Stone Sacrifice - Chronicles of Grey Series

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Authors Note

Brief Note to my Inkitt readers:

If I remind you that the end of chapter 32 was in relation to the poem in the epigraph. The poem was actually what sparked the entire novel actually, so I hope you enjoyed it!

I want to thank you all for reading. Please leave a review or a comment and let me know what you think. Compliments are accepted, constructive criticism is expected ;) Everything helps!

Book Two: Blood Traveler will be posted on here as well, so if you want to be informed about it either follow me on here or on Instagram if you rather where I'll be sure to let everyone know when I start to post @author_j_bowring

Anyway, thank you all so much for reading! I hope I didn't disappoint. Xoxo


There are a few important people I would like to thank.

First and foremost, my son, Alex, whom has read and reread my book so many times he could probably do a better job answering questions about it than I can. More so because this book started because of him.

My computer was in the process of being fixed so I was left with using my very slow tablet. Having nothing written on there but feeling the urge to write something anyway, I ended up writing the poem that turned out to be the beginning of this novel. Calling him over, I read it, half laughing at the foolishness of it. To my surprise, his immediate and enthusiastic response was, “You have got to write a book about that.”

And as quickly as that, an idea formed. Then another. Before I knew it, my computer was back in working order, yet I was sitting at my desk in front of it with my tablet in my hands instead, afraid that if I transferred the file over, the action would somehow cause a writers’ block the novel would never recover from. All-the-while, my son was over my shoulder, showing more interest in my writing than ever before, fascinated.

He encouraged me to begin this book, then encouraged me to continue it, and when it was finished, he encouraged me to make it a trilogy. So yes, Alex, my boy, I thank you most of all.

I would also like to thank my readers from Wattpad whom helped me out with my first draft and gave me enough courage to try and publish it despite the many, many flaws they found.

My mother, of course, is one I must thank. Though I knew that I drove her nearly insane with my non-stop chattering about this book, she listened anyway. How proud she was of me when I finally finished the final draft is something I will never forget, and so I will always sit taller. I love you, Mom.

Finally, I thank my two ‘cheer leaders’, named for their insistence that I get up the nerve to start publishing my books instead of having them sit in their pretty binders never to be read again. J.J. and Chris. E, I swear you two said ‘you can do it!’ so often and with so much confidence that to this day, I’m surprised you didn’t bust out some pom-poms. I love you both for it.

Lastly, I thank my dog, Missy. You kept my feet warm on those long nights of writing, girl. I love you, too… even if you do take up far too much bed space and track mud all over my freshly-cleaned floor.

-J. Bowring

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