The Adventures of Emily Tual: Revelations Book Three

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The Horseman of War disappeared and Derdrom appeared. He was smiling wickedly as he looked down at the fires in the city. “War.” He said. The Ritual has been stopped and Emily is safe but is she the one who is in real danger? As the Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride and the Magician is now missing, a new threat arises from the chaos. Anthony, determined to take control, goes after the one he believes to be the Chosen One. Audrey, a girl who has lost her family, now faces more dangerous foes. Harold and Hannah from Child Services, Derdrom's daughter who has a secret, and Anthony himself. As events of what is suspected to be the Apocalypse begins, revelations as to who Audrey really is and what her role is against the Darkness is made clear but not everything or everyone are what they appear to be.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Friday Morning.

In New Philadelphia, an eerie fog rolled in all over the city. The power went out all over the city. Vehicles died in the street. It went from being loud with traffic to being very quiet. Not even the animals were making noise. The sun was out but it wasn’t shining. Instead, it was like the fog was keeping out the light and keeping the city in darkness. Everyone in their homes all agreed that there was something very wrong but no one wanted to try to find out what it was exactly. They were all scared about what could be out there, especially when the sound of horses neighing could be heard.

Four horsemen rode down into the city from Highway Seventy-Seven. The four horsemen looked very dangerous. The first one was in black armor. His horse was blood red just like his sword. It looked like his sword had blood dripping off of it. The second horse was ashen pale and very thin. It looked like it was dead. The rider on it was very thin, boney even. He had long white hair. It was impossible to see his eyes because of how sunk in they were. He had a very long scythe. The third horseman was in green armor. He had a crossbow in his hands. His horse was white. Brighter than the first horseman’s horse. The last horseman was on a black horse. She was wearing yellow armor. She had a weighing scale in her hand that was broken. It looked more like a weapon that way. The four of them were the only ones who could see where they were going.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were galloping quickly through the streets. They had a mission to carry out. The vehicles in front of them were magically thrown to the side, scaring people away. Some of the people were injured as they were escaping the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It was hard for them to see where they were running which was why they got hurt. Police ran towards the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and started firing their guns towards the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They couldn’t see the Horsemen of the Apocalypse but they could hear the horses galloping.

The Horseman of War raised his sword and slashed through the air towards the policemen. Fire flew from his sword and hit the cars that the policemen were hiding behind. The cars flew against the walls, injuring more people and police as well. The sound of screaming could be heard as people ran to go hide from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Horseman of Pestilence fired his arrows into the fog. The arrows disappeared, followed by screams. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse had one very important mission to carry out and no one was going to stop them.

In the center of the city, SWAT officers took hiding positions behind cars, in doorways and on top of buildings. SWAT officers appeared in the windows of the buildings. They all could hear the galloping of the horses. “You know what to do!” One of the SWAT officers shouted. The SWAT officers took out infrared goggles and put them on. To their shock, they could only see three of the horses and their riders. There was no sign of the fourth rider. “Remember, we stop them here and now!” The same SWAT officer shouted. The SWAT officers began to fire their guns into the fog at the three horses. They weren’t sure what the three riders were protecting themselves with but the horses looked vulnerable.

The Horseman of Death raised his scythe and the ground shook. The SWAT officers stopped firing their guns as they felt the ground shake. They looked around nervously and their eyes widened. Several figures were walking stiffly towards them. The figures looked terrible to say the least. It was hard to tell with the fog. That was when the figures came into clear view. They were zombies and skeletons. They were in outfits from every era in time since the age of Native Americans. The skeletons and zombies were armed with weapons.

“Fire at them!” A SWAT officer shouted. The SWAT officers weren’t sure how well that would work against the dead, especially with three of the four horse riders there. The SWAT officers did shoot their guns at the dead but it didn’t really work. The dead kept walking towards them. Soon the dead were attacking the SWAT officers. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse watched as their dead forces forced the SWAT officers to retreat.

The Horseman of Death looked at the Horseman of Pestilence and the Horseman of Famine. “I’ll stay here.” He told the two. “Go take care of our mission.” He could raise soldiers if the humans tried to fight him. The two Horsemen of the Apocalypse galloped away to carry out their mission.

In the Tuscarawas County Jail, alarms were going off before the power went out. Security guards were standing guard at every entrance to the different prison hallways. With the power out, nothing was keeping the prisoners locked up and the prisoners were trying to escape. The prisoners in that prison center were the worse criminals and if they escaped, it would be very bad.

