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Letters & Latency I

To the honourable mage Kolgrimr the powerful of Havnarsund,

I am in need of your services once more; my men have recently captured a bjestja at the beach, a survivor of a shipwreck. She was separated from the other survivors, who put up enough of a fight to deter my men. But the bjestja alone is price enough. Not only is she young and beautiful in her own way, but our singer has found a devil inside of her, bound to her blood and powerful and vicious in nature. I hope to sell her as a slave on the markets of Havnarsund, her value is most likely in excess of several thousand horses. Her body is strong and trained and the way she struggles against our bindings and the singer’s runes, she would be able to defeat most men with ease. My men reported she put up a fight even after being knocked down once.

We require your services, to place the blood sigils on her to bind both her and her devil to the services of her new master, after we sold her on the slave market of Havnarsund. We are currently preparing her passage over to the city. Four singers need to sing in shifts to keep her strength and powers suppressed, so time is of the essence.

Please answer fast, for I mean to rid myself of her tireless fury as soon as possible.

Your old friend,

Jarl Utgarthaloki, ruler of Ulfnar’s finger and leader of the Lojoerken.

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