The Girls Academy

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Chapter 6 First Time

The first half of the school year flew by rather quickly. Amazingly my group of friends had also bloomed. I had more friends here than I had ever had at any other school. Even the Queen Bee had come around in her way of talking to people. Taylor and me had gotten even closer over the school year. We still hadn't completed our bond but we had decided that we wanted to go slow and not rush it. After all things would seriously change afterwards for us. I mean I went from knowing nothing about being a hybrid when we first met and now I know alot more. I know now why my parents had decided to ship me out to this school. There was alot of stuff that I am pretty sure that they would have been uncomfotable discussing with me.

Like I found out that in relationships like the one me and Taylor have because we are both girls one of us would undergo a rather dramatic change. And I mostly mean the fact that one of us would grow a male part. That part was something I was not expecting and it was kind of funny until I realized that it wasn't a sick joke of some kind. Seems which ever of us has the more dominate personalty would be the one to get that. The only good thing about it is that once we stopped mating it would simply go away.

Right now Taylor is out with some of our friends. They wanted to buy some swimsuits for springbreak and seeing as we were going to be spending it at my summer home. I had tons of them around the house. I am kinda nervous because Taylor and my friends get to meet my parents. I start shaking a little at the thought. Trying to remember what Taylor told me about breathing when i'm anxious. I bend over and put my head between my legs and start breathing.

Love are you okay? Glancing up I see Taylor kneeling in front of me. The rest of our friends are all looking at me in worry. Alex and Cross, Jenna and Cleo, yeah did not see that one at the start. The twins Ember and Emery and their mates Nikki and Rachel. Smiling I nod my head at her. Yeah I am okay love just a litte anxious about going to the summer home. I haven't been home or seen my parents since before school started. She nods her head in understanding. Everything will be okay love. If things get to bad we can leave and go somewhere else. The others nod in agreement. She places a gentle kiss on my lips and smiles at me. If anything you at least get to see me in a swimsuit. I feel the heat rush to my face and I smile shyly at her. Everyone laughs at us.

Shortly after I've managed to calm down everyone leaves heading to their respected rooms. Taylor sprawls out on my bed and pulls me back against her. She rubs her hands up and down my arms fully calming me down. I fall asleep with my head resting on her shoulder. Waking up to a empty bed a few hours later. Sitting up slowly I look around the room trying to find any sign of Taylor. I'm guessing she went down to get us something to eat. So I strip down and head toward the bathroom to take a quick shower before she gets back.

I should have been paying more attention...I should but I didn't. I'm standing there with my mouth open. When I went into the bathroom I wasn't expecting for Taylor to be in there. I for sure wasn't expecting for her to be standing in front of the mirror completely naked. My eyes lock on her body as hers lock on mine. I am completely immobilized by her perfect body. Gulping loudly I manage to drag my eyes up to meet her eyes to see they have darkened with lust. She is in front of me before I can blink and I hear the growl that escapes her throat. It makes my body respond to it. My eyes rack up and down her body. She reached out gently and ran her fingers along the line of my neck and down to my chest. I shivered at her gentle touch and her lips smashed against mine.

She pushed me gently back into our room until my knees bumped into her bed and I sat down. She laid me down on my back never once breakning the kiss. We both crawled backwards until we were both fully on the bed. Laying herself on top of me I welcomed her warmth. The feeling of her skin against mine caused my core to heat up. It was almost unbearable. I wrapped my arms around her back and my nails scratched her back making her hiss against my lips. Truthfully I didn't know what I was doing but my body seemed to know more than I did.

Taylor reached down between our joined bodies and started stroking me between my legs causing my body a indescribable sensation. I found myself moaning and whimpering against her lips. I sucked in my breath when she slide a finger inside me and began slowly stroking it in and out. I pulled away from her mouth and let out a loud moan. The next thing I know an even louder moan escapes my lips as she slowly starts sucking and licking my bare breast. She starts trailing kisses down my stomach reaching just above where I want her. I begin to lift my hips in anticipation. Her tongue flicks out and gently strokes my clit and I growl. She grips my thighs and spreads my legs wider for better access. Moaning loudly I arch my hips against her face. She's going at me like she's starving.

I lose what little control I had and grab onto her head tangling my hands in her hair. Pushing myself up to meet the strokes of her tongue. I feel her tongue push inside the entrance of my core as she begins to push it in and out. Her mouth moves up to catch my clit in her mouth and begins to suck on it. I throw my head back and moan loudly as her fingers once again enter me. She starts stroking her fingers inside of me quicking her pace. Matching her pace with her tongue on my clit. I feel the muscles in my stomach start to tighten up and I begin to shudder under her skilled mouth and fingers. I feel myself explode and a moan is ripped from me. I arch off the bed tightening my hold on her.

She slows down and holds me close as I ride out the orgasm that is racking my body. She slowly withdrawls her fingers from my wet core. I watch as she slips her fingers into her mouth licking them clean. She leans up and captures my lips in hers and I can taste myself on her. She pulls back and grins at me. MMMM... taste like cherry. I blush a bright red and try to hide my face. She pulls my hands gently away and looks down at me and smiles. I think we both need to take a shower to cool off. She runs her nose along the line of my jaw breathing in my scent. She growls and I look at her eyes. They are glowing softly and her fangs have descended. I need to.....I need to mark you as mine. She looks down at my neck and then back at my eyes. My eyes glow to and I feel my fangs start to descend.

Nodding my head I turn my head slowly offering her my neck. Feeling her warm breath on my neck. Her fangs sink into my neck, and the pain is replaced with intense pleasure causing me to moan. Just as quickly it is over and she kisses me gently on cheek. Her cheek has a faint tint to it. Quickly I flip her over and trace my nose slong her jaw line. Finding my spot I sink my teeth into it. Feeling her tense up under me before she releases a loud moan that instantly makes me wet again.

I wake up the next morning with a unfamilar weight across my body. Smiling gently to myself I look down at Taylor who is still sleeping peacefully. After last night we were both worn out I can't remember how many times we went at it last night. My body is sore but in a good way. She looks so beautiful with the sunlight streaming through the window. I pull the covers up over her bare shoulders and brush a strand of hair behind her ear. She stirs slightly and snuggles more closely to me. Smiling softly at her I brush my fingers gently across her cheek.

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