A Game of Hearts

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Chapter 21- Torture of a certain nature

"Sexual desire is a state not unlike hunger."

-Mary Roach

Sitting across from Tobias and not being able to touch him was torture of a certain nature. His gaze ravaged me whole from the seat opposite me, while Cane prattled on about what sights he was excited to show us upon entering his kingdom.

After the chaos of the palace being infiltrated, the council agreed that it would be best to expedite our visit to Terra. Cane, Tobias, and I left Iron Forge the following day. Viktorya and I believed it best for her to remain at the palace to manage any situation that could possibly arise and I didn’t trust the council to be left alone without any oversight. The quicker the trip was over then the sooner I’d be able to announce who I’d chosen to stand by my side. Opal drove and Diamond rode in the passenger seat. They’d shut the barrier between us and them before we’d taken off, giving us a bit of privacy. The council had wanted to send a whole retinue of palace staff but I’d only allowed Opal and Diamond with a few select staff to accompany us. They’d follow in the vehicle behind us.

I tried my hardest to listen to what Cane was trying to explain to me but my mind kept drifting off no matter what I did. I did the only thing I could think of and let my eyelids fall shut and leaned my head against the window, feigning sleep. Cane finally understood I wasn’t in the mood to make conversation and stopped trying to hold my attention. Meanwhile, even with my eyes closed, I could still feel Tobias’ gaze upon me.

Last night we’d lost ourselves in each other and he’d felt like home to me like we’d been running towards each other since the first time we’d met. When I gave myself to him, not a single part of me had any doubts regarding my decision. It was difficult, not able to hold his hand or to freely smile at him. Anyone could tell, if they’d truly had eyes to see, that there was a subtle shift in our behavior towards each other.

I smiled, no doubt giving myself away, that I wasn’t as asleep as I pretended to be. The echo of our bodies pressed together heatedly against the panic room wall brought a wave of heat to my cheeks, undoubtedly leaving a red tinge on them. The memory of our shared breath, the thud of our combined heartbeats as we fumbled to take one another’s clothes off, the soft kisses he hungrily placed along the crevice between my breasts played through my mind. It wasn’t the time or place to remember these things but his scent bombarded my senses, pulling last night’s events to the front of my mind.

I groaned loudly, annoyed by the situation.

“Are you alright?” Cane asked.

My eyes flew open and I quickly sat up. Cane watched me with a worried gaze but Tobias stared at me like he knew exactly what I’d been thinking about.

I rushed to open the window, anything to cool down the temperature my body had quickly risen to. Tobias chuckled darkly before crossing his arms and closing his eyes, leaning his head back to rest.

“I’m fine, sorry about that,” I replied to Cane.

Cane and I spent the next few hours discussing the ins and out of his kingdom and trade routes he planned to set up with Clearwater. I couldn’t remember when I’d truly fallen asleep or when reality led to my dreams. Tobias stood before me, naked, his gaze white-hot against my skin as he languidly took in my bareness.

The world around us reminded me of the hidden realm, a sky of pink and purple, clouds as fluffy as refined cotton, and grass as vibrant the colored specks in Tobias’ eyes.

“Where are we?” I asked.

Tobias moved closer. “I don’t much care as long as I’m with you,” he said, not taking his eyes from mine.

“The hidden realm, maybe?”

“Maybe,” he agreed, a foot away.

“Are we really here?”

“Let’s find out,” he said, closing the distance between us, his lips finding my own before I could get another word out.

We were a motion of hurried movements, the pent up energy we felt in the car ride finally set free. His touch incinerated any concern for our whereabouts and ignited the air between us. If I was gasoline then he was the match and together we burned and burned. One hand grasped a curve of my hip while the fingers of his other hand curled into my hair, lightly yanking my head back, giving him direct access to my neck. His lips slowly kissed along the nape of my neck and shoulder, his warm body enveloping my own in his.

His hand slid from my hip to the underside of my breast, his mouth greedily finding my nipple. I trembled in his arms. He laid me down against the soft grass, his eyes twin infernos.

“Penelope,” he breathed, against my waist as he continued his journey down. The longing in his voice nearly undoing me.

Rough hands slid my legs further apart, his nose grazing my mound missing it completely as he placed identical kisses on the insides of my thighs. I gasped my chest arching, fingers digging into the ground.

His mouth kissed lazily along the skin of my thighs, his nose parting my lips, his tongue finding the small bundle of nerves at my apex. He flicked it lightly with the tip of his tongue, teasing. A strangled cry escaped me. The tickle of his chuckle against my sex brought on a quiver of gratification.

He devoured me and lovingly did so, always sure to fulfill my needs. Yesterday had been about my need to take care of him but now he wanted to take care of me. A wave of mind-numbing pleasure crested over me as I called out his name over and over again.

I wanted more. What I needed was him. He sat back, sitting on his legs, knees still on the ground. I crawled my way towards him, eyes never leaving his beautiful face as I mounted him. I slid down his length, inciting a deep guttural moan from him.

He grabbed hold of the back of my thighs, carrying me as he untucked his legs from beneath him and sat down again. With every thrust and every bounce, we drove each other closer and closer to the edge. Pulse racing, thighs quivering, heart nearly ready to explode, he called my name. Stars blinked into existence in my vision and vanished nearly as quickly as they appeared as we fell into sweet oblivion together. He rested his face against my chest while I laid my cheek against the top of his head.

“Tobias,” I breathed into his disheveled hair.

A loud cough interrupted us. It was as if I was doused in ice-cold water. I sat straight up in the car we shared with Cane.

Cane’s gaze jumped between Tobias and me, witnessing something he had no clue of how to make sense of. My blood pounded in my veins, embarrassment taking hold. What had he just witnessed?

Tobias’ eyes gleamed and the small smile he wore confirmed that it wasn’t just a dream. We’d somehow met in the hidden realm. Cane coughed again and opened the window closest to him, cheeks red.

He refused to meet our eyes until we reached our stop to rest for the night. “I’ll see you both tomorrow,” he said, walking off into the dark to find his cabin.

I groaned.

Tobias tucked me beneath his shoulder and smiled down at me. “He’s a grown man, Penelope. He knows when to let go. It’s better he realized it now before we reach Terra. He doesn’t seem the type to hold a grudge. I doubt he’ll hold it against us.”

I simply nodded, hoping he was right.

***A/N- Hey guys! quick author's note. Sorry if this chapter is totally cringe-worthy. I don't have much practice with sex scenes and I was trying to toe the line between too much and too little. Your opinions matter. Feedback will help me improve. Take care :)

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