Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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This is the story of a young boy named Tenlong and his journey across the world of Violio. In the gentle land of Lowroda, the small villages are ruled by mayors and those mayors are controlled by the governor of the city state. There are several self governed city states in the land of Lowroda. In one village, there lives a young boy and his mother. The boy is named Tenlong and his mother is called Zizi. There they live a very gentle life. Zizi is very poor woman and does not have a lot to provide for her son. She does not let her being without limit providing for her son. The boy, Tenlong goes to sleep every night with a full stomach and clothes on his back. His mother skimps and saves to give her boy the best that she can. She wished that she was rich but that is not possible for her. She will take care of her son no matter what! Zizi is the most loving mother that you could ever ask for, since every waking moment she is concerned for her son and how much she loves Tenlong. She gives the boy attention and direction every chance that she has. She raises her boy to live right and not be harmful to others. She is very strict with Tenlong and teaches him the difference between right and wrong. Zizi decides to take Tenlong on a trip that is a surprise to the boy.

Fantasy / Action
Zach Hughart
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Chapter 1

In a far away universe there lies the Singlarr Galaxy. It is a very huge galaxy with many solar systems within it One solar system within it has a strange fact about it. It has 10 known planets, All the planets has some sort of life on them. They all are in various stages of development, ranging from olden times to very futuristic.

The inhabitants there are extremely deposed to wars and violence. The combat skills showed there are beyond the wildest imaginations of any given person that may appear in said galaxy.

There are constant wars in the Singlarr Galaxy.

This tale will be about the fourth planet, named Violio. The culture is like that of the olden times, one full of mystery and mysticism. The people believe and even see forms of energy known as magic.

Science is pretty well non-existent in most cultures here. Martial artists used magic that comes from within the user, also known as ki.

At the far west lies Lowroda, which is a very peaceful land. They are very peaceful people and do not like conflict. They just like to just live in mediocrity and not face any opposition. They live in their small villages and simply live off the land. They do not like to travel and they tend to mind their own business when dealing with others deemed strange to them.

They are not trouble makers and to live in the land of Lowroda is like living in a dream. You have next to no crime and you can leave your doors unlocked at all times. Everybody looks after each other and helps those that are in need.

To the east of Lowroda, lies a huge desert called Socanas. It contains several group of violent desert dwellers. They are extremely violent in nature and love blood sports. The people of Socanas love to do nothing but evil. The citizenry of the desert do love to do acts of debauchery of all kinds.

Anything and everything can and will happened, while living in desert of Socanas.

To the west of the huge desert is the dagger forest, where many bandits dwell there. It is unsafe for anybody to travel, while in the forest! Every trouble you could find is in this forest.

Past the dagger Forrest, there is the land of Canthra, which is led by the royal Kolan. The man is a very kind and gentle ruler. He was a strong and very stern ruler but does not forget to be a kind leader that does all he can to help his people.

The people of Canthra are very strong and many great warriors make Canthra their home.

To the north of Canthra, is the training grounds of the continent of Homodea. Many strong warriors are on the massive planet. The strongest warriors go to the famous training grounds near Canthra to become the best of the world. The mission of the training ground is create the best warriors in the entirety of Violio!

The training grounds is led by a group just called by the title of “the elders.” No one knows who they are or where did they came from. They desired to make the best warriors on the totality of the whole world.

Why the elders desire to make the strongest warriors is still unknown.

The strongest warrior in all the continent was simply called the Butcher. He was a fearsome foe

for any person, warrior or not.

A man named Jontho, was training with his younger brother, Wilron at the training grounds. After his brother had left, the great shadow made Jontho an offer than he could not refuse. The man had wanted to be the best warrior in the world but he nearing the end of his prime. Soon his power that he has trained for so many hundreds of years will soon cave in to middle age. His massive gains of power and skill would start to come to a near halt. He would not allow for himself to suffer such a horrible humiliation. Jontho lusted after more power, so he sold his soul to the great shadow. He wanted to be

the best warrior that much.

While in a field, the great shadow appears in his cloth cloak that is black in color. He is completely covered in an armed cloak. The only part of the body of the great shadow that is exposed is

his thin whitherd wrists and hands.

The great shadow speaks, while pointing his curved finger at the Jontho, and asks him to murder his brother.

Jontho is taken back and refuses.

The great shadow throws out a metal box at the huge man. Jontho was over fifteen feet and over fifteen hundred pounds. So a small metal box was nothing for the giant to catch.

Jontho spoke,” What is it?”

The great shadow said, “Open it and see!”

Jontho broke the seal on the box and opened it. He was so shocked that he drop the box to the ground.

The great shadow laughs in the amazement of what the man has just seen.

Jontho looked up at the great shadow and said,” I will do what you tell me!”

The Butcher’s real name was Jontho and was going to kill his brother Wilron. The two brothers were very close but Jontho was going to murder his brother nonetheless. His lust for power was that great.

But why?

What did the great shadow offered Jontho to kill the brother that he loved so much? What did Jontho sell his soul for? What could it be?

The brothers loved each other very much and went through everything together as a unit. Jontho

was even the best man at his brother’s wedding. Jontho’s sister in law was like a sister to him and the

three of them were that close a family unit

Jontho walked into Wilron’s house and could smell that something good was cooking. Jontho

knew when his brother’s wife, Arina cooked when it was nearing time for her husband and brother in law was to come home after a hard day of training.

