The Story of Our Beginning

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The Initiation


The hot air kept me up all night. I got about four hours of sleep. I was laying in pools of sweat and the small couch didn’t help. I got up to the smell of bacon. I walked into the kitchen to see a prepared plate of bacon and eggs freshly made. The servants' clothes were folded on the ground by the couch. I thought I was on his bad side. I sat at the table and scarfed down the food. Once I was done, I felt a presence behind me. I turned quickly to see it was just Nova fixing his shirt.

“If you’re done, hurry and get dressed. We’re about to be late.” He walked around the kitchen fumbling with dishes and putting miscellaneous objects in places. I walked around the corner, giving myself some privacy and quickly changed my clothes. They were a bit tight, but they’ll have to do. The bright orange radiated off of me, making my eyes hurt more than they already do.

“I’m ready,” I called to Nova as I walked out from the corner. He looked up from his hands and nodded. He picked up his papers and led me to the door.

Once we got out, people were more crowded around than when I first got here. Mostly everyone was walking towards the castle. Nova bumped me with his arm bringing me back into focus. I walked beside him all the way to the front doors.

“Remember the plan,” Nova whispered in my ears as we walked into the Palace. I nodded my head and followed him through. The hallway was covered with gold, diamonds, emeralds, and so much more. The walls were lined with windows, letting even more light shine through. We walked hallway after hallway, each one more decorated than the next. A massive door stood in front of me. I looked at Nova and saw him surveying the room, squinting his eyes as if he’s looking for someone.

“Vasper-” He looked at me.

“Remember the plan. I know.” I smirked at him. He rolled his eyes and opened the door. The light from the room was blinding. The colors from people’s clothing bounced around the room, making it worse. I shielded my eyes. Nova elbowed me and looked down with a scowl. My eyes hurt. I looked back at him and scoffed. He saluted me before walking into the crowd. A sense of panic rushed through me. I’m all alone now. I straightened my posture, leaving the fear behind me, and walked into the crowd.

I stopped walking until I was ten feet from the front of the room. People shuffled around me, but I kept my head down. Everyone was talking about how great their queen was, how she was so kind and generous. It was starting to get annoying.

“Someone killed my cousin in the Night kingdom.” A woman said beside me, catching my attention.

“He was strangled. In his own home. People said that he hung himself, but my cousin was so happy. That couldn’t be true. When the queen heard of this she called me in and stressed that she would do everything she could to help our family.” People awed around her. The patted her on the back and repeated how great their queen is. My hands started to sweat profusely. My last contract.

“Oh really, who do you think did it?” another woman said.

“I think it was an assassin. There’s a famous one in the Night kingdom, Vasper Bellatrix I think was his name.” A chill went down my spine. I need to get out of here. I’m going to get recognized. I pushed through the crowd, almost running to get to the door we entered.

“Who would ever want to be an assassin?” a voice said.

“He must be terrible.” another said.

“How could he live with himself?”

“How many do you think he killed?”

“I wish he were dead.”

“Vasper the assassin, huh?”



“Vasper!” A familiar voice said in front of me as I ran into the person. I looked up to see Nova, with worried eyes.

“Shh, Nova!” I whispered. “People are talking about me and my last contract.” Everyone was talking about what I do, and what I’ve done. Over the years I’ve become numb to the talks about how terrible I am, but somehow this is different. It’s all around me. It’s like I can’t escape.

“Okay, Okay. It’s time to see her anyway.” Nova pulled me away from the room and to the second floor. We walked to the door that was covered with flowers and gold. So bright.

“Ready?” Nova looked at me.

“Never been more ready.” I smiled at him. I shook off the worry and anxiety from a moment ago.

Nova pushed on the doors and even more light came through. How bright can this place get? A red carpet lined the way to the throne. It was a marble between gold and silver. But it was empty. Where is the Queen? I looked at Nova in confusion. He just looked back at me and nodded. I took that as a “She’s coming” look. Suddenly, I heard light footsteps coming from beside the throne. I looked to see who it was, and my breath was taken away. The queen was beautiful. Her eyes were a kaleidoscope of blues, greens, and purples. Her face was round and her cheeks were a bright pink. Her hair was medium length, and very curly. Her pastel pink dress accentuated her curves. But her smile was the best part of her.

“Nova Cassiopeia! How are you, darling!” She exclaimed, walked to him and giving him a big hug. The grumpy man smiled and chuckled, returning her hug. Is this real?

“I’m doing well, my queen.” He pulled away from her. She looked at me and gave me a big smile.

“I don’t believe we’ve met before. I’m Queen Oriana.” She held out her hand for me to kiss. I gave her a smile and kissed her hand. Her skin was so soft. It reminded me of the water in the Night Kingdom.

“Now I realize that you are here to tell me something Nova, but I have to tell you something first.” She walked to her throne and sat down.

“There have been rumors of an attempt at my life. Apparently soon, I will be killed.” My heart skipped a beat. “Nova, would you happen to know anything about this?” She asked Nova.

“I would have told you if I had any knowledge of this.” He replied without hesitation. I kept my composure, but I was extremely nervous. Does she know about it? Does she know me?

“I’m very disappointed, Nova.” She pouted. Oh no.

“What do you mean, my queen?” He asked. I could tell that his composure was failing. He was getting nervous.

“I know that you’re a spy,” She looked straight at me, “And I know that you are the infamous Vasper Bellatrix. The assassin that’s supposed to kill me.”

I’m dead.

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