The Girls Academy

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Chapter 5 First day Alexandria meets Cross

I can't believe that the day I find my mate I end up running and of all places for me to end up is in the gym locker room. I pace back and forth thinking about how stupid I am. I mean what if she saw me running away from her. What if she thinks by my running away that I am rejecting her. I sit down on the bench and put my head down in my hands. I am so caught up in my embarassment that I didn't hear the door to the locker room open, nor did I catch the scent of my mate. A shadow falls over me catching me completly off guard.

Looking up my eyes widen in surprise. Her eyes instantly draw me into them. They are even more beautiful up close. The green surrounded by a golden ring of brown. She tilts her head at me and I see her take a quick sniff. Her pupils dilate as she looks down at me, I notice they darken slightly. I feel my cheeks start to warm up from her look alone. She offers me a smile full of pearly white teeth.

It's you that has such a wonderful scent. She holds her hand out to me. I am Cross Rose and you are? She raises her eyebrow at me and she smirks at me. Shaking my head to clear it. Reaching out my hand I take hers and shake it. I am Alexandria Crowe, nice to meet you Cross Rose. She tilts her head again and it strikes me that it makes her cute. Its then that I realize she is still holding my hand. As I try to pull my hand away she tightens her grip. When she steps closer to me I feel my heart start to beating faster. She looks down at me and smiles gently. I'm not going to hurt you Alexandria I promise.

Reaching up she brushes a strand of hair behind my ear. The simple action is enough to make me tingle. She sighs in contentment and rubs her finger over my knuckles. Classes will be starting soon, she glances over at me. Can I walk you to your classes Alexandria? I blush from the way she says my name. Call me Alex everyone does. She steps aside but never lets go of my hand. Leading my towards the door she offers me a gentle smile. I find myself calmed by her prescense. Stepping outside I feel my anxiety start to peak. Cross pulls me closer to her side. Her friends all glance over at her and I see smirks start to form on their faces. My eyes cut across to see that Taylor and Erine are both watching me. Once they see that I am okay they nod their heads at me before heading their seperate ways for class.

Cross starts leading me towards our classes and I notice the glares that I am getting from the other girls. Cross pulls me closer to her side and growls softly at them. We make it to my classroom and she smiles gently at me. Don't worry Alex I won't let anyone hurt you. She brushes my hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. Besides I have quite a few classes with you. She leads me into the classroom and we sit at the back. If it makes it easier for you Alex let me introduce you to my friends. She points to the girl sitting on her right. This is my best friend Micah. She points to the girl sitting next to me. And that is Mariah. Her and Micah are twins if you can't tell. They both smile at me and tilt their heads in greeting.

My first class is awesome and made that much better by Cross and her friends. She walks with me to every class that day. Even the ones she doesn't have with me. What makes my day even better is the fact that the classes she's not my her friends are. They are fun to hang out with. Each of them have very unique personalities and charm. The bell rings and I head out. Cross is standing outside

Outside my room she finally lets go of my hand. I am just down the hall from you if you need me Alex. She leans down and kisses my cheek. Her friends start to giggle making her cheeks turn red. She smiles at me shyly and looks down. Please don't pay any attention to my friends. They love teasing me to no end. Looking down shyly I can't hide the smile on me face. It's okay Cross. Would you like to come in for a bit to talk. That seems to shut her friends up. Cross looks shocked but the soft smile on her face is enough for me.

Opening the door I step inside and she follows. Pulling the door shut behind her she glances nervously around my room. I offer her a gentle smile. You can sit down if you want. She sits down rather shakily at my desk. We both kind of lose track of time for a while until her phone dings and she glances down at it. It's that late already! She stands up and smiles at me. Thank you Alex I had fun just talking to you today. Can I walk you to class tomorrow? Smiling shyly at her I nod my head.

After helping Alex find her mate me and Taylor seperated and headed to our classes. Finding a place in the back I take a seat near the window. It's a beautiful day outside almost to beautiful to be stuck inside. I hear someone clear their throat next to me. Turning to meet a pair of almost purple eyes. The girl smiles nervously at me, before looking down shyly. Do you mind if I set next to you? I shake my head and move my bookbag out of the desk that is next to me. She sits down and smiles softly. Thank you! Offering her hand out to me. My name is Jenna Gray. Taking her hand I shake it. Nice to meet you Jenna I am Erine Baron.

She grins at me and I can tell that me and her are going to be good friends. She leans back in her desk and looks forward. I see her kinda shrink in her seat and I glance up. I groan inwardly when I see what has made her so uncomfortable. Seems like even a school for supernatural has a Queen Bee and evil minions. Her eyes instantly land on Jenna and she smirks. She strolls up and lays her hand on her desk. Well if it isn't the freak! What are you doing in space FREAK!! Out of the corner of my eye I watch Jenna shrink even more into her seat. Deciding that I needed to step in I sigh.