Wilron will be also home soon!

Arina hears somebody went through and she walks into the front room with an apron and wash cloth in her hands. She was drying her hands and saw that it was Jontho.

Arina speaks,”Oh you came back early! Where is Wilron?”

Jontho remains silent, which shocks Arina. Her brother in law had never been this way with her before.

Jontho stares at the pregnant belly of his sister in law.

Arina speaks,” I am ready to pop any time! Your brother will be a father soon and you will be an uncle!”

Jontho had a look of disdain on his face when she said that. Jontho spits in her face and Arina uses the washcloth to clean the spit off her face.

Arina scream out in disgust,” What is your problem? You have never been this way with me before! Why all the hate now after you loved me as a sister all these many years!”

Jontho broke out into laughter at the statement.

Jontho spoke,”Since I have learned that you have been playing the harlot! That is what has changed!”

Arina falls to her knees and begins to cry uncontrollably.

Jontho yells,”Why after so many years of being faithful to my brother, why did you cockhold

him now?”

Arina could not look up at her brother in law, due to her shame.

Jontho yelled,” I had my brother tested by three doctors and he was found to be sterile!”

She yelled, “I knew that Wilron was sterile but we still wanted children anyway! I had to take

matters into my own hands!”

Jontho yelled,” So that justified your infidelity, is that what you are telling me!”

Arina looked up at the huge Jontho and said,” You have betrayed Wilron as well!”

Jontho punched a nearby couch in half out of anger and the stuffing of the couch begin to spill out.

He spoke,” What are you speaking about? Are you daft? I have done no such thing!”

Arina yelled,” The reason Wilron is sterile is because he used all sorts of drugs to keep up with you, but you had raised the bar one or two steps when he got near your abilities! He could never keep up with you for very long and had to upped the drugs constantly!”

Jontho was shocked about he just heard.

The warrior Jontho had always been a better warrior than his younger brother. The man never had to use drugs to get ahead as a fighter.

Jontho was just that much of a prodigy of a warrior. He trained hard but he did not have to take various extra chemical means to get ahead as a fighter. Wilron was a ten out of a ten as a fighter but Jontho was a fifteen. It was not that Wilron was weak but Jontho was just that strong as a warrior.

Jontho begin to cry but he knew that he could not take back his actions. All Jontho could do was try to fix it.

He asks,” Do you know who the father is?”

Arina points her finger at the huge Jontho and says,” You are the man! You have been the one to impregnate me!”

Jontho puts his hands to the sides of his enormous head and is totality befuddled by what he has just heard from Arina.

The huge Jontho was reliving all the events that he had had with his younger brother Wilron. They were very close since they were young. They had been both raised by a minister couple and they both knew what was right and what was wrong. Jontho would sleep around while he was in the training grounds but never with his brother’s wife! He had that much sense!

Jontho could not have done what his sister in law was claiming that he had did! The most contact they had together was a gentle hug and a wet kiss on the forehead. But, Jontho committing adultery with her was out of the question!

Jontho yelled,” Harlot, tell me what is really going on!”

Arina remained silent and went to a huge dresser in the front room. It was half closet/ half dresser. She pulled a large key ring from her top and held it in her hand. She removed some clothes from the drawer and it revealed a key hole in the back of the large drawer. She had a hidden compartment in the dresser side. Jontho and Wilron were clueless that the hidden compartment was even there.

Jontho was surprised with what he saw. It was a dress of a prostitute from the training grounds red district.

Jontho one night nine months ago got all hot and bothered, so he decided to go again to the red light district.

He was going end-to-end down the streets looking for a thrill, but none of the harlots caught his interest. He had slept with most of the whores of the training grounds and they bored him now. The whores in their wanton dresses did all they could to get the attention of the huge man but he keeps walking.

A group of prostitutes surround the mighty man and grab at him.

A blonde declares,”Come on Jontho! Give us a good time!”

A red head speaks,”We need you! We won’t even charge you this time!”

Jontho swatted all the women to the ground gently. The whores stop trying and gave up. The whores curse among themselves while Jontho walks further away.

He walks past an alley and he hears a voice.

“Come here I will give you a good time!” said the voice.

Jontho speaks,”I told you that I am not interested!”

He looks to his side and sees a new harlot that he has not fornicated with yet.

She is in a green miniskirt and a top with her mid drift bare. She is wearing high heels that are tied around her shins. The women has a veil over her face and excessive eye make up.

As soon as Jontho sees the whore’s eyes she has him now under her complete control. She leads him to a love hotel and they cave into lust.

Jontho knew better than live the way he was living but did it anyway. He loved the pleasure too much to be abstinent!

Arina is holding the same dress as the whore he had slept with those nine months ago!

Jontho breaks out into tears out of sheer horror. He could have knocked up his brother’s wife!

Jontho begins to truly rule lose his mind.

Jontho yells,”How could you do this to Wilron and I?”

Arina speaks,” I have never slept with anybody but you two! I did it to have a baby since Wilron wanted one so bad! I chose you because you and Wilron look almost as twins besides your sizes.”

Wilron was slightly smaller than his elder twin Jontho.

