The Girls Academy

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Chapter 3 Taylor Baron

I really hate school. Not so much school as the other students. They look at my like I am a freak or something. Sighing I glance over at my bed and the letter. This year Headmistress Crowe has placed me with a new student. She apparently transfered in her senior year. Which is odd but who am I to judge someone. I am in the same boat as she is. The knocking at my door draws me from my thoughts. Come in! The door swings open and the head maid walks in. Lady Taylor the limo from the school has arrived. Sighing I look around my room one last time. Thank you Ms. Kayla. I am ready to go I guess. I only have two bags. She nods her head and picks up my bags.

Downstairs my parents are waiting for me in the living room. My father barely acknowledges my presence. My mother just glances at my bags. Taylor enjoy your school. Me and your father will be out of the country for a while so make sure you take everything you need. If you need anything else you may call Kayla and she will ensure it is delivered to your dorm room. Do not go crazy with your card. Only use it for emergencies. Her and my father walk out of the room and I sigh. Glancing at Ms. Kayla she walks up to me and smiles. Taylor don't worry about anything here. If you need anything you know that we here at the house will get it for you. Just please try to enjoy yourself at school and know you are always welcome to come home during the breaks from school.

Nodding my head I follow her outside. The limo driver is shutting the truck of the vehicle when I walk out. He turns around and bows his head at me. Kayla hugs me briefly and looks in my eyes. After you graduate Taylor you can be free from your parents. Just remember that we will follow you always. You will be the head of the clan. I smile at her words and walk towards the limo. Please don't hesitate to call me either Ms. Kayla if anything happens. She steps back and bows her head. The driver shuts my door gently and walks around and gets in. Pulling away from the house he drives down the driveway and I lean back in my seat and sigh. Looking out the window I let my mind wander.

From my sources my new room mate is a hybrid. Half human and half vampire. A rare combo indeed seeing as most vampires are sterile. I should know as a royal of vampire society. Yes my parents are the King and Queen of the vampires. I am the next in line to rule. Looking at the photo of my new room mate I feel my heart rate pick up just looking at her face. Her green eyes seem to draw me in. So this is what the elders mean when they say you find your mate. Shaking my head to clear the clouds from my mind I look back out the window and sigh. I don't know how my family will take it if they find out my mate is a hybrid. For now until I turn 18 and take my rightful place as the head of the clan I will keep it a secret.

I close my eyes and sigh. I am actually nervous about everything. What if she doesn't like me? What if she rejects my affections? Those questions among many more run through my head. I doze off without meaning to. When the limo starts slowing down I wake up. Looking out the window I see the school building looming in the distance. Sitting up in the seat I take a deep calming breath and begin to straighten my cothes out. I'm supposed to be meeting my new room mate and potential mate today. The limo pulls to a stop in front of the main building steps. As I start to gather my bag to get out I notice movement out of the corner of my eye at the top of the steps. Turning my head my breath catches in my chest.

The driver pulls the door open and I step out. There is another girl with my mate. I can only assume that it is the Headmistresses daughter. Alexandria Crowe looks exactly like her mother. My attention turns to the other girl. I am so focused on her that I barely register what Alexandria is saying. I think Alexandria finally gets the message because she disappears inside. Erines voice finally breaks through the daze when she grabs my bags. She heads up the stairs and opens the door. Waiting for me to step through before pulling it shut behind us. I find my eyes following her as she leads me towards the staircase. She has a very athletic body. I can see the muscles rolling in her legs as we climb the stairs. She's slightly taller than me which is kind of a turn on for me. In all of my past relationships I've always been the taller. She fits every definition of the term divine.

I am so consumed by my wandering mind that I almost collide with her back when she stops in front of a door. She pushes it open and steps through setting my bag down next to the door. She turns to me and smiles. I think its sweet that she's willing to let me pick which bed I want to sleep in. Truthfully I would be okay with sharing a single bed with her, but that may be a little to soon. After all we don't know each other that well yet to be sharing a bed. After I turn back to the window I can't keep the smile off of my face. Shortly after she excuses herself to go running leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Sitting down at my desk I look over at her side of the room. She keeps it emaculate. Not a thing out of place. Sighing to myself I stand up and grab my bags and begin to unpack them. Shortly afterwards I hear a knocking at the door. Come in! The door opens and Headmistress Crowe walks in. Lady Taylor are the accomentdations up to requirements? She waits for my answer and I find myself biting my lip to keep from smiling. So far Headmistress Crowe I have no complaints. Haven't spent much time with my room mate. She glances over at her and fully smiles. Did you realize that my room mate is also my mate? Headmistress Crowe smiles at me and chuckles. So you figured it out when exactly?

