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Tiffany has just enlisted. She's a brand new cadet working in the canine units and guess who she falls for? Her boss, Wyatt. Her world comes crashing down when after a late night she ends up bumping into him at the local bar and a drunken mishap. How will she handle this news? What about Wyatt how will he react to the news? Read to find out .

Fantasy / Adventure
Alyssa Kelly
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Chapter 1

I'm in love. I just finished basic training and I was just assigned my first dog. Max. He's gorgeous. We all line up next each other with our dogs in seconds. We're called to attention. The instructor walks in with his dog.

"Hello, my name is cadet/ 1st sargent Wyatt Beale, and this is your first day with your new trainees. You each will be given the knowledge and ability to train your K-9's. It's up to you to put in the work with them. These dogs will become your closest and best friends, if not your only friends. Today's we start with basic commands."

"First we will do introductions though. Start with your rank your name and your trainees name."

After about 6 other people they finally got to me. " I'm cadet/ province 1st class Tiffany Ayars, and this is Max."

About 3 hours later daily training was over. I could already tell that Max was eager to learn. He was learning faster than the other dogs and even Sergeant Beale was impressed with him. He even asked me to stay after class. I was so nervous because even though I knew it was to talk about Max but he was so hot that it was intimidating. It was the end of class and as everyone marched out Max and I stayed behind. I saluted Sergeant Beale immediately.

"Relax, Ayars" Said Sergeant Beale. "I want to talk to you about taking some of my more advanced classes. I feel like this is too slow for Max. Honestly I think it's too slow for you as well. Question. Why did you choose this career?"

"Sir, I choose this field because it gave me everything I want to do with my life, serve my country, work with animals, save lives and get drugs off the street." I said.

"I looked at your file and was extremely impressed Ayars. A degree in animal behavior and psychology along with with the relatives you have which have served. Over 30 retired and 7 active members in the military. That's a hell of a file."

"Thank you Sir."

"So, what do you say? Do you want to add another more advanced class for Max? I'm highly impressed with the connection you have with him already."

Oh my god. He's impressed with me!! I'm freaking out so much right now.

"Absolutely sir I would love that." I told him.

"Great. I'll send you an email with your new schedule tonight."

After we spoke for a little while longer we saluted each other and Max and I went on our way back to the training course for a few more hours. Max is so eager to learn and such a fast learner. I went back to my barracks and studied for my test the next day. Finally at about 1830 eastern (6:30pm) dinner was called. I finished about 1900 hours and decided to put Max in the kennel and go get a drink at the local bar. I walked in and ordered a scotch. The next thing I knew Wyatt was sitting next to me.

"That's a pretty strong drink for a woman of your size, you know."

" Then you don't know me as well as you think you do. I can hold my liquor better than any man I know, and I know guys who can handle 3 fifths of vodka."

" That impressive."

" Your forgetting I'm Irish and German."

We spent the rest of the night talking about anything and everything. I guess maybe we both got a little drunk because he walked me back to pick up Max for the night and he kissed me, well I know I should have pulled away but I didn't. I just let him kiss me and I kissed him back. Finally Max barked and we stopped to laugh. He looked in my eyes and and just stared at me. It made me blush. "Can I walk you back to your barracks?" He asked

"I would love that."

Once we reached my barracks he stopped outside the door and kissed me again. I know I shouldn't have because he's above me but I just fell for him.

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