Jontho knew that he could not take back what has been done. But, he could remove the problem

so that his brother would die never knowing the truth.

Jontho had repeatable been offered gifts by the great shadow in an attempt to try to turn to his side.

This figure known as the great shadow is the source of all evil in the entire Singlarr Galaxy.

Jontho knew better than sell his soul to evil, since he would only reap damnation.

The great shadow had given Jontho a metal box and he opened it.

He was so surprised by what was inside it that he dropped it to the ground.

It was the conqueror mask! This mask was a special mask that gave the user ultimate power. It had been said that it had been made by the elders eons ago.

Jontho had lived for over two hundred years and increases in his abilities at this point were close to zero. This mask could change that and give Jontho near limitless fighting potential.

That moment in time Jontho was caught up in the snares of the great shadow.

The giant yells,”I will follow you!”

Jontho bows and tries to grab the mask but the great shadow grabs back the mask with his psychic powers.

The great shadow speaks while holding the mask,”First you must do something for me!”

Jontho was starting to tremble out of anticipation.

He speaks,”What do I got to do? Name it!”

The great shadow speaks,”First, kill Arina, your brother’s wife!”

Jontho was taken back and begins to walk away.

The great shadow speaks,” Your sister in law is pregnant with an another man’s child!”

Jontho became angry and was going to assault the great shadow when he sees a scroll in his


Jontho stops the assault and looks down at his hands.

The great shadow speaks,” It is proof of what I just said!”

Jontho looks at the scroll and is dismayed. Three doctors had said that they had tested his brother Wilron for infertility. His brother had been found to be completely sterile. Jontho could not comprehend he has just read. A small sample of his brother’s blood was given three times as proof that it was his brother. He now knows the truth of Arina’s cockholding. He knows that his brother would probably kill himself if he would find out what has happened. The giant would kill his sister’s wife to erase the dark truth of what she had done. That is all that Jontho could do for his brother Wilron, even it meant being the villain.

At the very moment, the great shadow knows that he has Jontho in his grip. Jontho will do whatever what the great shadow may tell him to do.

Jontho spoke,” Arina we have a problem here!”

A look of intensity appears on the pregnant woman as she tries to back up.

Jontho spoke,”One of us will have to die here today!”

Arina backs up right up into a wall but she can not escape! She is startled when she hits the wall.

Wilron comes back home and walks through the front door.

He can smell that dinner has been cooked but the flames were still burning. There was a burnt smell emitting from the humble kitchen. Wilron knew within himself that something was wrong. It was not like her to leave a flame unsupervised or burn food. Wilron turns off the flame of the stove.

He walks in the kitchen and see that some form struggle had occurred. The dinning room

table had been destroyed and all sorts of kitchen tools all over the floor.

Wilron begins to call out,” Arina! Where are you!”

He receives no answer and he goes through the entire house. He goes to their bedroom and opens the door.

Wilron is horrified by what he sees.

Arina has been murdered! It looks like she had been butchered like an animal. Wilron throws up all that was within his stomach unto his bedroom floor.

About thirty minutes later, Wilron retains his sanity and looks at the wounds. It was his brother’s style that killed his wife, Arina! Wilron is livid and he is starting to lose his sanity. He did not want to believe that his brother was his wife’s murder! But the one who killed Arina had used Jontho’s style.

Jontho had a very powerful killing style to such a degree that it look like his victims were butchered like an animal.

Wilron’s whole life flashes before his eyes.

He remembers being a little boy being raised by his parents in a little house. His parents were

both very poor. Their names were Henry and Betty and they were both ministers of the one who can not be named. They raised their boys in the best way that they could and they gave their sons all the love that parents could give their children. Jontho and Wilron never knew that they were poor as children. They were never had the opportunity to be with children of rich families. Most if not all people in Lowroda, were not rich and the most well off person was just middle class. Nobody had much to show off to others, so most people were humble in the country.

Jontho and Wilron were both very big as children as Henry and Betty knew that their sons were both giants. There must have been a giant in ether(or both) of the parent’s families. The couple

may have both had been carrying recessive traits that had been revealed in their sons.

There was a legend that was told that there once lived a group of giants that could grow to physical maturity in around four years. This was the case with the duo and on their forth birthday they awoke to a surprise.

The boys were screaming when they awoke.

Henry and Betty jumped out of their bed and ran into sons’ room and was shocked. They saw two seven foot tall giants. They were both buck naked and the sight made the parents scream.

Henry yelled,” What have you two perverts have done with our sons?”

The giants were both discomfited that the couple had saw them naked and used the boys blankets as loincloths.

The larger giant spoke,” What are talking about, Dad? It is Wilron and I!”

The parents were bewildered by the statement and they look down at the floor. It was the tattered pajamas that Betty had made for her sons.

Betty screamed,” Why have done with our boys, you monsters!”

The giants begin to cry out in horror of what they have been told by the couple.

Betty begins to pick up on how the giants are acting in their befuddlement. She pulled a hanky from her pocket and begin to wipe the giants’ tears.

Henry yells,” Get back or those monsters might hurt you!”

This fell unto deaf ears and Betty continued to clean up their faces.

Betty speaks softly,”It is okay boys, Momma still loves you!”

