The Chosen

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He likes her, but she thinks he's just an annoying self centered pop star. One day everything changes, in the blink of an eye. And it's all his fault. Elyssa dislikes her life, and everyone around her. A once socially interacted girl becomes antisocial. Until he comes. He changed her life, and made her fight for what she realized she loved for the first time in years. Now Elyssa will do everything to get her family and loved ones back.

Fantasy / Romance
Audrey Bigler
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I never knew what I had until I lost it. I can’t really even think of a time when I truly appreciated my family and the things they did for me. I remember thanking them every once in a while, but now that I think about it I’m not even sure if I meant it back then. Back when I thought my life was trash, back when I couldn’t enjoy what life had to offer. So many regrets, things I wish I would not have said or done. When I think about it, my life was actually pretty good. I had food and water, clothes, a home, and even a loving family. A wonderful younger sister, Ariana, and two kind parents.

Ariana was five years younger than me. She had shoulder-length brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. I, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. I had long dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I was only five-two, which is pretty short for a sixteen-year-old. I think I got it from my dad’s side of the family. I was always told how much I look more like my dad than my mom. My mom had brown hair which went a little past her shoulders, while my dad had light brown hair with a little blonde mixed in. It was kind of like mine, except you could see more of the blonde highlights in my hair than you could his. The one thing I inherited from my mom was her smile.

I remember being so full of life when I was a kid. When I smiled I looked like the type of girl who thought life was all cupcakes and rainbows. But it’s not. The world is a cruel place, and you can’t do anything about it. Of course, it is not all bad, I can recall a few of the good memories I have. I still remember when Ariana was born, I was only five but I remember everything. We were told that Ariana was not gonna make it because she was born with a heart problem. Nobody wanted to operate on her, because we didn’t have the money at the time, so we couldn’t pay them upfront. Mom and dad were starting to lose hope, if she didn’t get a surgery she would soon die. But then a man with a short frizzy beard walked up to us and told us he would do it. I was so happy and when I saw her for the first time, I felt like everything was ok. I promised I’d protect her, that I would watch over her and make sure no harm came to her. I failed, I broke my promise.

I stopped thinking of my family, thinking of them only made it hurt more, and it would not bring them back no matter how much I thought of them. I longed for them to be here with me. A part of me wishing them to come back. The truth is, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get them back. Not that I really had a choice. When the whole human is gone and you are the only one left, it makes it really hard to decline. To say No to what might be your only shot of getting them back. To ‘Him’ this is a simple game for amusement, but for me, it’s a matter of life and death. It is all ‘His’ fault, he just had to mess with me. Fine, you want to play, let us play. But just remember you’re playing with fire, and you made the wrong move going after my family. This is going to be one heck of a ride. And I don’t plan on going down easily.

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