The Girls Academy

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Erine Davenport always knew she was different, but she's about to find out just how different she really is. Erine is in for the time of her life at her new school. Follow her as she learns what it really means to be a rarity among her fellow students.

Fantasy / Adventure
April Brown
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Chapter 1 New School, New Start

The light hitting me in my eyes was not a very pleasent feeling. The bedroom door slamming open makes me jump up from bed. What the hell mom! Are you trying to cause me to die here? My mom just rolls her eyes at me. Hurry up and get dressed Erine! Today is your first day at your new school and you don't need to be late. The Headmistress doesn't tolerate lateness. I roll my eyes but nonetheless I get up. Heading to the bathroom I quickly shower and get ready. Walking back into my room I see that my mom has laid my new uniform out. Shaking my head I sigh. I sometimes wish that my parents would ask my opinion about all these moves. I mean it's not like I am a trouble maker or even a bad student. Its just that I tend to be a little on the blunt side. I mean come on even with the trouble I get into I still manage to make straight A's. Heading down the stairs I can hear my parents in the kitchen talking about work. Stopping in the door I take in my mom at the stove cooking and my dad sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

Good Morning parental units. My dad glances up from his newspaper with a grunt. Erine try to behave at this school. I don't want to get a phone call from the Headmistress about property damage or you getting into any more fights. Your eighteen years old now so try to at least act your age. With his speech over I roll my eyes. I won't get into any trouble if people would leave me alone, but I can't help if people are idiots. I keep that to myself because I don't feel like getting a lecture this early in the morning from my dad. Sitting down at the table I grab some toast and start munching on it. My mom sits down with her cup of coffee and looks at my dad. Shaking her head she sighs before looking at me. Erine what your dad is trying to say is this is your senior year and truthfully this school is your last chance. The Headmistress is a close friend of your Grandmothers. That is the only reason why we were even able to get you enrolled. So please try and stay out of trouble. Looking at my mom I can't help but sigh in frustation. Everything also gets put on me. Like i'm the one responsible for everything that happens to me. I feel both their eyes on me and reluctantly nod.

As I'm heading towards the door my mom catches me. Straightening my tie and blazer she smiles at me. Remember to come home on holidays and to write and call. Everything you need for your new dorm room is already there and set up. She hugs me and kisses my cheek. Outside I can hear a horn honk in the driveway. The limo from the school was finally here to pick me up. Looking around the house I sigh before glancing at my mom. She is looking at me teary eyed like I'm leaving for ever. Well I am going now mom and don't worry mom. I promise I will behave and stay out of trouble. I mean I am pretty sure I can keep out of trouble for a year. She hugs me to her and kisses my cheek one more time before all but pushing me out the door. Walking down the driveway I take in the limo and its driver. He opens the door and once I'm inside he closes it. We pull away from my house and I sigh again. This year is going to be interesting for sure. This is the first time I have ever been away from my parents for school. Now that I have time to think about it I can't help but feel a little nervous. I'm going to be living in the schools on campus dorms. Which means I'm going to have a roommate at some point or another in the school year.

Looking out the limo window I saw the massive buildings looming closer. Sighing to myself I pull my bookbag closer. Truthfully I wasn't exactly thrilled to be changing schools yet again, but my last school wasn't keen on keeping me around any longer. Who would have ever thought that something as little as blowing up a chemistry lab could could get someone expelled so quickly. I know my parents are only trying to do whats best for me, but I wish they would have at least listened to me. The principle at me last school didn't even give me a chance to explain what had happened. Letting out a deep sigh I shake my head to clear my mind of that day. The limo rolls up to the front of the building and I look out the window at the building. The driver gets out and opens my door. Climbing out the car I look up at the building. It's a very old stonework building. I am so engrossed in taking in the view that I didn't notice the young girl standing at the top of the stairs.

