Blue Fire

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Jasmine wakes up realizing she can produce blue flames from her palms. Then she remembers a blue firefly landing on her shoulder and a stinging pain. Jasmine Blackwood never believed in magical powers until one day she got lost in a forest. Then at night she saw a blue firefly which landed on her shoulder and then she felt a pain on her arm and she fainted. When she woke up, it was morning and her palms were warm. She felt cold in the morning wind and before she could know, blue flames were burning on her palms and to her surprise they weren't even hurting. And then she found out other things she could do. Then one day she saw the firefly and then something happened which changed her life forever. What will she do with the powers? Why does the firefly keep coming back? What is happening to her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Jasmine was lying in her bed doodling in her notebook in the little bit of light coming from her table lamp. She was feeling sleepy but dinner wasn’t ready. Then as she was doodling, a firefly came through her window and sat on her notebook’s open page. What surprised her was that it was emitting blue light from itself. It was so beautiful. The blue light coming from it had an attraction to it. Jasmine stopped and gazed at it, smiling.

She wondered how beautiful things are. How beautiful nature is. She had always loved nature. Then the firefly fled out of her window. Jasmine jumped out of her bed and looked outside. Outside she could see the small blue light vanishing in the trees of the forest. The cold breeze landed on her face and she instantly felt better. She looked around.

Everything was calm and peaceful. The road was empty. There was a cat sitting on one of the walls of Jasmine’s house and the light above it created its shadow on the green and soft grass below. Jasmine gazed at the trees at the distance where the firefly had disappeared.

“There must be other ones too.” Jasmine said to herself thinking she would surely go to the forest at night searching for them.

She had never seen something so beautiful and unique. Then she went back to her bed and started doodling when she realized something blue was glistening on her notebook. It was glittering, blue letters which said: Ash. Who was that? She touched the letters as they disappeared.

“I must be having hallucinations.” Jasmine said and laughed but she knew it wasn’t a hallucination.

But she didn’t know any Ash and she didn’t write that name. Maybe it wasn’t a name. Maybe it was. She didn’t know. Then her mother called her.

“Dinner’s ready sweetie.”

“Coming.” Jasmine said as she shut her notebook and hopped down the stairs. She quickly tied her long black hair in a ponytail and washed her face and gazed at her hazel eyes in the reflection. She was so similar to her mother.

She had freckles just like her and her hazel eyes represented her mother’s but her hair was black as her father as her mother had blonde hair. She was happy with how she looked unlike most of the people.

The wallpapers of the kitchen were just the same peach as the wallpapers of her bedroom. The curtains were sea green and the floor had blue tiles. The best combination for Jasmine. She sat on the chair beside her dad.

“What are you reading daddy?” Jasmine asked looking at the papers in her dad’s hand.

“Don’t tell mommy.” Dad said as he whispered.

“How to murder and get away with it.” He said as Jasmine burst out laughing.

She was 14 but she still acted childish and she wasn’t embarrassed of it.

“I heard that honey.” Her mom said as she set the plated down.

“Did you?” Her father asked terrified.

The look on his face was his eyebrows raised and his mouth opened dramatically.

“Don’t worry, I will help you hide the dead body.” Her mother said with a serious look on her face as they all laughed.

“Dad can I go to the forest tomorrow night? I saw something which I need to research on.” Jasmine said.

“Of course but be sure to come before dinner time.” Her dad smiled.

“We would need you to hide the murder weapon.” Her mother said trying to put a straight face but failed as she smiled.

Jasmine ate her dinner and ran to her room.

There she saw the firefly sitting on her closed notebook which was glistening in the blue light.

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