My Secret Love

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She had been crushing on him for years. Now her senior year, could he be her fated mate? Who will her fated mate be? Almost 18 Sara will find out soon, will it be her crush? Or will someone else be his fated mate? And what about her secret? Will it end everything?

Fantasy / Romance
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Start of School

Senior year with all the angst and hormones is the pits. Tomorrow is the first day of school and it will be my last year thank the goddess. I suppose I should know what I want to do with the rest of my life but have no idea at this point. Mom and Dad are on me about going to college but I don't have a clue what to major in let alone know where to apply at. I just want to hang with my friends and wait for my 18th birthday so I can find my fated mate.

I guess I could just get a business degree to help run the pack but business is sooo boring! Or maybe be a chemist. I love chemistry class with all the mixing and measuring and experiments. Heck I'm even good at math! Even though the wardrobe sucks with the white coat and those attractive plastic safety glasses! Yuck!

I think I will just vegitate by the pool and grab the last summer rays before I'm stuck inside and my tan fades. I will not think about you know who until I have to tomorrow. I hope I don't obsess about him like I've been the last 2 year's. Ok the guy is a huge hunk but really I'm wasting my time, he doesn't even know I exist except for in the distant friend zone and I will know who my true fated mate is in a few weeks.

"Sara Dalton get out of the sun before you turn into a prune" called Sara's mom. I sighed "coming mom!" Mom is a health fanatic, it probably has something to do with her being a doctor. She has a rare night off from the hospital. She probably wants me to help her fix supper since she rarely gets to cook for us. Dad is super cool and cooks most of the time. He is a great cook but Mom is still better. Just don't tell him, it will break his heart lol.

I went in the house and changed clothes in my room. Our house is awesome, a huge sprawling ranch house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and a finished basement fixed up to be a game room slash movie room. The kitchen is huge with a big Island in it and a formal living room and dining room. Mom has it fixed up in her country rustic style.

I walked into the kitchen and Mom was working on her world famous lasagna yum! I opened the fridge and took put the makings for a salad and proceeded to start cutting up the toppings for it. Dad is a true carnivore and refuses to eat "rabbit food".

Supper is soon ready and I call my younger sister Tori and Dad to eat. The meal is super awesome as usual and since Mom and I cooked we get a break from the cleanup!

I run upstairs and go into my room trying to decide what to wear for the first day of school. I open the door to my large overstuffed closet and start going through my clothes to see what pops out at me. Tori comes up to join me. She is a sophomore this year and we get along really well. She has better taste than me so I am glad she is here to help me out. We pick out a gorgeous top with some sparkles on it and skinny jeans. I love my new sneakers that have the bleached out spots on them so they get put by the closet for the morning too.

We go to her room and pick out her clothes for the morning too and since we had such hard decisions to make it was time for ice cream! Yes, even though I'm an almost full grown almost mated werewolf I will never outgrow ice cream! We help ourselves to huge bowls of butter pecan ice cream and watch tv until bedtime.

I go to bed excited and apprehensive about the next day. What will happen this year? What will happen on my birthday? I will just have to wait and see.

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