Sitting down on my bed I look over at her again. I figured it out when I first saw her picture and I was sure of it when I met her outside. She simply nods her head. Then you know just how rare Erine is. When her application came in I jumped on it. Up until now she has been in human schools. This is the first time she has ever been around other people like herself. I will make sure no one bothers her Headmistress. After all she is my mate even though it is to early to start marking her as mine. Headmistress Crowe stands up then and heads toward the door. Well then I will entrust her to you Lady Taylor. She should be on her way back from her run. With that she heads out pulling the door shut behind her.

A few minutes later the door opens and my room mate walks in. She's drenched in sweat and her scent is almost intoxicating to me. She grins sheepishly at me. Sorry I'm going to take a quick shower. Then i'll show you down to the cafeteria from dinner. She disappears into the bathroom quickly and I glance at the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. My eyes are glowing softly so I close them and take a few deep breaths. I hope I didn't scare her with the way I was looking at her. I can hear her in the shower humming softly. Her humming quickly switches over to soft singing. I can't make out the words but I can hear it. Her singing voice is beautiful and I close my eyes to listen to it.

I move over to my bed and lay down on it. Her voice is very calming and it lures me to sleep. I don't know how long i've been asleep but I am awakened by a gentle shaking. Opening my eyes I see Erine leaning over me. Hey are you hungry? I am about to head to the cafetaria to eat. You want to come with or go back to bed? She leans back away from me. Nodding my head she steps back away from the bed. I climb out of the bed and straighten my clothes. Okay lets go! I follow her out of the room and down the hall. Right before we head down stairs I smell Alexandria. Stopping I turn and look over my shoulder at her. Hey Eri, hey Taylor. Heading to lunch? Nodding my head I glance back at Erine and notice she is watching me. She smiles at me before she turns back and starts heading down the stairs.

I follow her down. Alexandria walks past me to catch up with Erine. She links her arm with her and I feel the jealousy start to swell. I see Erine kind of tense up and she glances at me over her shoulder. Her eyes lock with mine and I notice they glow ever lightly. She looks back ahead and continues walking towards the cafeteria. It shocked me to see her eyes glow even briefly. Almost like she can feel the pull of the bond. I am so lost in thought that I don't see Erine and Alexandria have stopped until I collide into Erines back. I almost stumble back and fall but Erine quickly spins around and catches me.

Are you okay Taylor? Her face holds geniune concern and worry. She pulls me up and my hands land on her collarbones. I notice her eyes begin to glow softly and I am pretty sure that my eyes are responding. Guys maybe you two should dim the eyes. The other students started arrivng today as well and the eyes might be a little to much for them. She disappears inside the cafeteria. Looking back at Erine I know my eyes are still glowing because I can see them reflected back at me in her eyes. Stepping back from her I take a deep breath to clear my mind. Alexandria is correct Erine we need to talk but first I need to eat. I haven't had anything since last night. She just nods her head before turning back to the door.

She holds the door open for me so I can enter the cafeteria. Walking through the noise stops instantly and all eyes are on the two of us. I can see how tense Erine has become and I am pretty sure it has to do with all the different smells. This is after all her first time being around so many different beings. Placing my hand on her arm I draw her attention back to me. Try focusing on just one scent it will help. She just nods her head and starts doing what I said. Once I see her start to relax I lead her towards the lunch line.

Once we make it back up to the room I go and stand in front of the window. I can feel her eyes on me even with my back turned. Sighing I turn around and meet those emerald green eyes of hers. Sitting down at my desk I try to get comfortable. Well this is a little uncomfortable. I don't exactly know how to talk about this. So let me try and explain it the best that I can. Looking her in the eyes I try to take a deep breath. What do you know about the Mate bond? Her noise scrunches up cutely. Only what my parents have talked about here and there. They have never gotten fully into that conversation. Then again they rarely have time for me since I turned fourteen. She looks away from me and I can see the sadness in her eyes.

Standing up I walk towards her. Pulling her into a hug and once again I am engulfed by her scent. I hold her for a little while before letting her go and sitting down on my bed. Well there is no way to say this that will make either of us comfortable, but we are mates. I felt it the first time we met and I am certain you felt it to. Your eyes have glowed several times and I can tell when your anxious. She looks at me and tilts her head. So we are mates? What exactly does that mean for us? Shifting on the bed I look at the floor. Honestly I have no clue. This is new territory for even me. I can't exactly ask my parents. They left going out of country and I have no way of getting up with them. So I guess we are just going to have to figure it out ourselves.

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