Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 10

Tenlong was being dragged unconscious by one of his leg by some sort of large figure with a massive back. The figure was more than twice the size of Tenlong.

He was being dragged further and further away from the home of Mary and her son Jimmy for what seemed to be several miles. The boy even if he had awoke, he would be at a lost to find his way back home.

The large figure picks up the boy unto his left shoulder and carries him into the mouth of a nearby cave.

The figure went down a long series of tunnels that it seemed that he was going in circles.

Then the figure stops right in front of a stone wall inside the cave system and it suddenly opens. Tenlong is carried through the door while on top of the massive entity’s shoulders.

The cave door shuts immediately after the pair enter the new lighted cave area. It was if there was never a door there.

The figure walks in with the boy, revealing his gigantic body. The man was over fifteen foot tall and all over fifteen hundred pounds. He was completely muscle, but his sides had grown thicker over the years as the rest of his body. He had a long black beard with a skunk stripe on the left third of beard and nowhere else. The beard had a large ponytail that stretched down to huge man’s knees with shorter loose stands of hair laying in front of the old man’s chest. This was totally different to the short buzzed hair that covered the elder’s head. The man was wearing a long sleeve coat that stretched down to just above the ankles of the man but was exposed at both sides of the figure’s legs.

The new found area was let by the flames of an enormous fire that sits under a huge metal pot. The smell coming from the pot was something beyond delicious. It was almost beyond words. Also, several wall mounted lanterns turn themselves on as if by an unspoken command.

The man carries the boy over to a huge bed and covers him in a fur pelt blanket.

The old man then walked over to the huge pot and checked to see if the food was done. To the old man’s enjoyment, it was done.

The flames of the fire was then put out and the man grabbed the immense pot with both of his callused hands. The burning pot did not even slow down the huge man as he chugged down the entire pot of soup in one hungered go.

The man sets the pot back down and sits down in a vast padded chair. He caved into the desire to sleep and fell right to sleep.

The next morning, Tenlong awakes to find himself in a strange bed. He exits the bed to find himself in the clothes that he left to fight with the attackers while on his hunting trip.

He thought to himself,”Why was I attacked by those men? I did nothing to them? Where did they go and where am I? Why are Gigantos hated so much? I just do not get it!”

Tenlong started to smell some sort of breakfast being cooked. The lad’s belly rumbles and decides to find the origin of the smell.

He was not disappointed when he saw a table full of all sorts of breakfast meats and sides.

Tenlong speaks,”This is too good to be true! I have to get myself out of this place!”

The boy rushes all over the huge dwelling but can not find an exit out of the place.

The large man that took Tenlong here, finally appears before him.

Tenlong yells,”Oh, Crap! I have to get out of here!”

The boy wanted nothing to do with the old man and he begun to grow panic as he ran away from the old giant.

Mary had not slept very much last night and shifted in her bed from side to side. She was

worried sick about the young boy, Tenlong which made her unable to get comfortable in her bed. He had been attacked by the village’s hunters and disappeared into nowhere. She finally sit up in her bed and begins to pray for the well being of Tenlong.

Mayor Grimwald woke up before the sun even rose and got dressed.

Grimwald lit a lantern and went from house to house knocking on all the house doors. He called out for an ensemble. The old mayor went to the village square and sits down in an old wooden chair.

Grimwald waited in the chair so that the villagers would have time to get dressed for the search party. The children stand home with the older children watching the younger children.

All able bodied adults were standing waiting for the mayor to tell them what was going on. The old mayor fell asleep and quickly woke up, Grimwald stood up so that he tell the curious villagers why they had to get up so early in the morning.

The mayor coughed to clear his throat so that he could properly speak.

The mayor spoke,”I called you here because a young lad has gone missing in the woods near Mary’s home.”

The villagers gasped out in surprise by what Grimwald had just and they were talking among themselves.

One of the villagers ask,”Who is the lad so that we can call out their name during the search?”

Grimwald spoke,”The boy is named Tenlong and he has the appearance of a man. He is one of the Gigantos’ descendants.

The people were taken back by a Giganto being in the land of Lowroda. The simple land had a battler’s academy but most of the academy were originally outsiders to the land of the Lowroda.

Grimwald spoke,” He is one of us from one of the nearby villages and he had recently become

orphaned. He had got lost in the woods nearby Jimmy and Mary’s house.”

Someone yells,”That is no boy! It was a monster!”

Grimwald looks down at the crowd to find the source of the voice.

It was one of the hunters that the mayor had sent to kill Tenlong! Grimwald wished now that he had waited to figure out what was really going on.

Now that all six hunters had gathered in the front of the crowd. They were trying to get the villagers behind their cause.

Grimwald yelled,”Men, I made a wrong choice and I did not know what was really going on.”

One of the hunters yell,”No, you made the right decision when it came to how horrible that monster was.”

One of the other hunters spoke,”The monster could not be hurt by any kind of weapon! He was too powerful!”

The villagers cry out in horror when the hunter tell the encounter that had occurred with the boy Tenlong. But they made the boy out to be monster and the villain.

The village was ready to riot and Grimwald could do little to stop them.