Henry puts two and two together and yells,”Those are our boys!”

Betty turns around and smiles.

“About time you finally get it!”

The family gradually adjusted to Wilron and Jontho’s new size. More food had to be cooked to

keep the boys feed. More clothes had been sewed to make sure that boys were covered in modesty. It

took some time for the village to adjust to the change. The villagers hated change and it took close to a year before it came to be.

Wilron stops reminiscing about his childhood and starts to ponder to what he is going to do.

Minutes go by and he goes to his kitchen and makes a torch out of a broom. He begins to set the house on fire starting from the kitchen and ending with his bedroom. His dream of a huge house and a large family was now over! The house will be a coffin for himself and his fallen wife. Wilron was going to let himself be burned and kill himself. Wilron begins to cry extravagantly and falls unto his knees. The flames begins to get near the warrior and something within him snaps.

Wilron bellows,” I will get revenge on whoever had killed my Arina! Even if it is my brother Jontho! No one will stop me!”

The house begins to burns and collapses upon itself with Wilron still inside.

A burnt Wilron bursts through the remains of the house and is covered in flames. The warrior puts his fist above his head and makes a war cry. The damage from the flames was only cosmetic and not functional in nature. Rage enveloped the giant warrior and he is now a changed man.

Wilron yells,”From this day forth, I will be known as Goran the Invincible! I can not be defeated by any man, woman, or beast!”

Guards of the training grounds come running to what was left of the house of Wilron and Arina and see the scared Wilron standing in the flames!

One of the guards yells,”Wilron is that you?”

Another guard speaks,”What has happened?”

Goran is silent and just stands there. The guards repeat themselves over and over again.

Goran speaks,” I am not Wilron, since he has been burned up in these flames! He is dead!”

The guards armed themselves for battle.

One of the guards demands,” Did you kill Wilron and..”

Before the guard can finish his sentence Goran begins to strike. All four guards have huge parts of their bodies scooped out with extreme efficiency. The guards drop down to the ground dead.

Goran begins to laugh menacingly as blood begins to drip from his large hands.

The younger twin is encircled by over hundred armed guards which are ready to strike at any moment. The guards have all kinds of weapons that you could have possibly had seen. Goran was not impressed in the least and released his ki in a form of an aura. The ki completely erupts the guards’ bodies into a mist of blood. The blood does not drop to the ground but remains floating as if it is in zero gravity. The blood forms into a large pool of blood and then forms into a tremendous javelin. The weapon hardens and then is grabbed up by the mighty Goran. The warrior puts the weapon over his right shoulder and walks away to seek other battles.

Goran is walking down a huge path when he stops in his tracks. He senses a huge ki that seems familiar to him.

It is Jontho’s ki!

Before Goran could do anything, warriors have him completely surrounded.

One of the warriors speaks, “If you think that will get away with killing two of our own, then you got something else coming!”

Goran paid him no heed and remained standing stationary. Two of the warriors begin to scream out in horror.

The warrior who had just spoke to Goran had his head removed and it was in the right hand of

Goran. The severed head is dripping blood unto the ground. His javelin was missing somehow and the

warriors were shocked by the sight of a warrior using such an effective killing style. They were frozen

like statues when the javelin of Goran returns to the hand of Goran. The javelin is used to decapitate the remaining ninety-nine warriors by using the weapon in a circular slicing motion. The bodies all hit the ground and creates several huge puddles of blood.

Goran walks away towards were his brother’s ki was located at.

Goran has figured out where he is his brother, Jontho is located at: Death Canyon. At the edge of the canyon, was the spot where the brothers usually spared together. It was almost like a sacred place to them. They sparred there for so many days, years, and even decades there. So many good memories happened there over the years.

But this would come to an end this day.

He walks towards the training ground and Goran finds butchered corpses. Goran sees that it has to be the work of Jontho. He walks further in the training ground and sees his brother facing the canyon. Jontho’s hands were clasped behind his back.

Jontho speaks,”So Wilron, you have finally showed up!”

Jontho turns around in 180 degree arc and the brothers are facing each other. The brothers are giving each other fierce looks.

Goran corrects,”No I am not Wilron anymore since his dreams are now dead and I am Goran the Invincible!”

Jontho spoke,” You have changed your name then what am I to be called?”

Goran swiped his right arm at his brother out of anger.

Goran spoke,” You are just simply a butcher and no more!”

Jontho smiled,”I like that! From this moment further I am the Butcher! Today, both Jontho and

Wilron had dead this day!”

Goran spoke with an incredible sadness,” Then both Jontho and Wilron as they used to be is now over!”

The Butcher broke out into laughter like a madman.

“Who will win this battle? Will it be the Butcher or can Goran the invincible get the job done? Let us find out!”

Goran demands,” Why did you have to kill Wilron’s wife? Why was it so necessary to do such an atrocious act? It was not like your usually gentle nature to those that were close to you!”

The Butcher grins from ear to ear in a forbidding smile.

The Butcher speaks,”I was made an offer that I could not refuse!”

Goran revealed his ki aura and it is red with rage.

Goran spoke,” Who made you such an offer and what was so important? Why would you throw everything away for power?”

The Butcher releases his ki aura that is red as well.

The Butcher spoke,”The great shadow offered me the conqueror mask! I could not pass such an offer! I wanted ultimate power!”

