking down at the it’s sharp teeth spread in a grin. It wants to see how far this human’s delusions will go.

“ ...HAHAHAHAHA! Interesting, Very Interesting Let’s see how far you get, Human.”

(Two weeks Earlier.)

Time for the hunt.

Rase jumps from building her footsteps are light to keep herself from being seen, then she stops as her partner Jehu waves at her from a distance to signal that he is in position.

As soon as he gives the signal she starts the chaos.

Bombs go off around the village, Screams of pain and panic sound off.

All the escape routes have been cut off by both Jehu and Rase.

So Rase begins to pick off the stragglers.

With quick succession she stabs her daggers into the necks of the villagers.

Even from a small distance she is a good shot.

Becoming bored of being so far from her targets she decides to get up close to take them out.

Might as well have some fun.

Rase starts with the ones that could actually fight back, the soldiers of this town.

Six of the soldiers surround her as she lands in the middle of their formation.

The fear in their faces is priceless to her, Her smiling wolf demon mask must be striking to normal soldiers.

With a second of hesitation from her prey, the leader with the heavy duty armor snaps out of his fear and gives his order.


They bring their spears forward poised to end her life.


Like a snake her attacks are quick and deadly, the dagger in her hand slashes through their weapons and armor. Her speed outclassing them to the point three of them already has their neck slashed with frightening accuracy.

The blood drenching her body as she looks at them, her grinning mask makes them think she is a demon incarnate.

“Is that all you got?”

Their expression is all that she needs to know.

The screams of the villages is all that sounds during the night.

Rase searches through the destroyed town for any survivors the fire has died down leaving nothing but charred remains. There are few specks of fire in some sections of the town so she can see fine even though it’s night time.

Suddenly there is movement behind her she grabs her dagger and turns she realizes it’s just Jehu.

“Good everyone is dead over here...”

Jehu looks around before calling out to Rase while waving at her.

He wears a similar demon mask to Rase but his his the shape of a monkey with sharp teeth, he also has dark clothing that makes it easier to be concealed through the night. He has a bloody club in right hand as he waved at her with his left hand.

“Oh hey, Rase!”

Rase turns to him while her black demon mask smiles it’s sharp teeth showing, she begins to question Jehu.

“What’s the status report, you have any trouble with any soldiers?”

Jehu shakes his head while glancing around the fire.

“Nope, They were easy to deal with. Though in the process of searching I found some cool clothes, we can clean the blood stains off them like usual. This place has fancy wears for a town at the outskirts of Zaru.”

Rase shrugs while gesturing for Jehu to follow her, he follows while they step over the dead bodies.

“I don’t like the woman’s clothes here they are boring. Maybe Shaita would have interest in taking them, Too bad she wasn’t sent on this mission.”

Rase begins to search around one more time for any survivors this time Jehu searches with her.

After about twenty minutes of searching the town, they don’t find anything life.

“We should go back to the village, the elder will be irritated if we take too long.”

Jehu nods but looks at the dead bodies.

“Ok, can you help me take some of these clothes home? The selection for men’s clothing are really good and it would be a shame to leave them.”

Rase huffs but nods.

“Fine, make sure you get the one’s that don’t stink too bad. I need my sense of smell to be intact.”

After gathering some men’s clothing from the dead bodies, Rase and Jehu go to their hidden area near the town with a carriage and riding horses. The trees and bushes conceals the area, it’s hard for normal people to approach the location since Rase and Jehu set some traps that normal people can’t detect only assassins from other clans can. Since the traps were not set off that mean’s none of their enemies were near the area.

Rase gathers the meat for the riding beasts and water from the carriage while Jehu puts the clothes into the carriage. The Riding beast happily eat the food and drink the water. Rase pets the two of them.

Rase looks back to the carriage and calls to Jehu.

“You ready, Jehu?”

After some shuffling Jehu appears from the side of carriage his monkey mask smiles to Rase

“Yep, let’s go!”

He sits down on the riding seat since there is enough space for two people Rase sits next to him. When they are settled Jehu takes the reigns while Rase is on the look out for any potential enemies her weapons in her hand. Jehu begins guides the riding beast to begin the journey back home.


Rase and Jehu arrive at the village in the early morning, the village is hidden deep in a forest, on the outskirts is a rocky terrain that is hard to navigate across if someone was inexperienced with the land.

Once they arrive in a clearing a large dark fortified wall stands proudly in front of them.

There are guards in front of the gate they also have demon masks and different weapons.

One of the guards approaches them it’s Maka. Her mask is that of a bird she word heavy armor but Rase and Jehu knew she could move easily with it.

