Beta Mates

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Kara finally found her Chosen Mate. Will her doubts and destiny ruin their fate? Werewolf Kara finally found her Chosen Mate. They will have to battle through doubts and the past to find their peace. Be gentle with me. First book.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Beginning

Kara looked out the window of the moving vehicle and saw her destination ahead. It was a quaint little town in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forest and streams crisscrossing the landscape. She was on a mission from the Alpha King werewolf to visit the local territories to evaluate and teach new fighting skills to the pack leaders.

She sighed wearily and shook her head. She had been on the road training for the last two years and had only two more packs to visit before she could take a well earned rest. Thank goodness her brother, Kane has been with her on this journey or she would have gone crazy with loneliness. Even though he is a pain in the ass sometimes he is always in her corner. It isn’t easy to be a female beta and have the wolves follow her teaching. The wolf packs are still mostly male dominated and don’t exactly believe in feminism!

Kane looked over from the drivers side and asked “Are you okay?” “Yes” she replied, “It was nice seeing the family and taking a little break while we are close to home.” All this traveling is getting old but Kane never complained. He seemed to enjoy the attention of the female wolves at the territories they passed through in their travels. Wait til he finds his mate, she thought, he will have a lot of explaining to do, the man whore!

The worst part of being at home was dealing with the questions about not finding their mates and settling down. My family won’t be happy until we are both mated and starting families! She did enjoy hanging out and going shopping with her little sister and catching up with her Mom and Dad even though they were upset their children were still all single and not mated.

Kane pulled into the narrow lane that led up to the large house that set at the end of the town which she knew housed the pack members. “Soon this traveling will be over and I can live somewhere quiet and not out of a suitcase” Kara thought. As the car slowly pulled to the front of the large house a tall, dark haired man walked up the sidewalk and waited for them to get out. “Hello” greeted the tall, dark haired man,”My name is Shane and I am Alpha of the Sickle Moon pack.” It was easy to tell he was Alpha because you could feel the strength and vibrancy of his character as soon as you met him. “Hello”, Kane said, “this is my sister Kara and my name is Kane. You should be expecting us. The Alpha King sent word about Kara training your pack fighters.” Kara walked up to the Alpha and the tall, good looking man with golden hair standing behind him. “Hello”, she said. They both inhaled deeply and growled “mate”. Kara’s own wolf was dancing excitedly in her mind crying “Mate, Mate!”

“Whoa, wait a minute! I can’t have two mates! Are you two brothers or something?!” Kara exclaimed!

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