Goran yells,” Why, Butcher? Is your lust for power that much that you will sell your soul for power and the lives of your family that you once loved so much? Why did let yourself be made into a monster by the great shadow? I thought that you were not that stupid!”

The Butcher tilts his head to the left with a wicked grin on his face.

The Butcher spoke,”Let us face it Goran! We are starting to age! We have a natural life span of over two hundred years with most of those in our prime! Our lives were extended for another two hundred years past that! We are at the peak of our prime and soon we will both begin to slowly lose our edge that we had developed all these many! I will not allow middle age to humiliate me and

my greatness!”

Goran yelled,”You are truly selfish and self centered! You fight for only yourself and not others! This is what made you weak and you not reach what you are truly capable of! What a fool you have allowed yourself to become so weak natured!”

The Butcher spoke,” You think that I am the weak one! You were always in my shadow Goran! You could never hold a candle to my ability. You had always played tag along with whatever I ever did! You know that as well as I! Stop dreaming and come back into reality!”

Goran laughed,” I had always held back to not show you up! You were too dumb to notice and you were too self absorbed! It was always about what you wanted to do!”

The Butcher’s face was bright red out of anger.

He yelled,” Put up or shut up!”

The brothers stop all the hootenanny and prepared for battle.

The Butcher makes the first move and punched at Goran with all his strength.

Goran blocks with the outer side of his forearm that force the brothers to press their arms towards each other in front of his face and chest. The blow causes Goran to slide backward with ruts in the ground where his feet were once at.

The Butcher smiled and did a sweeping kick to Goran. The blow fails to land because Goran jumps right when the kick should have had landed.

Goran’s feet land back on the ground.

The brothers had fought each other tens of thousands of times. The battle would not easy for ether brother. They could battle each other blind folded and still fight as effectively.

The Butcher yelled,” Enough with the feeling out process of battle! It is not necessary!”

Both of the brothers release their ki in the form of two enormous auras.

The Butcher yells,” You have finally reached me Goran! But do not underestimate me! I have

been sandbagging our entire lives to not make you look weak!”

A smile appears on the face of the Butcher which is not returned by his brother.

The brothers lock up their hands and do a test of strength. They are dead even and neither man can out muscle each other. But neither will back down even if would cost them their life.

Minutes go by and still no one has gotten the upper hand.

They alternate kicking each other in the shins and attempts to trip each other. The brothers keep shifting backwards and forwards.

Still, Goran and the Butcher are dead even in this test of strength. They break up the lock up and they circle each, looking for an opening in each other’s defenses.

Henry and Betty are in their kitchen eating supper when a sense of dread overcomes them. They both get sick to their stomachs.

Henry says,”I know that something is wrong but I do not know what it is all about.”

The couple is looking at each other with a tender look and they both turn to portraits of their family on the wall.

Betty says,”It has to do with our boys! Something terrible had to occurred to them!”

Henry puts his silverware down and gets out of his dining table chair. He pushes the chair back in. Henry sighs and begins to cry.

He says,”I have told them to never go to those blasted training grounds! That something bad will happen! They were just too hard headed for their own good! Why could they not had listen to me and stayed home? Why have they always had to go down the hard and dangerous path?”

Betty gets up from her chair and hugs her husband in an attempt to comfort him.

She spoke,”We have done all we could to raise our sons! They are in His hands now!”

The couple cries for hours while praying to their maker.

Goran is still fighting his brother and no one has gotten the upper hand. The fight turns into a brawl and no one would even try to blocks or dodge during the assault.

Blood begins to spray everywhere during the fight and the men are both covered in each other’s blood. Neither man will back down, even though they will both die if they battle continues any further.

Goran pulls out his javelin and throws at the chest of his brother. The Butcher is gored by the Javelin and Goran stomps his brother in his chest. Goran drop kicks his brother and punches his head into a shattered mess of gore. The body of his brother is pressed down to the hard rock underneath him by the huge javelin of Goran.

Goran has won the battle but he feels that it is too easy!

The Butcher’s body reforms back together except the javelin wound and the javelin is flexed out of the ground. The weapon is flexed out of the Butcher’s body and falls unto the ground next to him. The wound in his chest is completely healed and the Butcher laughs.

“You think that such little wounds as these would defeat me then you are a complete and utter imbecile!”

The Butcher jumps back to his feet and dusts himself off like nothing had ever happened!

Betty and Henry are looking back to the events that caused their sons to leave them for the training grounds. Jontho and Wilron did not fit with the status quo of Lowroda due to their size and strength. The tallest person before the boys were around was about six feet at best. Both Wilron and Jontho did not fit in while living in their homeland of Lowroda. They boys begin to hate living in their village since no matter what they did they still were seen in a good light by the rest of the villagers. They graduated from school in mere four years,while doing the work of ten grown men a piece.

The sons of Betty and Henry were overachievers which went against the mediocrity of the rest

of Lowroda. The boys were good boys and did as they were told. They were like oil in a pitcher of water that was Lowroda. Their parents stood up for their boys when people lashed out at their boys.

The people of the village did they to make Jontho and Wilron feel unwelcome as was possible.

One day, the boys had red paint thrown on them and it was the stray that broke the camel’s back.

