The Girls Academy

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Chapter 4 Learning Curb

School starts today and I am not looking forward to it. Rolling over my eyes find Taylor still sleeping. She looks so peaceful laying there bathed in the sun streaming in through the window. The last few days have been something else. She has been helping me to learn more about my vampiric side. Truthfully I don't remember even falling asleep. Much less how I got in bed. I can only assume that Taylor laid me in my bed. I found out over the last few days that Taylor was the daughter of the King and Queen of the Vampires and she is the next in line for it. I was a little worried about what her famiy might say if they found out that she was mated to a hybrid. Taylor didn't seem worried. She told me that after we completed our bond that not even her parents could contest it.

She lets out a soft groan and stretches her body. Twisting her head around she opens her eyes. A smile finds itself to her face when she sees me watching her. Erine please stop looking at me like that. Her cheeks pink up and she looks away from my eyes causing me to smile wider. And yeah we had gotten closer over the past few days. I can't help but to watch her as she lays there. To me she is like a goddess with the way the light hits her eyes. She glances back over at me and I see her cheeks start getting redder as she realizes that I am still looking at her. Sitting up in bed I stretch and roll my shoulders. After last nights exercise I was very sore in muscles I didn't even know I had. Groaning softly I begin rolling various parts of my body to try and loosen up the muscles.

Stopping when I feel a pair of eyes on me. Glancing over at Taylor in time to see her bitting her bottom lip as she's staring at my abs. Her eyes flicker up to meet mine and her cheeks flame up again as do my own. We both look away from one another trying to calm our racing hearts. We did agree that we would take things slow as far as our relationship was concerned. I am beginning to question my sanity at agreeing with the slow pace. Standing up I walk over to my dresser and start searching for my favorite undershirt. Classes should be starting in about two hours but I find myself hungry so I plan on having breakfast before I have to head to my first class.

I feel a surge of energy flare through my body as Taylor runs her fingers up my back. My body responds instinctly to her touch and I find myself pushing back into her touch. Turning around slowly to face her our eyes lock. Her eyes have darkened as she is fighting the same feelings that I am. She steps closer to me where our bodies are almost touching. Looking down at her I lick my lips as my eyes find her lips. It is taking alot of control to keep from just grabbing her and pushing her back on the bed. She lifts her head up to meet my eyes and I notice her eyes drop to my lips. Like two poles that are attracted to each other I find myself leaning in towards her. My lips just graze hers and I feel drunk from it. She growls softly before I feel her hand slide around the back of my neck and pull my head down towards her. She connects our lips again and they move in sync like we have done this countless times before. I feel her tongue trace my bottom lip asking for entrance. I slowly part my lips and feel her tongue slip in. Our tongues move in a rhythm fighting for dominance.

Without my realizing it my hands have moved to her hips pulling her closer to me. She tangles her hands in my hair and pulls my head closer using just enough pressure to make me light headed. My hands have been moving all up and down her sides. My lungs are burning for the need for air, but I don't want to end the kiss. Taylor pulls back resting her forehead against mine. Both of us are panting for air. She slowly opens her eyes to meet my darkened ones. I watch as her tongue darts out to lick her lips that are puffy. She smiles up gently at me laying her head against my shoulder she lets out a soft content sigh. We stand that way for only a few minutes before a knocking at the door causes both of us to release a huff of annoyance. Taylor leans up and pecks my lips quickly before heading towards the bathroom. Opening up the room door to let Alex in. Like always she is awake earlier than everyone else. She bounces inside and I shut the door behind her. She drops down at my desk and groans. I really hate school! Raising my eyebrow at her I chuckle.

Here I was under the impression that I was the only one that hated. Alex looks up at me and chuckles. Before she can say anything else the bathroom door opens up. Taylor raises her eyebrow at the both of us and just shakes her head. Well are we going to go grab a bite to eat before classes start? Alex bounces out of the seat ad starts nodding her head furiously. She's out the door before either of us can say anything making us both laugh. Grabbing our bags we head out and I feel Taylor catch my hand and squeeze it before we step out the door. Heading towards the cafateria all the smells start hitting me again. Remembering the exercise that Taylor taught me I focus on just one scent, her scent.

After eating we all head out to the quad. I notice Alex's eyes are darting nervously around. Glancing over at Taylor she seems to have noticed Alex's behavior. Clearing my throat I try to catch her attention but she seems oblivious. Stepping closer to her I bump her arm gaining her attention. Whats wrong Alex? Her eyes stop moving around and she shakes her head. It's nothing Erine just first day jitters. Taylor glances over at me and raises her eyebrow. Leaning closer to Alex she mumbles softly to her. You have caught your mates scent haven't you Alexandria? Alex turns a bright shade of red. Can't you trace her scent? Alex shakes her head sadly.

I wish it were that easy Taylor, but there are to many differnt smells mixed in. She looks down and kicks at a rock. Well can you tell us what she is? Maybe we can help you locate her. Alex turns and looks at her then at me. You two would help me find her? I nod my head and Taylor does as well. She closes her head and takes a deep breath. When she opens her eyes she grins at us. She's a shifter like me, but not a wolf shifter. She sniffs again and grins. She's a cat shifter aside from that all I can say is she smells like the earth after its rained. Taylor hides her grin behind her hand. Well that should make it easier for us to find. We find her Erine and point her out to Alex. I nod my head and we split up. I focus on how Alex described the scent. Moving slowly I catch a faint scent of it. Following my nose I spot a group of shifters sitting under the tree. The scent is coming from way so I slip back towards Alex who still seems nervous.

Pulling her to where she can get a clear sight or the group I point them out. She is somewhere in that group of shifters. I couldn't get to close to pick her scent out but it was strong from them. I spot Taylor standing not far off from the group. She blends in so well with the people around her that if I didn't know what she was doing I would have thought she was just hanging out with friends. She smiles at me and winks causing me to blush. She starts heading towards us with a smirk on her face. Stopping in front of me she slides her hands around my neck. Well i'm pretty sure I know which one it is. All I can say is Alex is going to have a field day with that one. Alex looks up at her and Taylor chuckles. Fire red hair, green eyes with a almost golden brown ring around them, lots of piercings.

Alexs eyes widen and I look over Taylors shoulder and spot her. She's only a few inches taller than Alex, but even from here her eyes stood out. She' t-think I need to g-go t-to the bathroom. Alex spins and all but sprints towards the restroom. I notice the girls head snaps around and her eyes follow Alex. I watch as she takes a deep inhale. She changes directions and starts following after Alex. The bell rings and Taylor kisses my cheek before heading across the quad.

( Sorry for the long delay been busy with stuff. So let me know what you think of my story.)

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