The dragon Shifter

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Olivia grace is a teenager in a world at war. Although not just any war, a war between humans and the supernatural. one they could not hope to win. Although humans are strong, there are creatures that are way stronger. and they want to kill the humans. The war has lasted thousands of years, When will it end? who will be victorious?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

In the world of fantasy, one only thinks of the beings of legend. Terrifying creatures that parents tell children that aren't real; are made up to please hungry imaginations. but, what happens when those stories of beasts with ungodly intentions, decide to leak from the pages of their books, like tears from a weeping child?

The world was at war. naturally, the humans were the weakest, since they didn't hold any powers. So, many species wants to take the humans for themselves, as slaves, or as just people to treat however they wanted. Vampires, trolls, and Goblins are some of the species that thinks that way. However, Werewolves, Witches, and Fairies seek to protect the human race. But, in every intelligent race that has ever existed, there has been resistance to what others of their species thinks and acts on. the fairies and witches don't have these issues, because their thoughts are not clouded by anger or judgment. Werewolves, however, can be. These are called rouges.

Rouges are dangerous, yet cunning. These beasts will do anything in their power to hunt and kill as many humans as they can. Olivia Grace's father was taken by rouges when she was a baby; she doesn't remember anything about him. Her mother does, though.

The witches and werewolves run Oli's town, keeping it safe from any attacks that may be. She doesn't care, as long as it keeps her home safe. The witches, being magical, once in a while receive a prophecy. The last one was thousands of years before Olivia was even born. It said that a humble being would be born with extraordinary power, and would be the one to end or fuel the war between the supernatural and the humans.

The prophecy spoke of A being that would have the power of the dragon. Dragons were endangered beasts that kept to themselves, hiding away in hope to keep themselves alive.

This being would be able to shift from their form to the form of a dragon. Throughout the years the prophecy turned into legend, being told throughout history. The story of the Dragon shifter.

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