Four boys had laid in wait for Wilron and Londo on top of a nearby rooftop.

The four boys all screamed for help and the Wilron and Jontho had came running to help immediately. But it was all a set up and they were covered in red paint from head to toe.

The boys on the top of the roof begin to laugh and towards the backside of house while on the rooftops. Wilron and Jontho were livid and were not going to let the humiliation settle as they had donein the past. It was way past time that the issue had came to a head.

Wilron and Jontho run to the back of the house and found an old wooden ladder. The boys who threw the paint on them had not reached the ladder yet, so Jontho throws the ladder down to the ground with a thud. The boys on the roof top begin to curse out of frustration that they are now stuck on top of the roof.

Jontho speaks,” We have got you all now! There is no sense in trying to escape! We can outrun you all so easily!”

Wilron starts to rub his hands together in foreboding matter.

One of the boys on the roof yells,”You will be so sorry when the village finds out what you have done, you will be sorry!”

Jontho yells,” We do not care, do we Wilron?”

Wilron speaks,” No, we do not care at all!”

Jontho and Wilron got down into a deep squat position and jumped unto the roof. The four boys

on the roof who did the hazing were trying to run but was too scared to jump off the roof. The house was only about twenty feet off the ground. They keep running from one side of the roof to another. Jontho and Wilron knew that they were much faster than the other boys so they decided to let the hazers wear themselves out.

Some minutes go by and the boys on top of the roof are starting to tire from exhaustion.

One of boys tripped while running from Wilron and Jontho and lands face first on the solid stone roof. The boy flipped his body around until he was on his back. Wilron and Jontho laughed out loud since the boy had wet himself and broke his nose in the fall.

Jontho laughed,” Let us leave him be since he has humiliated himself already!”

Wilron nodded in agreement.

The remaining three boys had jumped off the right side of the roof and screams could be heard from ground level.

Jontho and Wilron run over to the side of the roof where their hazers had jumped. They all had looked before they leaped.

One of the hazers had landed on a wooden box and broke it open revealing various tools inside. One boy landed on his belly unto a large wooden barrel and the remaining hazer was on the grass grabbing his left knee out of pain.

Wilron says,” They have had enough from just making fools out of themselves, so let us go home!”

Jontho responded,” You are right! Let us go before we are hazed even more!”

They boys run straight home stopping for no one or no thing.

They run into the house and try to sneak into the bathroom when their mother, Betty sees them

by her peripheral vision.

She yells,” What happened to you two?”

The boys remained silent and did not want to tell their mother what really had occurred. She would get upset since they were her babies, giants or not.

Wilron and Jontho were both over seven foot tall and weighed over four hundred and fifty pounds a piece. Both of Betty’s sons were physically adults but she did not care about that fact. She just saw them as just eight year old boys despite their tremendous size.

Both Wilron and Jontho had been the smartest in their classes while at school. They were both still growing but they had reached physical and intellectual adulthood.

Betty knew that despite their physical and mental capacities they were still emotionally

children. She knew that her sons were often taken advantage of and hazed by those of shady values in their village. Betty knew that her boys were marked by those in her community, since they were not like the majority. The people of Lowroda were good people at heart but they hated changes to the status quo. The people of Lowroda would sometimes haze those would not fit into normality.

Betty spoke,” Why are you covered in paint from head to toe?”

The boys remained silent and could not look their mother in the eyes.

Betty yells,”You are not in trouble! I just want to know what happened? Were you hazed again?”

The boys turned their eyes away from their mother. At this moment, Betty knew that her sons were once again the victims of abuse from other children in the village. Betty had enough of her sons being victimized by fellow children and the rest of the village turning a blind eye. She truly gone past her limit as a mother seeing her children being hurt time after time!

Goran and the Butcher were still battling for hours and they are starting to wear down from their

fierce battle.

The Butcher yells,” The battle is going no where, so let us use our secret techniques! This blood

feud needs to come to an end!”

The younger twin remains silent but secretly agrees with his brother.

Goran starts circling around the Butcher and begins to make jabs at the Butcher. Goran is making body doubles while still running in a circle.

The Butcher smiles as he dodges the hundreds of jabs from his brother. The Butcher is barely dodging the strikes from a hair’s breadth.

He uses his ki to create six more arms to help him battle his brother(with a total of eight arms).

Both Goran and the Butcher are barely missing each other by simple millimeters.

Finally the Butcher catches one of the body doubles by the wrist and punches him into oblivion. One after another the body doubles are destroyed by the Butcher leaving the original Goran intact.

Goran slips behind the Butcher and grabs him by the waist.

The brothers battle for control but the Butcher is given a belly to back suplex. The Butcher lands on his head and vanishes.

It was a body double of the Butcher!

The Butcher is no where to be found and it causes Goran to get distressed and looks all around him to no avail.

Goran comes back to his senses and calms himself. He begins to search for his brother with ki detection.

But it was too late! He was punched in the back twice by the Butcher!

Goran falls forward and flipped his body into a roll on the ground until he managed to return safely to his feet.

The Butcher broke out into laughter and spoke,” You think that doing a roll to divert himself

from damage will keep you from hurting with such an advanced technique of mine, then you are truly a bumbling idiot!”

Goran starts to smiles when blood begins to burst from his chest.