“Stop where you are!”

She points her spear at the two of them.

Make asks the question the Clan’s saying to see if we were truly who we were.

“The color of the sky is blue because?”

This question is directed at Rase first so Rase answers.

“Because The Rechi Gods haven’t spilled enough blood yet.”

Maka nods to Rase then turns to Jehu addressing him.

“The wise men of Orcaina says?”

Jehu nods says his answer.

“’If your enemies spill a quarter of your blood, take a gallon of theirs.’”

Maka eases her grip on her weapon and then greets them with a smile.

“Welcome back, Rase and Jehu.”

Rase and Jehu gets off the riding seat both of them greets her with a hand shake.

“Glad to be back, could you get someone to get the clothes out of the carriage? Jehu couldn’t help himself and brought some men’s wears with us.”

Jehu stops from collecting the clothes they brought he growls at Rase .

“Hey, you were OK with it, Don’t try to say it like it’s a bad thing!

Maka’s mask smiles in amusement.

“I will get Kuo and Omrul to get them and put up your Riding Beasts. You should report to the elder, he will happy to see that both of you are safe.”

Maka then walks back to one of the guards then walks back to Rase.

“Butrag will ope the gate for you and Jehu.

Rase nods to Maka and glances at Jehu who is talking Tramu.

“Thanks Maka we will see you around, Come on Jehu.”

The large gate slowly opens and reveals their village there are large tents left and right of the straight path. Fire pits and wooden sticks with strings attached to hang their wet clothes. Since it’s early morning people are waking up to do chores around the village. No one wears their demon mask in the village unless they are assassins.

At the end of the long path going north there is a tent that is bigger than the other tents with two guards in standing front of it. Bollo has large armor that covered his whole body he has no weapon but Rase knew he fights with his fist, his demon mask is the shape of a bull.

Chema has armor but it’s smaller his demon mask is in the shape of the cheetah he has a sword attached to his waist.

“What is your business?” Bollo asks

Rase begins to speak.

“Wolf and Monkey are back to report about there mission in Zaru.”

Both the of the guards look at each other then nod to Rase and Jehu.

“Wait here, I will let the Elder know you are here.”

Chema goes into the tent to speak to the elder.

After a few minutes Chema comes out and opens the tent flap to let them through.

“The elder has accepted your request to enter.”

Jehu and Rase nod and enter the tent.

The tent had an array of ornaments hanging around the tent that lead to a long wooden table. Their are twenty five chairs on both sides of the table, An older man sat at the north of the table reading different scrolls and looks up when they enter.

Huntin doesn’t wear his demon mask when there are no political meeting happening at the time. So he just wears dark red robes with with his two swords on his waist.

“Oho, I see you two made it back safely, Come on sit, tell me about the mission.”

Rase and Jehu first bow to the elder and then find a seat near on the right of the table.

After they are comfortable, The Elder does a hand motion for them to speak.

Rase begins her report.

“We have completed our mission Elder. Everyone in Zaru has been eliminated.”

“We bought male clothing too! The fashion there was really unique this time.” Jehu chips in.

“Good Good, did you fight anyone that was troublesome? Like the Melre clan, since that town was closest to their area?”

Rase shakes her head.

“No one that we fought were from that clan, I don’t think. If they were they are already dead.

Huntin smirks leaning back in his chair.

“I see, now for the most important question.

Huntin hold his arms out in a sweeping motion.

“Did you guys have fun?”

Rase’s and Jehu’s demon mask smiles an evil expression appears on their face.

Rase is the first one to answer.

“Yes it was really fun.”

Jehu pumps his fist up in the air.

“Ha Ha! More like exciting I hope we can do a mission like that again!”

Huntin chuckles at both of Jehu’s antics.

“Very good, Keep up the good work you two. Go sleep for the rest of the day, I will give you another mission when the time comes.

“Yes Sir.”


Huntin dismisses them with a wave.

“You are dismissed.”

They both bow then leave the tent.

Rase turns to Jehu yawning.

“Alright Jehu, I’m going to sleep see you tomorrow.”

Jehu stretches his arms back gives her yawn as a response.

“I guess we are both tired have a good sleep, Rase.”

Jehu waves and goes in the direction of his tent which is to the left side of the split path.

Rase turns to her right of the path and goes and finds her tent which is near the blacksmith tent. She enters her tent and takes off her mask she looks to her right, her brown skin and blue eyes appearing in the mirror she slicks her messy brown hair. Rase grins at her mirror her pointy teeth showing.

“Today was a fun day.”

Then she gets ready to sleep.

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