The girl with the dragon soul

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Has mina got what it takes to restore her kingdoms heart The hidden kingdom has been forgoton for more than 90000 years the people are in devistation they have no money no food. The great evil Queen, Queen ceqanto has cursed the kingdom to be forgotten. She has put a dragons fire protection bubble and whoever dares to touch the bubble will burn to ashes. But when mina accidentally touchés the bubble she doesn't burn to death. Seeing the tragedy lurking around her kingdoms he decides to go on a life long adventure for her people can mina 1.defeat the three headed dragon? 2. Defeat the ston empire 3. Can she defeat the evil queen and find out why she cursed her beloved kingdom before its to late?

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 2 adventure

Mina and her parents were very poor they had little to eat and little to drink if they were really lucky they work have 2 meals daily and sometimes they were so poor they had water and bread. Her father was a farmer and now that her mother had got married it was tradtion that whatever the man was the wife had to help so her mum was farmer too, even though both worked to the best of their abilities they never had enough money to send mina to school. Mina also had to work but her parents alwaysed make sure that their girl alwaysed had what she wanted-although her dream was to be a spy which was totally impossible because it would cost them way to much to even think about it

'' mum can I please leave now I done all the work I am capable of? ''

'' sure. But don't go to far its going to turn dark in half and hour or so okay honey''

''thanks mum you wouldn't notice I even went outside bye''

Mina went down to her dog-max she loves this dog more than anything else In the world.

''Come on max come here boy mum said we could go outside''

Max somehow alwaysed had understood what mina would tell her to him she was he's master and would do anything for her. Although max seems liema really good dog

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