The runaway princess

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I’m a villainous princess!!! Hell yeah! I have so much power, beauty and knowledge! Now shall I repay the people, who betrayed me~? As a princess of the neighboring country, I was forced into a political marriage with a prince. However, there was never love between us. From the moment I was born, I was taught how to act like a proper princess and never had the freedom to express myself properly. The only expression you would see on my face, was a smiling poker face. My life took a drastic change, when a so called “Girl of the prophecy” came into my world. I noticed slight changes from the prince’s side...He was falling in love with her. Not too long after, he took her as a second princess and they married. I didn’t have any objection and just lived life peacefully. Later on, rumors started to circulate, that the prince loved the second princess more and that she would become queen. No one was against it, since she was the “saintess” after all. As a result, I was put in a bad situation and my father, the king of the neighboring country put pressure on me. From too much stress, I fainted and gained the memories of my previous life. In that life, I had so much fun and was free. However, I was also an otome game lover. Now that I know about this game, what should I do as a villainous princess~?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

All my life, I was raised to be a queen. Wether it was etiquette or other things, I had a more stricter teacher and worked ten times harder than anyone in this whole kingdom. As a result, I never had any freedom or the chance to look at other things. My role as a princess, was to marry the neighboring country’s prince and become queen.

After marrying the prince and becoming the first princess, I went through an even stricter training to become queen. Even if I was now married, I never got a glimpse of the prince, at least after the wedding. It was clear to me, that there was no love between us, so it didn’t affect me at all.

Months passed by and soon came the day, where “the girl of the prophecy” came into our world. I was also supposed to attend the welcoming and that’s when I met the prince for the first time after our wedding. This time, he looked different from our wedding. There was no fake smile on his face or a cold stare, but there was a normal boy, who was expressing his love sincerely in front of me...In front of me, but not for me.

At that moment, I knew he fell in love with the “saintess”...but, I did not feel anything.

A few days later, the prince took the “saintess” as his second princess. He started to show more love towards her, which led to rumors spreading and putting me in a bad position. My father, the king of the neighboring kingdom, was furious because of my lacking actions and ordered for a more stricter training. The reason being, I wouldn’t become queen anymore at this point. The prince showed too much love for the second princess, which indicated a chance for her to become queen. My role was slowly fading...

My unusually stricter training then usual and the overdoing stress from overwork and rumors, made me faint.

When I came back to myself, a stabbing pain went through my head and memories from my past life came flowing in. Previously, I was a free spirited person, who loved to cause trouble and roam around freely. However, I was also an otome game lover. That’s when the thought passed me...

‘Isn’t this that otome game?’

It was the newest edition in my previous life. I had only started to play it, but I passed away unfortunately. Still, I know the basics and the beginning of the game. It all starts with the heroine being summoned to another world and falling in love with a capture target and marrying him, who is in this case the prince. The real story should start after the marriage, if I am correct. I myself, am the villainous princess of this game. How I know this? My name is Diana Crystal de Pardaba the first. So was the name of the villainous from the game.

Everything fits perfectly, if you think about it. Both the names and the appearances. The heroine’s name is Denice and she has blond hair and black eyes, whereas I have caramel-pink-like hair and eyes. I don’t know if Denice is the heroine though, I’m just assuming she’s the heroine, because of the summoning and her name. I never got a glimpse of the heroine ,because the players always looked from Denice’s point of view. The prince’s name is Broderick Sphere arte Lesliana. He also has blond hair and purple eyes. I still know nothing about the other capture targets, but I know up to this point.

Nevertheless, now that I know this is a game and that I’m the hopeless villainess, I don’t want to stay here at all. Another reason would be the stress and pressure from all sides. My other self from the other world caused a lot of trouble, but she always had fun. I want to live like that too. I want to see the world.

Suddenly, my personal maid came rushing in.

Maid:’ Princess!! Princess!! The prince is planning on attending the ball with the second princess!! Your father has heard from it and is furious with you...’

Hmm~ Attending the ball with the second princess not only shows how rude he is, but how much he favors the second princess and his aim for marriage. My father clearly knows this. After the prince crowns the second princess queen, I’ll become a useless princess and be disregarded by everyone. I will still be the first princess and live in the castle, but that’s all. My whole existence would be for nothing, since my purpose will be gone.

Diana:’I am useless now...’

Maid:’ That’s right princess!! You should’ve worked harder!!! Such a disappointment!!’

Diana:’...Work harder, you say?...’

My whole purpose was to become queen. From my birth onwards until now, are a total of 18 years. More than anyone, I at least expected the people around me to understand me, one does. I now know that. That is why...

Diana:’ Then~!! Since I’m useless now, I’ll be leaving~’

Maid:’ Wha-‘

I already stood up and changed into commoners clothes, packed money into a small bag, tied my hair up, wore a cloak and grabbed a sword.

Maid:’ Wha- What are you doing?’

Diana:’ I’ll give you the responsibility of explaining the situation~’

I ran towards the door and hid myself nearby. The maid followed after me, but lost me.

Maid:’ PRINCESS!!...Oh no, what should I do? I’m going to lose my job...I have to inform the guards and stop her!! Help! Help! The princess has escaped!!!!’

After listening to her talk, I quickly moved on and safely got away from the guards, who were alarmed and searching for me.

Guard:’ It’s strange...we are specially trained. How can we not find one spoiled princess, who sticks out from a crowd?!’

Fools~ Who are you calling spoiled?! I’m a genius. Wether it was etiquette or the ways of fighting with a sword, I was thoroughly trained in order to assist the prince whenever he needed me. That was exactly what a queen was. You might’ve been specially trained, but I went through hell training. If you had known, I think you would’ve stopped me than~ Too bad~ Adios amigos!!

To be continued...

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