The Demon Within

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I gave her a neutral stare back as a reply to her smile and watched silently as her smile faltered when she understood the message. It was a cool summer night when the twins were born into the world. One with hair of gold and one with hair as dark as night. They were like the sun and the moon, polar opposites but yet the same. We all have a demon inside us. The question is, are we strong enough to control it? Sometimes we feed it with our pain and anger, sometimes we starve it with the joy blessed in our lives. But when we are too weak to control it, it controls us. Through our words and actions, through what we take and give, it either grows or stays dormant. The part that is truly terrifying is the very fact that the demon is within us, finding every fault we have, devouring it, pushing its presence to the surface of your sanity, taking over our consciousness and finally be the reason that we fall, deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of conflicts and chaos. Embracing evil as we are condemned and our souls left to rot to nothing.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1 ~ Jewel's POV

The problem with having a twin is that people could hardly tell us apart. Jewel Memento, that’s my name, and with every twin comes a similar alphabet name. Her name is Jade. Now the difference between us two is not the face. I mean come on, seriously? We are twins! The difference between us is like your cliché ‘Day and Night’ difference. I was born with deep forest green eyes, while she was born with smoky grey eyes with swirls. I inherited our mother’s beautiful blonde curls while she inherited my father’s raven black hair. I liked hanging out with my friends and going to parties while she preferred to stay at home in our room reading and listening to music.

Although we were like polar opposites, we have a special twin bond that no one will ever understand. With this bond, we were very close, sharing our deepest darkest secrets with each other. But one day, everything changed.

It was the start of our senior year. The year we would graduate and never look back. I woke up as the sun streamed in through the window. I opened my eyes and squinted from the light, looking over at Jade sleeping soundly in her bed, with a little drool down her cheeks, hugging her favourite custom plush toy – Half wolf, half bear, something we would nickname a ‘Wolfbear’. I looked down at the Princess Bear in a dress sitting by my arms and smiled, thinking back to the time where our parents decided to get us each a plush for our birthday when both Jade and I chose the Princess Bear as the toy we wanted. I remembered that tears welled up in my eyes as her hand reached for the same bear. But once she saw my face, she smiled sadly and let the bear go. Our parents saw what she did and rewarded her with a custom bear. I was thankful for her actions as I knew deep in my heart, I could never live seeing what I wanted to be taken by someone so close to me like her. I flipped my pink sheets off my body and put on my fluffy bunny slippers. Making my bed, I made sure that my Princess Bear was tucked safely under my pillow, away from prying eyes. I would never be caught dead with it around me in front of my friends. It would be so embarrassing and I could never show my face to them again. I walked into our bathroom and closed the door. Our bathroom was a big bathroom with a bathtub and a shower area. We have two sinks for both of us respectively so that we would not need to fight for space. Our family was pretty comfortable with their wealth and our parents didn’t mind spending a little extra to make sure we were comfortable. I washed my face and took a quick shower before wrapping my body with my towel and walking back into my room. Making my way to my walk-in closet, I walked past Jade who was yawning and stretching herself.

“Morning.” I greeted Jade as she got out of bed.

“Morning Sis.” She replied, walking past me to the bathroom.

Looking at my clothes, in my closet, I picked out a skirt and a crop top with a bomber jacket, placing them down on the counter in the closet. Sitting down at my dressing table, I blow dried my hair. As I was drying my hair, from the corner of my eye, I watched as Jade walks towards her walk-in closet, disappearing from my view. Her closet was not as big as mine but it was as big as a little storeroom. My parents wanted to give us the same treatment but she didn’t want to make them spend more just to hack a room down for her closet, so she just stuck to what the house originally had, giving me the bigger closet.

As I finished drying my hair and stared on my makeup, I heard Jade call out to me as she was walking out the door, slinging her back over her shoulders, “Hey, I’m going down first.”

I replied with a loud “Okay.” Before continuing my makeup.

Finally done, I put on my clothes and walked back into our room to pick up my bag. Sliding my laptop in, I checked myself in the mirror one last time before making my way down for breakfast. As I walked down the stairs to the kitchen, the smell of bacon and eggs wafted up my nose. My stomach growled as I neared the kitchen and I quickened my pace. I saw Jade at the table already digging into her breakfast of pancake, bacon, and eggs. My stomach growled at the sight of it again.

“Morning Jewel.” My mother called out as she was frying the bacon.

“Morning Mum.” I replied as I grabbed a plate of pancakes and egg.

My mother slid her freshly fried bacon onto my plate and said, “Eat up quickly or you will be late.”

I smiled at her and dug into my food. Dad finally came down and sat beside me, reading the newspaper while he waited for Mum to finish preparing his breakfast.

As I took the last bite of my breakfast, I look up to see Jade getting ready to go out.

“Bye.” Jade called out before opening the door.

My parents quickly replied, “Bye darling! Have a great day!” as Jade closed the door. I finished up my breakfast and placed the plate in the sink.

“Bye Mum. Bye Dad.” I said as I walked over and gave them each a kiss on the cheek.

“Bye honey. Remember to look out for your sister in school. Have a great day ahead.” My mum said as she hugged me. I smiled and picked up my bag, swiping my keys from the top of the shoe cabinet.

Walking out the door, I turned my head around to see my parents smiling back at me one last time before continuing to my car. My car was a gift that my parents bought for me on my birthday. I had asked for a beautiful pink beetle while Jade asked for a baby blue bicycle. I start up the engine and proceeded to drive to school.

Along the way, I drove past Jade riding on the sidewalk, bobbing her head to the music from her headphones. I gave her a wave and a smile before continuing towards school.

Finally, I arrived at the school gates and parked my car. As I turned off my engine, people started to flock around my car. Jocks, players, cheerleaders and the popular clique that I was a part of. In that clique, there was my best friend, Claudia Phillips. She was my best friend since middle school and I had many sleepovers at her house since then. Jade doesn’t really like her company so I’d always sleepover at her house – a great arrangement because it lowers the chances of my Princess Bear being discovered and the chances of Claudia asking me to throw parties at my house, annoying Jade.

We quickly linked arms and walked into school, past the main doors chatting about the latest fashions and celebrity gossips, just in time as the first bell rang. As Claudia was going off on the celebrity gossip, I turned my head and saw Jade getting off her baby blue bicycle and adjusting her bag strap on her arm. Her hair was in a wild mess and her t-shirt and ripped jeans seemed really plain. She noticed me and gave me a smile.

In school, we do not acknowledge each other. Although we have the same face, our eye and hair colour set us apart. People don’t really care for a similar face. They care more about the popularity level and the title. I am the head cheerleader and she was just, sadly to say nothing. Her title and level of popularity in the eyes of the student body were just, like I said, nothing. Zero. Nada.

I gave her a neutral stare back as a reply to her smile and watched silently as her smile faltered when she understood the message. She gave me one small weak smile and turned away.

I exist in school. She doesn’t.

I am like the light, she is like the shadow, silent and non-existing.

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