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Letters & Latency VI

Esteem colleague Blue Wing of Havnarsund,

Thank you for the enclosed letter, but I must inform you that I cannot help you with the investigation, for the reason, that the person who wrote this letter is my apprentice and right now a fugitive of the Lodge of Sturreland, therefore she cannot answer for the crimes she has committed in Myrskattnholm before answering for her crimes in Sturreland. I must ask you to return her to me, as she is to stand trial. That is why I enclose the following contract for you. Whether you do so or not, please deliver the enclosed letter to her either way, it will make your job considerably easier if she reads it before you attempt to capture her forcefully. In good faith I have also enclosed 50 Communion Copper as payment for that favour.

If she turns out to be difficult and you decide to go after her, please be assured that she is trained and dangerous and that she most likely has abilities that not even I am entirely aware of. I suspect she is most likely heading for the wound of the north, given her status as a medium and having travelled to the forest of dreams before.

Best of luck,

Purple Paw of Halonnes.
Approved by the university of Halonnes
Approved by the Lodge of Sturreland
Approved by the university of Fulgopolis
Approved by the university of Laeddun
Approved by the university of Plirova

Contract for the capture and delivery of a fugitive criminal to the court of the Lodge of Sturreland.

This contract is offering a payment of 20 Communion silver to the contractor.

Target: Nannade of Sturreland

Description: Female crolachan of yellow fur, dark red hair and green eyes, approximately 5 feet 4 inches in height

Last sighting: leaving Myrskattnholm,northbound

Additional information: Medium, pactitioner and abomination, engaged in a blood bond with a snake spirit (partially abstract).

Conditions: The target must be brought alive and well before the court of the Lodge of Sturreland, for the purpose of standing trial seated in the council house of Laeddunn.

Permissions: any methods that do not harm the target will be pardoned.

Signed, Loganna of Sturreland, Arch-Druid of the Lodge of Sturreland, Sosken 6-3-8, 1346

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