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I followed his majesty into war and we fought for this land. After his reign, he had a daughter, but no wife. I became her wet nurse now... I grew up in an orphanage after being abandoned by my parents. After some hard times, I became a knight and fought by the prince‘s side in the fronts, in order to win against the brutal king, who let the people suffer, while enjoying himself with women and riches. The prince was then crowned king and brought the country in order again. However, he was known as a demon, who slept with every woman that seduced him. Soon, news spread of him having a daughter, whom he developed a liking to. Every noble lady then went to the castle, so that they could apply for the position of the wet nurse. Of course, bearing hidden intentions. However, after some events, I was put in charge of taking care of his daughter...

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I grew up in an orphanage, after being abandoned by my parents. The orphanage was a secret slave trading organization. As a result, I was bought by a sluggish man, who whipped me every day. The days never seemed to end, so I ran away and became part of the secret knight order, who were planning an attack against the king. This secret knight order was under the crown prince’s lead, who wanted to change the ways of this country and get rid of the king, who was only interested in women and money.

Soon, the secret knight order began war with the king and defeated him. As a result, the crown prince became king and changed the situation in the country, where everyone could prosper and live a better life. I was appointed as the knight general, since I fought in the fronts with the crown prince and led the knights into victory.

However, even if the crown prince changed the country, he was known as a demon, who slept with every woman, that could in the least bit seduce him. Five years later, news spread about the king having a daughter, whom he grew a liking to. Noble ladies, who were usually always appointed to be royalty’s wet nurses, started to apply themselves for the position. The prime minister, the most trusted ally of the king, now had to choose a wet nurse with the abilities and no hidden objective.

Still, each and every one of them had ill intentions to seduce the king or kill the princess, who was bound to become queen. As a result, I was appointed to be the knight, who would protect the princess. Hundreds of applicants then reclaimed their application, after hearing the news of me guarding the princess. The rest, that remained, were the ones wanting to seduce the king.

Nevertheless, there was a slight problem...


Prime minister:’ WHY CAN’T ANY OF YOU HANDLE A BABY?!?!’

The princess baby was crying as if she was in pain and the prime minister was screaming at all the applicants. Soon, a maid came and whispered something in the prime minister’s ear.

Prime minister:’ This is bad! The king is coming!! If the princess doesn’t stop crying now, all of our heads are going to be sent flying off!! Someone stop her from crying!! Anyone!!’

All of the applicants rushed to the baby bed and started to play around with many toys, which made a lot of disturbing sounds, that caused the princess to cry louder. I pulled my sword and put it against their necks, whereas they gulped.


They all moved backwards and I put my sword into my scabbard again. Afterwards, I threw my scabbard at the prime minister, who caught it. I took off my armor and put it on the side. Then, I walked towards the baby bed and carried the princess, while patting her back.

‘There, there~ It’s okay~’

I kept patting her back, until she stopped crying. When I saw her stop crying, I got a clean cloth and wiped away her snot and tears. Not too long after, the king came in. He was still as I remembered him. Those cold blue eyes, sparkling blond hair and tall, strong body build, Keith the sun king. The princess also had blue eyes and blond hair, but she looked much more innocent. She was given the name Sephora the first.

Meanwhile, the prime minister already sent out the other applicants. The king walked closer.

Keith:’ Who is this?’

He was looking straight at me. It’s kind of sad, that he doesn’t know who fought with him during the most important wars in our country, but I never expected anything from him anyway. The prime minister walked closer and put his arms around me, while I was still carrying the princess.

Prime minister:’ This is the new wet nurse, the knight general, Esther Sipheria~.’

What? Did I just hear correctly? Is he nuts?! I’m a knight general! How can he just appoint me to be a wet nurse. Moreover, that’s breaking the traditions. I’m not a noble! He kept smiling at me, while sweating a little. However, his expression was begging me to accept being a wet nurse or else he would lose his life. Damn this prime minister!

The prime minister of this country is called Edward Rizfeld. He was one of the people, who planned the war with Keith and was also one of the crown prince’s most trusted allies. He has long blue hair and blue eyes and is married to someone named Liselotte, a noble lady with long pink hair and pink eyes. You must never fall for his looks and position. He might be the prime minister, but he’s actually an idiot, who is head over heels in love with his wife. During the war, he would always come to me and brag about his wife in our tents.

I glared at him and then looked at Keith.

Keith:’ Knight General? A woman?’

Feminist. I would like to say that, but my head would be cut off on the spot.

Esther:’ It is a pleasure to meet you, your majesty.’

Keith:’ Well whatever. Give her to me.’

Esther:’ No.’

There was a long silence in the room and Edward fainted, while Keith’s expression darkened. I turned my back at him and walked towards the table with a relaxed expression. I put Sephora on her baby chair and brought out her baby food. Sephora started to clap her hands, while I tied a napkin around her neck, so that she wouldn’t spill food onto her clothes. At first, I tasted the baby food, in case it was poisoned and then started to feed Sephora. She was really happy and started to laugh. I slightly smiled.

Esther:’ It’s just food, why are you so happy~? Say ahh~’

Sephora:’ Aaaaah~’

She’s so cute~ I just want to cuddle her. After some time, Sephora finished her food and Keith came towards us again, still wearing his darkened expression.

Keith:’ Give her to me now.’

I walked towards Keith and put a clean cloth across his shoulder. He flinched for a bit, but then he kept staring at me. I lifted the princess up and put her in the arms of Keith, so that her head was on his shoulder, to be precise, the cloth and then I softly patted her back.

Esther:’ You have to softly pat her back now.’

Without complaining, he followed my orders, also glaring at me in between. Soon, Edward woke up again.

Edward:’ Ez!! Don’t!!!’

“Blaaarrrgh” *vomiting sounds*

Keith:’ What was that?’

Esther:’ Oh~! She finally spit it out~ good job, your majesty~’

Edward fainted again and Keith’s face darkened even more. I took Sephora from him.

Esther:’ It’s time for your bath now princess. Oh, just give the cloth with the vomit to the maids.’

To be continued...

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