There were more security guards at every entrance to the prison center. They could hear a horse neighing and had heard security guards outside screaming. The guards looked at each other nervously. They weren’t sure what was happening outside but whatever it was, it wasn’t good. That was when one of the prison doors flew open.

A warrior came in. He was in black armor. His sword was red like it was bloody. In this case, it was bloody. The blood was dripping to the ground. The warrior didn’t have a shield. But if he had taken out all of the security guards that were outside, what chance did they have against him? The warrior pointed his blade at the security guards. The message was clear enough: leave or die. The security guards didn’t budge though. They couldn’t risk a jailbreak. Instead, they started firing their guns at the warrior.

The Horseman of War watched the security guards shooting at him. The bullets didn’t pierce his armor. They fell to the ground after hitting him. The Horseman of War had a feeling that they were just doing their job. However, that was a problem for him. He couldn’t let them stop him from completing his mission. He raised his sword. It was time to get through them. He marched towards the security guards and the screams of the security guards could be heard all over the building.

As the Horseman of War marched through the prison center, Black Hands that were in the uniforms of the security guards began to shoot down anyone who got in their way that wasn’t a Black Hand before joining him. It didn’t matter if they were security guards or prisoners. If they weren’t Black Hands and they got in the way, they got shot down. The Black Hand security guards knew why the Horseman of War was there. After what had gone down the night before, the Black Hands had several operatives locked up in prisons like this mostly in Ohio. A few were being sent to other prisons in other states but there were a good number of Black Hands in this prison. They had been ordered to help evacuate the Black Hands from the prison.

The Horseman of War and his Black Hands reached the cafeteria center and looked down from the balcony. There were Black Hands security guards forcing prisoners that had escaped back into the hallways where their cells were. The sound of gunfire could be heard in the distance. No doubt the Black Hand security guards and prisoners were killing those who fought back. The Black Hands that were still in the cafeteria center looked up at the balcony where the Horseman of War and his Black Hands were. They all bowed to the Horseman of War.

The Horseman of War looked down at the Black Hands and smiled under his helmet. This had been his mission. While the Horseman of Death took care of keeping whatever armed forces were in the city busy with the dead and the other two took care of the more personal mission, he had been ordered to get as many of the Black Hands out of this prison center. The Darkness had ordered the attack just mere hours before and the Horseman of War was more than eager to prove his loyalty.

“Black Hands!” The Horseman of War’s voice boomed out from under his visor. The Black Hands became quiet in the cafeteria and looked up at him. More Black Hands came out of the hallways. “Last night, you were arrested, captured and locked up here!” The Horseman of War continued. “But now, by order of the Darkness, our master, you all are set free!” The Black Hand prisoners all cheered loudly before the Black Hand security guards escorted them out of the cafeteria.

The Horseman of War looked at one of the Black Hand security guards. “Order the prison transports to arrive so we can get our soldiers out of here.” He ordered him. With what was happening, the normal procedure would call for prison transports to escort the worst criminals out and with what had happened there, the media and Black Hands that worked in the justice system that hadn’t been arrested yet could easily write it off as a prison transport gone wrong. No one would know about the Black Hand prisoners getting away and disappearing before it was too late.

Outside in the parking lot, prison busses pulled up. Unlike the rest of the vehicles that had died, these busses were being fueled by the magic of the drivers. The Black Hand prisoners began to board the busses. One of the security guards went up to the Horseman of War. “There’s no way that we’ll be able to get all of our troops on these busses Sir.” The Black Hand reported to the Horseman of War. “Any advice on what we should do with the stragglers?” He wasn’t sure how he would react to the answer.

The Horseman of War turned to the security guard. “Kill anyone who can’t get on the busses.” He ordered the security guard. “We don’t want any Black Hands getting captured if they try to escape here.” He looked at the Black Hand security guards. “If any of them are left, have them shoot the prisoners. We do want to bend the story of what really happened here and what better way than with survivors.” He told the security guard. It looked like there would be quite a few Black Hand prisoners getting killed.

As the last bus got filled up, the remaining prisoners looked at each other nervously. What was going to happen to them? Before any of them could ask the Horseman of War what they were to do, they got shot down as the Black Hand security guards surrounded them and fired their guns. The Black Hand security guards knew their orders. They didn’t care if these prisoners were Black Hands, there was no way that they could allow them to be captured again.

The Horseman of War watched the security guards kill the rest of the Black Hand prisoners before he got onto his horse. He galloped towards the city as the busses disappeared into the forest. It was time for the Horseman of War to join the Horseman of Pestilence and the Horseman of Famine. His horse neighed loudly as the fog swallowed them up.

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