Out of the Woods

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Kara has always lived in the safety of her pack. But now she is lost in a world where werewolves are fiction and humans rule the land. Kara Winters has always lived in Sky Falls. She has never moved and has never been outside of her city. Then one day she feels a pull towards the forest she was told to never go into. Disobeying everything her parents have told her she goes into the forest to discover a door, and goes through. Kara is literally thrown into another world where everything she knows can't help her. In this world, humans rule but some of them are strange. The myths say they are powerless but some are not. What is going on!?

Fantasy / Scifi
Scarlett Okwa
Age Rating:

Before You read

This is my second book that I am doing so please don’t judge me too hard on my writing and story line.

Hi, my name is Kara Winters. I am 16 years old, with an older sister, I used to have an older brother, a mum and dad. I have dark, slightly curly hair, striking blue eyes and pale skin. And if my family and friends knew what I was, they would kill me.

I am what is known as a shifter. In a world full of werewolves, vampires and warlocks, a shifter is the most dangerous and the other races don't like that. Many centuries ago, there was a war between the four races and the shifters, while rare to be born, were winning. That was until the leaders of the other races held a meeting where they agreed to join forces. The tides turned and soon the shifters were overpowered. To this day shifters are still hunted and that is why I must hide. Because I know I can not run.

But before they found out what I was, I was already gone

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