He spoke with blood gushing from his mouth,” You were always fond of techniques where the opposite side of where you hit is destroyed! But you did not notice that you been hit yourself!”

A look of surprise covers the face of the Butcher as he begins to lose his balance!

The Butcher loses his sense of equilibrium and does all he can to stand on his two feet. But the mighty Butcher suffers the humiliation of falling down on one knee.

Goran spoke,” One of your greatest weakness is that you are too tough for your good! You did not even feel the kick I gave to you in your chin, while I flipped to roll away! Most people would

have died from that blow!”

Blood begins to bleed from the Butcher’s ears profusely while foam gushes out of his mouth! The blow has taken massive damage on the Butcher’s body.

Both Goran and his brother are fighting the effects of the deathblows that they have received! The two men are both on one knee and struggling to not give in to death.

The two stand to their feet, both men are shaking wildly, but eventually the shaking stops. The two warriors have recovered from the deathblows.

The Butcher begins to turn transparent and disappears into nothing!

Goran remains stationary but is still on complete guard. Goran knows that he will be killed if he drops his guard for even a millisecond.

Goran senses his brother’s blow coming and puts his hands at the sides of his head.

The Butcher is giving him a chop to each sides of Goran’s neck.

Goran redirects a lot of the blow away from him but both of his collar bones are now broken.

Goran’s massive trapezius muscles could not completely shielded him from the fierce chops.

Goran knows he must counter or he is doomed to die.

He has grabs the Butcher by the wrists and throws him over his head. Goran wraps his right arm around the Butcher’s head and ddts him unto his head.

The Butcher’s head is embedded into the hard rocky ground with his body dangling upside down. Goran is laying face to the sky on the ground next to his brother.

Betty begins to scream,” Henry come here now! I need you!”

Betty usually does not speak harshly to anyone so her husband knows that something is wrong. He comes running as fast as his legs could carry him and he sees Wilron and Jontho both covered in red


Henry yells,” What did you boys do?”

Betty cut him off and explained to him what had occurred. The boys filled in the blanks of the story.

Henry was visibly upset about he has just heard from his family.

Betty cries and says,” Our boys have been hazed long enough! We are going to put the village in it’s place!”

Before Henry and Betty could do anything a loud noise came from outside.

The family ran outside and saw an angry mob. They were carrying pitchforks and other makeshift weapons.

A man comes out of the crowd and he is gray headed and a soft belly. He is the mayor of the village that Henry and his family had lived in.

Betty bellows,” You allowed my boys to be terrorized without any consequences for far too


The mayor looks at Betty and her household with condemnation.

He speaks,” As I, Mayor Rigbee of this humble village, I have been very patient with the wild nature of your two young beasts!”

Betty was hot yet she remained very silent.

Henry and the boys had never seen her so mad before and knew best to stay out of it. Betty begins to smile as she picks up one of her potted plants.

The mayor was ranting about the so called evils of Jontho and Wilron.

Betty hits the mayor in the side of his head with the huge pot. Dirt and blood flies everywhere as Rigbee hits the ground unto his back.

The angry mob charges Betty but they never arrive at their destination.

Jontho and Wilron swell up with fury and will not their mother to come to harm, no matter whom they may be! They charge all the men and women in the village and knock them all out one after another until the mob is all on their backs groaning, due to intense pain.

The boys run to their mother and hug her in their large arms. Jontho and Wilron begin to cry as they both had just did something horrible.

Jontho screams,”Mom I am sorry that we have beat up everybody! We did not want to do it!”

Betty is crying out of pain that her gentle boys were forced to harm others.

Wilron spoke,”We have done bad and hit on women! We had to protect you! We could not let you be hurt Momma!”

Betty and her two sons are in tears about the horror that just occurred.

Henry starts to cry but forces himself to keep strong for his family.

Henry speaks,” Boys, I am sorry that you had to go through all this but I want you two both to know these two facts!”

Betty and her sons all turn to look at Henry intently on what he going to tell them.

Henry speaks,” The first thing is that there is nothing with you two boys since you are fearfully and wonderfully made! You were given those bodies for a purpose by the Maker! He is free from mistakes(unlike us) and you are like you are, because he has plans for you!”

Henry sons begin to smile and eventually Betty smiles as well.

Henry continues,” The second thing is there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself and your family! The Good Book says to live peacefully with all men if possible! You did all you could to avoid the fight but sometimes battles have to happen! There is a season for all such things!”

Goran and the Butcher are both gased out from their fierce battle. Their beaten bodies are remaining stationary on the ground. Bodies are piled up near the brothers favorite training spot and current battle field. Blood and gore covers the ground as far as the eye could see. Both of the brothers had killed hundreds if not thousands of warrior a piece as if it was nothing but a warm up for their battle.

Goran and the Butcher begin to stir and moan out out of pain.

The Butcher still has his head under the hard ground but his body is completely vertical up into the air. He use his massive arms to lift his body up into the air and it forces the ground to free it’s grip that is upon his head. All the man’s weight is on his two arms, while being upside down. The Butcher thrusted his body off the ground with his hands and flips himself right side up.

Goran stirs as well and rolls face first away from his brother. When he is a safe distance away, he turns his body horizontally to face his brother, then he rises to his feet.

