The Girls Academy

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Chapter 2 The Room mate

Looking at the letter on my desk I sigh. I have only been here for three days and they have already assigned me a room mate. Glancing over the letter again I shake my head. Tossing it back down on the desk I rub my eyes. I look back at my bed and debate laying back down. I didn't get much in way of sleep the past few days. Before I can make it to my bed there is a loud knock on my door. Groaning I walk over and open it up. Alex smiles up at me. Hi Eri! Are you excited about meeting your new room mate today. She bounces over to my bed and drops down on it. Erine exacTtly how tall are you? From this angle you are huge. She giggles earning a eye roll from me. I am 6'1 give or take a inch or two. She nods her head and lays back down on my bed. I kinda figured you were in that height range. Wish I were a little taller. Sitting down at my desk I look over at her. Well being tall may have its advantages Alex but it can also be a disadvantage to. Rolling over on her side she looks at me. Cocking her head to the side. Well please enlighten me to those. She giggles and rolls onto her stomach. Well let me see! Leaning back in my chair I look out the window. Finding clothes that actually fit can be a bother. I have to actually go to specialty stores for alot of my clothes because of my height. There is also the fact that dating is even more complicated when your taller. I havent really dated that much because everyone is so much shorter than I am. Makes me feel really self conscious of how tall I am.

Alex glances over at me and smiles softly. Well its just as bad as being short then. I've always had trouble dating because I am so short. I feel like I have to stand on my tip toes to hug anyone much less anything else. So I guess even tall people can be uncomfortable with themselves. I simlpy nod in agreement at that. Erine I know this maybe out of line and if I am I do apologize, but.......are you gay? I raise my eyebrow at that and start to chuckle. Well yeah although I really don't label myself. I mean in my opinion who you are attracted to has nothing to do with gender. Before either of us can say anything else Alex's phone goes off. She glances down and groans before leaping off my bed. Well come on Eri its time to go meet your new room mate. She grabs my hand and starts to drag me out of the room. We can't be late my mom will kill us. Running down the steps we reach the front door at the same time I hear the limo pull up. Alex glances over at me and giggles. Remember to smile Eri. You don't want to scare the girl off before she has a chance to get to know you do you.

She doesn't give me a chance to respond before she's opening the door. We both step out just in time to see the driver opening the door. My jaw drops when she steps out of the limo. She's almost as tall as I am. Long black hair down to her lower back. Beautiful blue grey eyes and a body that looks like it belongs to a goddess. She raises her eyebrows at me and Alex. There is something mesmerizing about her that I can't quite place. She's not overly girly in her appearance. Wearing baggy jeans and tight fitting tank top that shows off her athletic body. Alex breezes by me extending her hand out to the new girl. Pleasure to meet you. You are Taylor Baron am I correct. The girl Taylor tilts her head at Alex and simply nods her head. Alex drops her hand down after realizing the new girl wasn't going to shake it. Glancing at me she dips her head. Making me sigh and rubbing my temple. I'm Erine Davenport, I'm your room mate. Do you want me to show you to the room. Or does Headmistress Crowe want to see her before.

Alex is busy checking the new girl out so I have to clear my throat while bitting back a grin. Does your mom need to see her or is it safe to take her up to the room so she can unpack her bags. Alex glances back at her before shaking her head. Nope as far as I know mom doesn't need to meet her right now. She's away from the campus right now anyway. So i'll send word when she gets back. Alex quickly disappears back in leaving me and Taylor alone outside. Glancing at the driver I notice that he has already started heading back to the limo. Smiling at her I look down at the ground when I notice her eyes are scrutinizing me. Let me help you with your luggage. She just tilts her head again in silent agreement.

As we are heading upstairs I can feel her eyes on me the entire time. Opening the door I step in. You can have the bed by the window if you like unless you want the other one. I can move my stuff over. She looks at me again before tilting her head at me. It's fine Erine I like waking up with the sun shining on my face. She stops in front of the window and I am literally picking my jaw up off the floor. She has such an amazing voice. So soft and smooth like silk. I have to shake my head a few times to clear my head. She glances over her shoulder at me with a gentle smile on her face. Turning back to the window she lets out a soft sigh.

(Sorry this chapter is so short. I will make it up in the next few chapters.)

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