The second concubine

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A sudden gust blew through my hair as I was thinking. Where am I? Who am I? Why am I here?! Before I came into this body, I was a secretary of the biggest company in japan. Wether it was dealing with important clients, sorting document, arranging my boss’s schedule or keeping up a cool front, I could do everything. However, the next thing I knew it, I was somewhere else and facing a person glaring at me. What is this? Where am I? Suddenly memories started to overflow in my brain and I sort of understood the situation. Now that I’m here, I’ll save this person and I’ll live on. Nevertheless, this is my first time being a concubine or having a “special relationship” with someone. Most of the men in my previous world always called me “The unshakable”, while my boss always laughed at me and called me “dull”. It’s not that I do not have any interest in men. I wasn’t interested in a relationship from the beginning. How do you act, when you’re in a relationship?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

When I came to my senses, I saw a man standing in front of me. With his thin yet muscular arms he held a girl with purple hair and purple eyes and coldly glared at me with his blue eyes, which fit perfectly to his blond hair and made him look like a prince.

I was deeply confused [Where am I? Who are these people? What is happening?].

Just a moment ago, I was sure, that I was on the subway and was making my way home. It was in the middle of the night, since I stayed back in the office to take care of some documents my boss had entrusted to me. For some reason, there had been a lot of people on the train, even though it was clearly past the time for people to wander around. Maybe they were returning from a party, but I remember they were incredibly loud and I started to get dizzy...


From the sudden uproar, I flinched and turned around. The person pointed a sword straight in my face and glared at me with his piercing blue eyes, which were slightly covered by his green silky hair.

The moment I saw him, I suddenly felt a huge headache and then memories started to pop up like a slide show.

The body I had obviously been in belonged to a girl named Scarlet Rezel. She was the daughter of a well known merchant, who ruled over the trading system and played a huge role in the profits of a country. Because of her father’s great influence, the king asked for Scarlet’s hand in marriage for the second prince and as a result, Scarlet had been sent here as a concubine and was undergoing the so called “princess lessons” in order to officially carry the rank of a princess.

Her arrival was however rather unwelcomed, because the second prince already had a fiancée he preferred. She was non other than the daughter of the prime minister, who was introduced to the prince first. Her name was Lillian Grey. Not only was she popular with the aristocrats, but also with the commoners. She was rather well treasured and that’s why, when she heard of the second prince’s second engagement, she broke down in tears and as a result, all her followers started to hate me.

After countless of harassments, Scarlet started to lose her mind and slowly became insane. However, she never attacked anyone verbally or mentally, but she attacked herself. Lastly, after many tragic events, a small accident arised where Lillian was accidentally pushed down the stairs and people immediately suspected Scarlet.

Without any evidence or anything, they immediately brought this poor girl here and started attacking her mentally with lacking accusations and faulty excuses. The reason why I, so Scarlet, am now kneeling on the ground is because Scarlet started to apologize, even if she clearly wasn’t the culprit.

The person with the blond hair, who is holding Lillian, is the second prince Claude Misselium Klarinez. He is the son of the second queen and king. The guy with the green hair behind me is Erik Misselium Klarinez, the third prince, who was the son of the third queen and the current king.

There are a total of five princes with four different mothers. The first queen sadly passed away, leaving the first prince (Aaron) , the second queen was a victim in an unfortunate accident and left the second prince ( Claude), the third queen was a palace maid, who was discovered dead with an unknown reason and she left the third prince ( Erik) and finally, there’s the current queen, who is the mother of the fourth and fifth prince ( Richard and Patrick).

Scarlet has never met the first prince, the fourth and fifth prince before, so I can’t describe them properly. Moreover, isn’t my current situation rather bad for me to be regaining this girl’s memories. However, the memories also started to stop popping up, so I guess that’s the end. Nevertheless, it’s enough for me to get out of this situation. I know all the important people through these memories and with the help of my previous memories, I know how to deal with these kind of people and by no means...will I kneel in front of this scumbags.


Scarlet: ‘Please refrain from shouting, third prince of Klarinez. I have clearly heard you the first time.’

As I was slowly getting up, the third prince changed his position and walked in front of me, pointing his swords towards my neck.

Erik:’ Who gave you permission to stop kneeling!?! Know your place!!’

Straightening my posture and fastening my gaze onto the third prince, all the aristocrats who were assembled in hall, were brought into an uproar and kept mumbling to themselves [ Such an insolent act! To be staring at the royalty so openly!!], [ How dare she disobey the prince’s orders!], [ She’s showing her true colors now, such a sl*t].

Without fazing my gaze, I showed a composed smile, which obviously shocked everyone in the hall and silenced them.

Scarlet:’ *calm* Answering the third prince’s question. I do not think, that innocent people should bow their heads down so easily for simple accusations with lacking evidence. Nevertheless, I would firstly like to apologize for disobeying the third prince’s command. I simply didn’t see any reason for me to follow the proper etiquette, when certain people, who should clearly know the rules, are acting as if I don’t know my place~.’

Using my finger, I moved the third prince’s sword away and then fixed my gaze onto the second prince and Lillian. The third prince stood there dumbfounded, as if it were his first time witnessing someone overpower him with words and that person being non other than the weak Scarlet. Following my actions, I bowed down to the second prince.

Scarlet:’Greetings to the second prince of Klarinez and lady Grey. How are your injuries Lady Grey? Is it okay for you to be moving around?’

Claude:’How dare you?! To be smiling at the person, whom you caused such pain to and not even repent over your actions?!’

With an angered and cold expression, Claude stared at me as if I were utter garbage and the most disgusting human being he has ever seen. Lillian started to hug him and her face was covered in tears.

Lillian:’*crying*Claude...please don’t be like this...she didn’t mean it. Scarlet is a kind person...I know it.’

Claude:‘How can you still defend her, even after all she has done to you?!?’

Scarlet:’ “All I have done to her?”. Would the second prince be as kind as to remind me of what “All” of those things were?’

Claude:’ What?! How dare you question me?! Not only are you brainless, but you also don’t know your place?!’

Scarlet:’ My apologies. I simply do not recall ever harboring any ill intentions towards Lady Gray nor do I recall ever doing anything to her, except for me being accused of pushing her down the stairs. That leads us to why I am here today. May I know why I am currently being accused of hurting the lady? Please show me all the evidence and everything, that has led you to be claiming me of doing something injustice.’

Claude:’ You insolent!!!’

*SLAP* (Claude slaps Scarlet)

Claude:’ How dare you try to prove yourself innocent, even though it was clearly you?! You’re not even considering how Lillian would feel!!! She begged me to forgive you and yet, here you are, not even reflecting over your own actions and even try to claim innocence!!! You insolent creature!!!!’

Lillian was desperately grabbing the second prince’s arm and hugging him tightly, while crying. Meanwhile, you could hear the whole crowd giggling and making fun of me.

Lillian:’ Please don’t! Stop!’

When Claude finally calmed down, he hugged Lillian tightly, while pointing his finger at me, also showing an angered and disgusted look at me.

Claude:’ Scarlet Rezel!! As of now, you are banned from entering the palace and you are to be sent to the outskirts of Klarinez, where you are to receive your final and real punishment from the first prince of Klarinez.’

Little did I know, that this would be the beginning of hell for me.

To be continued...

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