Winter's Dance

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Winter's Dance

I am the silver flecks, the frozen tears of the sky.

I am the frost, ebbing away the life.

Frozen fractals, 'tis I, freezing my way.

My song is the snow's language,

his murmurings to do my say.

White and silver are my colours,

the pale ones apart from gay.

The cold season is my lair,

to the one, where I am the heir.

the trees are dormant, the water frozen,

yet to all dismal happiness I bring.

Though flames may melt me,

The fireplace is just my thing.

The sweets, food and toast, Thank me,

I order you to open your cellars.

Ice is the dress I adorn,

the frost flowers are my own.

I have seen the Eternity,

known it, felt it, yet young I am.

To Her and to all

I am the Winter's Dance

Signing off till we meet again.

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