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The Entrance

The rest of the day passed by in a haze. I was scolded by mother for being late and Quira rolled her eyes in a 'lady-like' manner and mumbled a habitual insult.

Father was nowhere to be found and Mrs. Rory politely refused Quira's invitation to the dinner, it wasn't much just simple pot stew, which was bland as water, and half stale bread.

The night was a joy as it was the only time I get to go out on my accord and do as I please with no restrictions. There were some restrictions though. Just little ones, it made things... interesting.

In the day I hang out with anyone I want or vice versa, mostly Killian, but the night, the night is a special reservation for myself.

Sneaking out wasn't hard. The town, though small, and it folks worked day and night at their shops yet the bonfires, the clanking of glasses, and the sound of loud and hearty laughs appeared to say otherwise.

The harsh wood of the windowsill dug into my behind as I tried not to let out a yelp.

The beauty of this town was mostly at night. Every night it felt like the solstice and I rejoiced in this fact. That is mostly the reason why whenever I hear twinkling or patter of tiny feet I prayed that whatever happens this town remains in the happiness it lives in now.

The twinkling sounds and patter of feet meant that pixies were near and they were supposed to grant wishes, heartfelt wishes. I was never the superstitious type but I had also considered myself as an innocent angel who would never dare go against anyone's wishes. Anyone who knows me now could tell that this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Pixies were actually a kind of... Fae. Nymphs were also included in Fae, but not really. Both Pixies and nymphs didn't serve under the fairy king, therefore, weren't residents of the Cynxone, the fairy kingdom, that is why not considered Fae but they technically were. A complicated situation if you ask me. The rumors said that pixies and nymphs hate Fae that is why they themselves separated from the Fae.

The broken and dried forest branches crunched under my old and worn-out leather boots as I inspected my usual route.

From the branches that were still intact and a part of the huge trees hung small pieces of paper tied with multicolored ribbons. There were more than countless papers, some in a disarray.

Nohre contained many people who believed in Gods and more so of those who believed that they granted wishes. Might be true but who was I to judge.

As soon as the voices began to fade I quickened my pace. Tonight was a full moon and I couldn't wait for it.

The best vantage point was the cliff overlooking the Yalon forest. There is a story behind that too. Apparently, Yalon was one of the greatest warlocks in the world. Amazed by his skill the king of demons called him to do his bidding for him, through some persuasion Yalon agreed to the job. In the end, he fell for the king's wife and she for him, but Yalon's partner in crime, the king's witch, didn't approve as she wanted Yalon for himself. She bound Yalon's spirit to this forest for safekeeping. Hence, the Yalon forest. Father told many more stories.

It was always strange how every other place in this world of ours had a story behind it.

I looked overhead hoping for clear skies but instead found the moon covered by the clouds. Peculiar, it was clear before.

I dangled my legs with a sigh. Another disappointment. Just have to wait a little longer, I guess.

My only hooded clothing was secured tightly around me as I laid on the ground and observed the stars peeking from the clouds.

My father told me many other stories when I was young and out of all the bizarre and unrealistic situations of each fairy tale, the most peculiar thing I could find was when people told each other that fate was written in the stars.

I laughed. How could such beautiful things contain something so horrible? That was the painful reality of everything. The most beautiful things contain the most horrible core, take the Quira for example.

I was ten then. Not that long ago.

I didn't hate my sister. Never did, still, don't. We used to come here together when we were children but as time passed she grew and thought of my behavior as inappropriate. Her exact words were 'I am destined to be a queen and a creature like you doesn't deserve my attention'. I was eight at that moment and cried my heart out in my room later.

Now at sixteen, I start to see her point. Nevertheless, I don't forgive her. She is still my sister and she should've known better than to say what she did.

My reveries were cut short by the footstep of some uninvited guest. Just as I had just gotten up from my position and straightened myself self that the sounds also stopped. They had acknowledged me.

I opened my mouth to speak up but it would only make the situation more cliche then it already is.

"Are you not curious as to know the name of the person who was watching you from the shadows?" The darkness spoke. It was a man's voice, deep, calm, dark, and slightly murderous.

I contemplated my next move. I was clearly at a disadvantage.

"Would you have told me if I asked?" I questioned. I had tried to mimic my tone to his. For what voice came out, I could have jump down the cliff.

"Depends" His simple reply. The sound of his approaching footsteps grew closer. Even though I had not seen him yet and the forest line was quite a distance away from my position, the aura this man had made me want to back away and by hearing his voice, he too knew very well what impact I was having just by his voice.

On the other hand, I was standing on the edge of a cliff, even a step back I would be falling to my death.

"On what?" My voice barely keeping itself intact. After all this, I concluded that he wasn't a human and that I was sure.

