The Girls Academy

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Chapter 7 Spring Break

The limo ride to my summer home has me unnerved. Taylor sits beside me and holds my hand. This will be the first time i've seen my parents since I left for school. Alot has happened since then. I found my mate, I made friends, and I bonded with my mate. The proof is on my collarbone and Taylor has a matching one on hers as well. Now i'm going home with my mate and our friends. To say that I am not nervous would be a lie. I am quite nervous mostly because we bonded before a cermony was performed for us and without our parents meeting our mates. Looking over at Taylor though I can see the love in her eyes as she meets my eyes. To say that our powers had changed would be a understatement. They seemed to grow even strong afterwards.

Looking out the window I smile to myself. Taylor leans into me and kisses me on my cheek bringing my attention back to her. Everything will be okay my love. I'm right here with you and i'm not going anywhere. I promise! Looking around at my friends they all smile at me. Looking more excited than anything else. Well except for Alex and Cross they are both asleep. Having dozed off shortly after leaving the school. Shaking my head I lean into Taylor seeking her warmth and comfort. She pulls me tightly against her and kisses me on the cheek. Why don't you take a nap love! I'll wake you up when we get there my love.

I don't remember falling asleep, but Taylor waking me up with a kiss was a welcome wakeup call. Turning my head slightly I look up into her beautiful eyes. Taylor smiles down at me leaning forward to rub her nose against mine. The driver said we should be there in a few minutes love. I wanted to wake you up before we got there so you would have a chance to be somewhat awake. She smiled her gentle smile at me. Running her hand across my cheek and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I guess you have figured out by now that in our pairing that Taylor was the more dominate in our relationship. Although we have yet to reach that point where we are planning on having a child so no need for that yet.

The limo begins to slow up and I look out the window and see that we are nearing the house. Letting out a heavy sigh I shake my head to clear my head as the limo pulls to a stop in front of my familys summer home. I see my parents car sitting in the garage causing me to swallow a lump that is forming in my throat. Taylor climbs out before me and offers her hand. Catching hold of it I let her help me out. She gives it a gentle squeeze before going around to get our bags. Looking up at the house I feel a slight shiver run through me at the thought of seeing my parents.

Alex steps up to my side and looks up at me. Don't worry Eri everything will be okay. We are all here for you. Taylor walks back over to me with our bags. Everything will be ok love. My parents will be here tomorrow. She leans over and places a kiss on my cheek. Cross slides her arm around Alexs waist. So what do your parents do Erine to afford a house like this? My mom is a event planner and my dad owns a hotel chain that has businesses in several countries. Cross looks shocked at me. Your dad is the owner of the Nightline hotel chain isn't he!? I chuckle and nod my head. Holy crap....your family are like the second riches in the supernatural world. No wonder you and Taylor are mates.

Before I can say anything the front door opens and my mom steps out. Erine is that you? Looking towards the house I see my mom coming down the walkway. All of my friends look at her and back at me. It's Ember who speaks next. Wow Erine you look alot like your mom! I chuckle at her. Walking towards my mom she wraps her arms around me. Let me look at you! She pushes me back so she can fully take me in. You have grown so much since you started school. She pulls me back to her and kisses my cheek. Now are you going to introduce me to your friends! Motioning for Taylor she steps forward. Mom this is Taylor Baron. Before I can say anything else she bows her head in respect.

Turning to me she starts trying to make me bow as well which I find funny. Erine she is the daughter of the King and Queen of the Vampires. Please show respect. I open my mouth and my mom gives me a glare. Before she can say anything Taylor walks up to me. That's not neccesary Mrs. Davenport. Erine is my mate and she is my equal. My mom turns pale and begins to stutter. Allow me to introduce our friends. This is Alexandria and Cross, Jenna and my cousin Cleo, the twins are Ember and Emery, and Nikki and Rachel. My mom has yet to recover but she manages to stutter out a welcome. Turning quickly she leads us towards the house.

Taylor looks over at me and smiles. Leaning closer to me she kisses my cheek. Your mom seems to be in shock. You think she'll be okay? I just nod my head and look back ahead. Mom has already disappeared inside. I'm pretty sure she has went straight to my dad and informed him of everything. Pushing the door open I let everyone inside before shutting it behind. I can hear voices coming from the den so I head that way with everyone following behind me. Taylor stays at my side on the way. Stopping at the doorway I knock so they know i'm standing there. My dad looks up at me and I see him raise his eyebrow at me. Motioning me inside his study. I stop in front of his desk and he looks up at me. Taylor stands next to me holding my hand. I see my dads eyes flicker down to our joined hands. He clears his throat and closes his laptop.

Erine would you like to explain this to me?! He raises his eyebrow at me and I feel myself shudder slightly. Before I can say anything Taylor answers. As I explained to Mrs. Davenport, Erine and I are mates. He glances at Taylor and raises his eyebrow at her. And who might you be exactly. Taylor smiles at him sweetly. I am Taylor Baron it's a pleasure to meet you sir. He stands up abruptly and bows. Princess Taylor I have not seen you since you were little, my apologies for not recognizing you. He glances at me and I can see his shock. Shrugging my shoulders at him.

I'm going to show everyone their rooms. Hope you don't mind but we all came with our mates so i'm going to put them in rooms that suit that. Excuse us for now, but i'd like to get everyone situated before it gets to late. My dad nods his head in understanding. Walking back in the living room I glance at everyone before nodding towards the stairs.

Getting everyone situated into their rooms is tiresome. Laying on the bed I stare at the ceiling thinking about my parents reactions to who my mate is. Your thinking to hard love! Glancing over at Taylor I can't help but sigh. I throw my arm over my eyes and sigh again. I feel the bed dip down as she sits down. You want to talk about it my love.

Peeking out from in between my fingers I see her watching me curiously. Sitting up I turn to face her and look deep into her eyes. Promise you want get mad at me or my parents. Taylor tilts her head at me but none the less nods her head. I look down and rub the back of my neck before looking up. Taking a deep breath I sigh.

I had a arranged marriage before I was shipped off to school. He's the son of one of my dads business partner. My parents never thought I'd actually ever have a mate. My father believed that my mate would reject me. I let out a shuddering breath and quickly reach up to wipe the tears that are rolling down my cheeks. I feel Taylor when she gently lifts my chin up. She wipes my tears with her thumb. Please don't worry about that my love. I have no intentions of ever rejecting you or letting someone else have you. Her eyes flash briefly and I feel a tingle set off in my stomach.

She crawls up beside; gently pulling my down until my head is resting on her chest. Running her hands in soothing circles around my back. Sleep my love everything will be okay. I promise you that. I snuggle in deeply against her and soon the darkness of sleep consumes me.

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