You must be the new stutdent Erine Davenport? I glance up and my jaw literaly drops to the ground. This girl has to be hottest girl I have every seen. She's maybe 5'3 with honey blonde hair and the brightest green eyes that I had ever seen. I just stand there in total shock as she looks down at me with a raised eyebrow. She shifts on her feet but keeps her gaze on me. So are you or are you not Erine Davenport? She smirks at me and tilts her head at me. Yes I am! And your are? She tosses her hair over her shoulder and walks down the steps. Stopping in front of me she holds her hand out. I'm Alexandria Crowe. You can say its my job to meet and show the new students around campus. I take her hand in mine and shake it. One thing for sure is she has a rather strong grip. The headmistress asked me to meet you and bring you to her office. So if you would follow me i'll take you there now and don't worry about your bags. The driver will see that they are delivered to your room. Leading me inside I must admit the inside was even more majestic.

Alexandria how long have you been at this school? She glances over her shoulder at me. Call me Alex and to answer your question. I've been here since I was little, but then again my mom is the headmistress. That stops me in my tracks. So this girl is the headmistresses daughter. She turns to me and chuckles with a smirk on her face. Don't worry my moms not that bad. And we are aware of the circumstances surrounding you coming here. She turns and starts walking again leaving me no choice but to follow her. We stop in front of a large wood door and she knocks. Glancing over her shoulder at me she knocks again before pushing the door open. Headmistress are you in? I brought the new student Erine with me. She peeks her head inside the office and sighs. Come on we can wait in here until she comes back. She is probably making her rounds around the campus. Do you want anything to drink while we wait. There is coffee, tea and soda? Looking around the room I turn back to Alex. I am good but thank you for the offer. Sitting down I continue looking around at the office. Her desk is sitting in front of the only window in the room.

Alex sits down on the couch that is adjacant to the chair I am sitting in. Crossing her legs she sips from the glass that she is holding. This school isn't what you were expecting was it? Before I can answer her question the door swings open and a woman in her early 40's comes strolling in. She glances over at me with a raised brow before catching sight of Alex. Alexandria I see you have met our newest student Ms. Erine Davenport. She extends her hand out to me to shake. I am Headmistress Crowe. It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Davenport. I have heard many a interesting thing about you from your Grandmother as well as your parents and I would like you to know that here you will not have to worry about bullying as we have a zero bully tolerance. She sits down behind her desk and moves some paperwork around before looking back up at me. If any bullying should occur I would like you to know that my door is always open. Now I am certain that you probably have questions! Please feel free to ask anything that you would like to know.

I glance around her office one more time before getting the courage to ask my first one. Well yes there is one thing I would like to know. My mom told me shortly after leaving my last school that this one is different and better suited to meet certain issues I have. I glance away from the Headmistresses gaze to catch Alex looking at me with a amused expression. Well yes this school is for people who are very simialar to you Ms. Davenport. I am well aware of what you are and what you are capable of. You see this school was originally established to help people like you to learn more about themselves. Take my daughter for example, she seems perfectly normal does she not? Glancing at Alex I just nod because I am not certain where the Headmistress is going with anything. Well appearance can be decieving my dear. Alex and myself are both shifters you see or what most people would call Werewolves. We however prefer to be called Shifters because we are not limited to just one form. And we are very much aware that you are a hybrid born of a human mother and a vampire father. Your Grandmother and parents both informed us of that before they submitted your enrollement paperwork. We wanted to make sure that you would be able to adjust to being here before the new semester began. That is why you came a week before classes started.

She stands up and moves around to sit next to her daughter. I know this will be the first time that you have been around others like yourself. Here you won't have to hide yourself. You will be able to learn more about your gifts and I hope you will make friends. She glances at Alex and smiles. Do you have any more questions? I just shake my head and she nods. Well then I will let ALexandria show you to your room. As of right now we don't have you a roommate assigned, but that might change closer to the start of classes. She walks over to her desk and retrieves some papers. This is your schedule as well as a map of the campus. I would recommend you become familar with it. Everything you need for the semester is already in your dorm room as well as your extra uniforms. All though we usually like our girls to wear dresses your mother told us that you were not fond of skirts so you will find trousers in your room. Alexandria please show her to her room please.

Alex nods her head and finishes her drink. I follow her out and up a grand staircase. Your in luck my mom put you on the second floor. Your room is across from mine so should you need anything I am literally across the hall. We stop in front of a door and she turns towards me with a grin on her face. Should you need anything my room is right there. I would recommend that you unpack and take some time to unwind before dinner is served. With that she turns and walks back down the hall and down the stairs.

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