"On how sweetly you ask" The murderous tick was now replaced by mischievousness. Not the kind that will make you laugh, no it was far from it.

I gulped. He was intimidating. I looked around for an escape. Death didn't seem that bad at the moment.

He laughed. The sound made me shiver.

"Don't even try darling" His face appeared from the shadows "I am not letting you go until I am done."

I stood in shock and amazement. All my past attempts of trying to escape now completely forgotten in just a moment.

I expected him to be covered in darkness or be some kind of hideous monster but in my entire time wasted here never had I ever expected this man to be as breathtaking and astonishing.

His jet black hair was set in a style that might look like a tangled mess but on him, it suited perfectly. His green and glowing eyes bore into mine, he had a perfect jawline, his lips were set in an amazing smirk, his body was well toned. He was wearing an open black coat.

I don't know how long I had been staring, observing his features he probably didn't notice me intently gawking at him, as he himself was just as busy taking in my figure.

Before anyone of us could speak, another unfamiliar voice broke out from my right.

"Don't you dare go near her" This belonged to a girl not older than eleven sprinting towards my position. Her voice was calmer and showed less expression than the man in front of me though it still had the murderous trait to it, at least this time it didn't seem to be pointed at me.

The girl herself was as beautiful as the man. Her bright orange hair shone in the, now raining down, moonlight, and her dress was that of royalty.

What the hell is happening? My internal senses screamed at me.

The girl stopped in front of me and faced the gorgeous smirking man in front.

"Well, fancy seeing you here Neth," He said, "I was just conversing here with my lovely..."

"Shut it you demonic freak" This sentence was spoken in a manner that would make normal people cry "She is not yours in any way"

"Not yours either my dear," He retorted.

I had no say in the matter.

The girl whirled and faced me with the sweetest smile I had seen on anyone. One minute she was screaming and now she looks like an innocent angel, I absolutely despised it. Those calculated emotions scare me.

These people gave me bad vibes. I do not trust them even enough to make a decent conversation. I need to find a way out of this mess.

"My dear, do not fret I am here to get you away from him" The girl stated. The man scoffed.

"I highly appreciate it but I think I will be fine by myself" I patted myself on the back internally for not cracking. The girl's expression fell and the man laughed.

"Well look here Neth" The man took more steps forward "Our little Edith is more intelligent then we think."

The moon's light was at its brightest tonight, but these people were powerful. I can sense it. My little offensive spells would do nothing.

Any little spell that Misha had taught me from moving something to protecting myself hovered in mind in a loop. Anything that would be useful

Alas, the only thing that was useful was a teleportation spell but it won't be of much use considering the distance wouldn't be enough. It wasn't like I had any other choice.

My thoughts kept me busy enough to keep myself from listening to the bickering of the people in front of me.

The moonlight did help me a lot as I traveled through the particles of space and landed directly in front of the forest line.

The leaves shook loudly as they had been impacted. I smiled, it worked perfectly, much to my amazement.

The noises had stopped I looked to where they were standing. The girl looked at me with shock and the man he had his normal smirk on though it seemed to have been elongated.

"She isn't as clueless as we thought, too" The man mumbled.

I ran into the forest. I ran as fast as I could towards town. Surely, whoever they were won't show themselves in a crowd. Or will they? Where they demons?

I tripped on one of the roots of a tree but didn't completely fall. My speed slowed, but I ran.

I could hear faint noises yet couldn't figure out the direction or the source. Finally, the ribbons came into view though there were no laughing, no chatting and even the light of the bonfires were not visible.

I was getting out of breath.

The silence of both the woods and the town was killing me from the inside. With my breaths coming out in harsh pants I stopped on the edge and looked ahead.

My eyes widened in horror.

In the middle of the stone-covered roads stood a man with darkness surrounding him. His back was turned to me. The streets were empty.

He slowly turned towards my figure and smiled and it was at that moment I wanted to turn and run back, not to those people but to jump off the cliff. His smile sent shivers down my body which even the harshest winters failed to do though it didn't hold anything sinister. It had something else.

He now started gazing in the skies behind me. I was curious as to what was behind me that took his interest, yet I had a feeling, one look away and he could get a chance to do something unthinkable but the loud bang and roar from behind me made me rethink the possibilities.

I wanted to see by whom my impending fate will be sealed by, I couldn't. My feet were stuck not because of fear but because my muscles and bones from inside out were frozen.

'You are ours now girl', A different voice more ragged and heavier said. It didn't seem to echo in the empty streets, instead, the sound came directly into my mind.

Something sharp and too many in number snaked around my waist. I was scared to death and still couldn't move. I was hoisted up with whatever the sharp things were as my only barrier.

What I saw next was what made my heart skip a beat.

I was in the mouth of a red-scaled, gigantic dragon.

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