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betrayal means death Valentina Black has lived her entire life by the laws of her pack, she has known no other life but the one she has grown up in. But the day she decides to betray the pack is the day her life is thrown away and she becomes the prey of the predators residing on Barbaro Mountain.

Fantasy / Romance
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“In the world of wolves there are rules, traditions, that must be followed in order to ensure survival. There are traditions that can never be broken, these traditions have been there since the beginning of time, when humans began conquering the land of the free and subjugating what they called primitive folk. But as the years passed and the world began to grow the humans changed. Every era brought in a revolution, every era brought a change that benefited wolves and humans. So, tradition began to fade, wolves stopped hiding, they began to mingle with the humans. Soon the entirety of werewolf communities began to leave behind the old ways and emerge with a new set of rules and lifestyles with every new era, much like humans.”

The grown wolves listen to this part of the story always, they are settled in place with their pups and understanding the importance of this story. The juveniles are watching their Alpha, but the Alpha knows that the beginning of this story is relative knowledge and it is boring. He sat in this crowd at one point in his life, he understands that as a juvenile this is not a main concern, it is useless to a mind that only longs for adventure.

“All but one pack that has never been forgotten, a pack that is whispered about, a pack that is kept alive through the horror stories told by the Alpha and Luna of every pack at nightly gatherings. Horror stories told by warriors to their pups at night. Horror stories that leaves everyone in fear of the savages who sit at the very top of Barbaro mountain and who live by the old ways. They fear the savage wolves who live off the land and who know only the way of the wolves and nothing else.”

All eyes are on him and all ears are tuned in, they all listen.

“It is said that these are not wolves like you and I,” Pups clings to the Alpha, his offspring hold on to him, they understanding he is the one who can save them. All pups cling to their providers, they’ve heard these horror stories plenty of times. We tell them to encourage growth, either in strength or knowledge, the fear of something bigger will always incite those to grow stronger. “They are savages who only speak tooth and claw, they are one with their wolf, never distinguishing between human and animal. It is said these savages will linger in wolf skin all their lives. Caring for their pups as wolves even before they have shifted, they mate in wolf skin, and they die in wolf skin.” There are gasps from juveniles, the adults and elders watch their Alpha. They understand that these are just stories.

“How do you know this, Alpha?” The Alpha turns to a young male, he is sitting with his brothers, eyebrows scrunched together. “Have you seen it?”

The Alpha shakes his head. “I know what the neighboring Alpha’s tell me and the stories my father has told me. Remember when Alpha Young visited?” Many juveniles nod. “His pack sits about seventy miles away from the bottom of the mountain. He says that when he was newly shifted, someone from that mountain came down. He said they knew it was someone like us because of the smell, he was in his wolf skin but he kept running. He says a week later a group of four came down, he says the leader of that group shifted to human skin but that it was painfully slow as if it were his first time making the change from wolf skin to human skin.”

The fire cracks and the smell of fear is rising in the air. “Alpha Young says this male before them was different, that he had a wild look in his eye, and that he smelled as strong as an Alpha. But that when he was asked if he was the Alpha of the wolves on the mountain he only shook his head, ’We are not of Alpha or Beta blood, we are simply warriors being sent to collect a traitor who ran from the mountain just seven days ago.’ Alpha Young says that as soon as they left their land, they returned, only two days later. With the wolf from before in the center of their small group, struggling to walk and bloodied and torn into. He says they were herding him like a sheep, and that since then he has never seen those wolves again.”

There is no more talking.

“That is why we strive for growth, to ensure that savages like the ones from Barbaro mountain never decide to descend. To ensure that our kind never have to return to a life like that. To ensure prosperity and to ensure a future for our kind in this world.”

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