Both men flex and make a battle cry to let the other know that the battle is far from over. Both of them have gotten their second wind and ready to continue the battle.

The Butcher and Goran walk up to each other and are face to face. The two men are sizing each

other looking for an opening in the other’s defenses. They stand motionless so they do not give an edge to the other.

Finally, Goran chops the Butcher on his chest to no effect!

The Butcher grunts out loud in response to the blow and chops Goran in return.

Goran does not flinch and yells back in return.

The two men rip the front of the other’s shirt and they both begin to chop each other endlessly!

Several minutes go by the brothers’ chests are covered with fresh blood, welts, and, cuts all over their astronomical chests.

Neither brother has gotten the edge over the other and they start to elbowing each other’s heads. This goes on for what seems like forever.

Butcher and Goran start to throw hard lariats at each other, which land against their sternums. Such a move has the warrior throw a forearm at their foe in their sternum or neck as hard as they can.

Neither man can knock down the other but they still do not quit. The lariats grow harder and harder until both men are knock down by the other’s lariat. Each man has an arm over each brother’s chest. They are starting to pant heavily for air.

Butcher and Goran roll forward until they are both vertical and then they turn towards each other on one knee. They have fists up ready to battle some more. The two men both begin to laugh out of frustration and excitement. Nether brother has been in such a fierce battle before.

The battle can not go much farther and it is nearing the final blow.

Both of the brothers loved to fight each other and try to get the best out of each other. They truly hated to have to be in a death battle among themselves but they have had their hands forced by the evils of the great shadow.

But something unbelievable happens!

Both Goran and the Butcher speak in unison, “Enough with the warm up!”

The Butcher and Goran had just been playing with each other the entire time!

Goran releases all of his ki as well as the Butcher.

The ground begins to quake due to the sheer magnitude of the two men’s ki.

The two men power up and release all the restraints on their ki.

Both men pulled back and throw their fiercest punch at the other. The fists of the two men connect and the force throws them away from each other. They both manage to regain their footing and

the battle continues!

The Butcher makes hand slices at his brother. Goran dodges the slices and a pillar behind him is sliced into rumble.

Goran charges the Butcher and drives his hands into the Butcher’s chest.

Goran could drive his limbs through a person’s body without destroying the outer flesh. His limbs were not even bloody when he left the victim’s body cavity.

Goran is trying to rip out the lungs of the Butcher.

The Butcher struggles to keep his brother’s hands stationary to minimize internal organ damage.

This forces Goran to exit the Butcher’s chest. Goran slips free of the Butcher’s grip and rotates himself to behind the Butcher’s back. He wraps his arms around the waist of the Butcher.

The two brothers are fighting for control when Goran’s feet near the cliff of Death Canyon. The Butcher tries to push his brother back into the canyon. Goran does give in the might of his brother and does not fall into the deep canyon.

Goran uses all his strength to do a belly to back suplex.

The Butcher is thrown over his brothers head while Goran’s grip is still tight around his waist. Butcher knows that he must counter or he will die!

The Butcher shifts both his and Goran’s bodies mid air. The Butcher’s hands land on the edge of the cliff and thrusts both the body weight of Goran and the Butcher up into the air. The Butcher is upside down and he flips his body until he right side up.

While midair, The Butcher shifts Goran’s body into a powerbomb position over his own head.

Goran is powerbombed into Death Canyon while the Butcher uses his hand slices to cut his brother’s muscles on the way down.

Goran’s body is bleeding copiously as falls against the walls of the canyon.

The Butcher lands on the edge of the cliff and the ground breaks underneath him. The Butcher is going to fall into the canyon as well!

The Butcher punches into the side of the cliff and pulls himself back unto the solid ground. The Butcher is facing the canyon panting hard in an attempt to try get more air.

The great shadow speaks,” You have done as you were asked! Yet, you struggled something fierce!”

A look of contempt appears on the face of the worn out Butcher as he turns to look at the great shadow.

The Butcher struggles to speak,” You just ask me to get the job down and not how well it had to be done! I was just enjoying the battle until it was the best time to finish it! I love a great battle and I had extended for as long as I could!”

The metal box containing the conqueror mask is thrown on the ground next to the Butcher.

The Butcher begins to grab at the mask when it returns back to the hand of the great shadow.

“What is the deal? Are you trying to cheat me?”says the Butcher.

The great shadow speaks,” I just want to let you know that there are conditions with me giving you this mask!”

The Butcher smiles and speaks,” I promise to not hurt your little babies! Just give it to me! I

finished my side of the bargain!”

Great shadow throws the metal box back at the Butcher. The Butcher looks at the conqueror mask and sees that the mask had no mouth, just eye holes. It had a point in the center of the top of the head. The mask had two orbs on each side of the center point.

The Butcher stands to feet and puts on the conqueror mask. The mask begins to heal all the wounds on the huge man’s body. Ki begins to burst out from the body of the huge warrior. The entire planet of Violio begins to shake wildly. The ki of the newly empowered Butcher can be felt far beyond the solar system of the planet Violio and across the entire Singlarr Galaxy!

The great shadow is completely unaffected by the ki of the Butcher.

The great shadow laughs,” The Butcher is baptized in the blood of his victims! He is sincerely born again this day!”

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