Looking her in the eyes. I narrow my eyes at her. I am pretty sure by now my eyes are starting to glow. I feel my fangs when they slide free from my gums. They pale in front of me and begin to shake. Jenna looks at me in awe. The whole class is trembling. A gentle touch on my arm calms me instantly. Turning my head I come eye to eye with Taylor. She smiles gently at me. Everything okay my love. She turns her head to glare at the girl. Oh I should have known it was you Cleo. How many times do I have to tell you to stop picking on people. She turns and looks at me and Jenna. I apologize for Cleo. I glance at Taylor and she smiles at me. She turns back to me. Putting her hands on my shoulders she smiles calmly at me.

Reaching over she places her hand on my cheek. Calm washes over me and I can't help but smile down at her. She turns back to her cousin and narrows her eyes. Oh by the way Cleo. This is Erine Davenport and she's my mate. So if you mess with her you will deal with me. She smiles at her cousin before turning back to me. She leans in and plants a soft kiss on my lips. I'm going back to class now. I'll see you after class love. She slips out the door and I turn back to the front. My bag is sitting back on my desk and the Queen Bee is sitting at the front of the room. Sitting back down I glance over at Jenna. Are you ok Jenna? She nods her head, staring at me.

Your Taylor Barons mate? Jenna seems a little shocked at this information. She's the next leader of the Vampire clean. She studies me closely. What are you exactly? Smiling I chuckle and shake my head. I'm a hybrid. My father is a Vampire and my mother is a human. Jenna gaps silently at me, darting her eyes around nervously. She holds her finger up to her lips. Whispering softly towards me. Be careful who you let know that Erine. There are people who don't take kindly to our kind. She looks down at her desk. Looking intently at her I begin to notice more things about her besides just the eye color.

Leaning over closer to her. What are you exactly Jenna? She looks over at me and sighs softly. I am like you a hybrid. My mother is a vampire and my father is a shifter. Aside from that I can only say we are rare and unique. She looks back at the front of the classroom. Reaching over I tap her arm. Don't worry Jenna. We're friends so I got your back. She smiles softly at me and nods her head.

The rest of day the passes without incident. Me and Jenna have all our morning classes today which makes both of us happy. It's now lunch time and we are heading to the cafateria to eat before our last class. Which I am happy to say we share it with Taylor and Alex both. I look around once inside the cafateria and spot Taylor. She's sitting at a table against the wall doing homework. I slip up behind her and slide my hands over her shoulders causing her to look over her shoulder at me. She turns slightly in her seat to look up at me.

I sit down next to her and Jenna sits down opposite us. Tyalor glances over at her and I can see her nose flare a little. She tilts her head at me and I lean over and give her a quick kiss on the lips. She grins at me sheepishly. You like making me blush don't you love. I can't help but to flush at her endearing term. Jenna watches the two of us. She quirks her eyebrow at the two of. Taylor this is my new friend Jenna. Jenna this is my mate Taylor. They both smile at one another. I took the liberty of getting lunch for all of us.

The last class of the day flies by alot quicker than the others had. Me and Taylor find that we have a lot in common with Jenna. Her room is across the hall from ours, but unlike us she doesn't have a roommate. Saying goodbye to us she disappears into her room. I hold the door to our room open so that Taylor can enter before me. Once inside I see the tension drain from her body. She rolls her shoulders and lets out a soft sigh. Walking up behind her I wrap my arms around her waist and lean my head down on her shoulder. She leans back into my embrace and sighs in contentment. So I take it you had a very rough day in class love? She nods her head slowly. Turning around to meet my eyes. I was worried most of the day after you had the run in with my cousin. She sighs and leans forward, wrapping her arms around my neck. Cleo can be trouble! She thinks everyone is beneath her. No matter who or what they are.

Do you think she's going to cause problems for us? I mean no one inside our families know about us yet. I slowly release her and step back and walk over to my bed. Sitting down on my bed. Taylor walks over to me and sits down by my side. I don't think she is going to be a problem. She knows that I would make her pay if anything happens to you. I am worried though about what my parents might say. They frown down upon hybrids no matter what they are mixed with. She frowns even deeper at that. I don't care though what they say. You are my mate and not even my parents are going to keep me from being with you. She turns to look at me and I see her eyes softly glowing. She bites her bottom lip and I see her eyes dart to my lips. She leans forward and gently kisses me. I feel my heartbeat start to pick up pace and I feel the heat start to build in the pit of my stomach. This kiss is different from all of our others. Her hand comes up to stroke my cheek as the kiss deepens.

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