The Mystic

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There's a war coming and The Girl is on the top of the food chain. No one is safe and to survive, you must kill. A Mystic is a supernatural being who can control all four elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. They appear every few centuries or so, when a great threat to the survival of all supernatural beings is threatened. The Supernatural community has been struggling against humans who far out number them and are equipped with advanced technology. Little by little, they are disappearing never to be seen again or turning up dead. Aline Verte has been searching for The Mystic for decades and now that she's finally found her, she'll do everything to get her back to where so belongs, to train and prepare her for war. But the humans know she exists, and it's only a matter of time before they come back to claim her.

Fantasy / Action
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The Girl

Walking down the street, the pair looked almost normal. The older gentleman had a thick beard and graying hair with leathery skin worn from the sun. He was dressed formally as if he’d just attend church. The woman beside him was considerably smaller and thin, resembling the man in the same fashion.

Her hair was done neatly and was the color of chestnut brown and fell around her shoulders, obscuring most of her facial features. She was clad in a knee-length dress to match the man’s clothes.

To the naked eye, they looked like a normal father and daughter out and about for an afternoon walk.

But Deacon knew better. He’d been searching for the girl for the last several months and had only just now gotten a full glimpse of her. He’d only seen the man alone up until now so he knew he wasn’t too late.

Deacon stuck to his side of the street as to not give away him position and followed behind them from a distance, keeping the girl in his sights at all times.

He’d known what to expect but he’d nearly overlooked them when he saw her brown hair. But even from far away, his eyes never failed him and he could see the roots of her natural hair growing in.

The first thing he’d been told to look for was silver hair and sapphire blue or dark violet eyes. While he couldn’t see her eye color, he caught the silver.

He slipped out his phone and hit the first name on his contact list.

“I see her,” were the first words out of his mouth when the line was connected.

“Who is with her?” Aline’s voice was cool and collected as always but he could hear the edge in her voice.

“Same guy as always. Tall, graying hair, beard, formal wear,” Deacon named off the man’s features, watching the pair take a turn.

He held back a growl and quickly crossed the road, placing them in his view once again.

“Yes, that’ll be Wallace. I don’t know much about the man but what I do know, it’s not good. Change of plans. We won’t be taking her now. Follow them and find where they’ve been hiding her. I’ve called in a favor. He won’t be happy in a few minutes. I want the girl here in less than two hours. You’ve got reinforcements. Don’t fail me, Deacon.”

“Never, Aline,” Deacon replied sincerely and then hung up, pocketing the phone and keeping a close tail on them.

When they came to a stop by a small shop, Deacon slipped into the alley to hide himself and listened for Wallace’s voice.

“‘Closed for inspection’? What the hell?” Wallace’s outburst was so loud Deacon winced, holding his ear.

Silence ensued for a few moments before he heard a phone ringing.

“It’s me,” Wallace started, “the shop is closed. Some inspection from the city. We’ll have to wait. Prepare the room now.”

When Wallace had finished his conversation, he left out a deep growl. Deacon stayed in his spot but his body was on high alert. Aline had determined that they were keeping the girl’s powers subdued through a concoction of sorts and the favor she called in was a hoax inspection.

“Let’s go,” Wallace snapped and he came rushing down the sidewalk, no longer calm as before.

He was dragging the girl behind him, her arm locked in a vice grip. She turned her head for a moment and when her eyes met Deacon’s, he saw violet purple eyes. He gave her a wink and she returned a curious look before being pulled away.

Deacon was close behind them as he had to stick to a light jog to keep up with them. The foot traffic had picked up a bit and he couldn’t risk losing her now that they finally had her.

After almost losing them twice, he caught them stopped by an abandoned property nearly twenty minutes later. A nondescript car awaited them with the license plate number blacked out. Deacon’s guess was that Wallace was very paranoid of people like Deacon finding the girl.

He hid around the building and peeked at them, watching Wallace pace for a good five minutes while the girl stood there with her arms crossed.

“You’d better not pull any tricks, girl. Harry hasn’t recovered from the your last fit. I’m warning you she-beast, one move out of line and I’ll slit your throat,” Wallace’s warning was not light and the girl knew this.

And when he wrapped his hand around her throat with enough strength to lift her up, it took Deacon all of his willpower not to snap the man’s neck right there. He could so easily just kill the man now and take the girl away.

She nodded ever so slightly and Wallace grinned, pulling the switchblade from his front pocket.

“Since we couldn’t give you your ‘medicine’, I guess I’ll have to take other precautions now, huh?”

The laugh he let out was dark and malicious as he stabbed the knife into the girl’s stomach. The sight of it was horrendous and as Deacon watched the girl’s expression, other than a mere grimace, she didn't appear too phased by it.

How often did he stab her as a precaution? Or just for fun?

Both questions left him shaking with anger and seeing red as Wallace let go, letting the girl hit drop a good half a foot to the ground before dragging her to the car by her hair and opening the trunk, tossing her in.

“Don’t bleed in my car,” he snapped and shut the trunk.

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