Mary could hear a loud commotion coming from the village. She decides to see what was going on and not wait until the mayor and the rest of village came to help in the search for Tenlong. As the young mother got closer she begin to hear louder and louder the screams become.

She hears,”Kill the monster! Let us kill it now. It must not be allowed to live any longer!”

Mary walks into the village and hears hate speech.

One hunter speaks,”Those Gigantos will rape and pillage all those that are around them. The Butcher himself was one as well. They are prone to violence and crimes! You can not trust them!”

Mary begins to cries because she knows that they are talking about Tenlong. The boy had done nothing wrong to anybody.

Grimwald yells over the six hunters,” Stop with all this hate mongering, hunters! It is not our village’s way! It is not God’s way!”

The hunters jump unto the stage and encircle the old man.

Mary begins to cry as she sees all the hatred towards just a young boy. They were blaming Tenlong for the sins of those who passed before him. That is what the hate was all about and nothing more. The Gigantos were said to be very violent and were always entrapped in war. They cared little for the results of their actions beside winning the battle.

Any potential victim of the original Gigantos was long since dead but that could not change all the wrath that remained with the people of Lowroda. Tenlong was different that the rest of the village and that only caused all the commotions.

Mary wipes all the tears out of her weary eyes and marches forward through the angry crowd. She is getting bumped and hit all over by enrage villagers.

Mary knocked to the ground by a large man who is not paying any heed to his fellow person.

But she was too determined to give up now and she gets up. She does all she can to remain on her feet. She was almost right in front of the stage where Grimwald was standing with the hunters at.

Grimwald looks down to his horror while the hunters grabbed him to try to silence him and sees that Mary is among the crowd. The mayor can tell that the young mother is very upset by all her tears and the anger upon her tender face.

Tenlong knew that the massive monster of a man had taken him for a reason beyond the boy’s meager understanding. He did not know where he was at or why he was taken here away from his new family. People often feared the unknown especially those like the very young Tenlong. It was a safety mechanism in children to not like things that are foreign to them so that they would remain safe from dangerous things. The large man’s attentions with the boy was still very much unknown to him. The boy grew afraid that this old man might be predator with ill ideas towards him, but prayed that was not the case here.

Tenlong started to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. The dwelling place of this stranger was very labyrinth like and seemed to have no rhyme or reason to it’s layout. It was most likely made by the old man to be very confusing to anyone beside himself. He had to know the meaning behind all the madness and it was probably made that way on purpose.

Tenlong thought,”Why such a strong looking man need such a hiding place in this stony prison? It does not make any bloody sense to me!”

He looked for over one hour for an exit but could not find any way out.

The lad yelled,”Did he just walked through a wall while carrying me? Is that what happen to me?”

A man’s voice spoke,”We did not walk through a wall, it opened through a secret entrance that is not readily apparent to you. Things are not as they seem to the naked eye!”
Tenlong gasped as he felt the large man’s hand on his shoulder as he turned completely around to see no one.

The boy demanded,”How could such a large man be so quick? Where did he go?”

The large man spoke,”Centuries of training my young one has make me very fleet footed!”

Tenlong looked in a complete circle around himself but could not find the big man nowhere in

the stony hallway.

The old man spoke,”What is the problem, youngin? You can not find me even though I am right

next to you! What is the issue with you? Are you weak eyed?”

The boy started to grow angry as the large man kept patting the young boy on his head from all different sorts of angles without being even visible to the lad.

Tenlong bellowed,”Why did I do to you for you to kidnap me? What is the deal behind all of this?”

The man spoke,”I did it for your own good since you were about to bring harm upon yourself!

You are too green for your own good.”

Tenlong yelled,”What are you talking about? What lies are you spewing out of your mouth?”

The old man spoke,”It is beyond your understanding and you do not feed steak to a new born baby! That much you should know to be fact! I hope you are not that dumb.”

The lad was steaming out in sheer disdain for this giant and Tenlong was letting him know about.

The large man spoke,”I am one of your kind and I am a Gigantos as well as you are!”

The lad spoke,”What! You are surely big enough to be a Gigantos but why should I trust you just based upon your words? I do not know you or can even see you for that matter!”

The old man spoke,”I am just standing in a blind spot where your eyes fail to see, yet here I am before you.”

The old man appeared as of out thin air and put his arms to his sides in an attempt to show no ill intent.

Tenlong still remained cautious of the crafty old man.

The old man spoke,”You see me before you with my hands out in the open. Could you at least hear out my explanation?”

The old giant was given a nod by the young man and he nodded in return.

The old man spoke,”You were trying to transform again after a very sort break between

transformations. It is not good for you to do so and it could had caused you to grow weak minded.”

Tenlong interrupted,”But I only changed when my mother...”

He paused in silence as he remembered the haunted image of his mother’s dead body that was seared into his brain. It was something that he did not like to think about.

The old man spoke,”It is very common for our kind to power up when we suffer loss or danger beyond our control. It is supposed to only be used sparingly and not to the point where we are too dependent on it. Growth is supposed to something that gradually comes day after day. Our kind do get stronger until we grow nearer our deaths. Strength is our greatest ally, but it can cause us to retard our other skills.”

Tenlong spoke,”That is nice to know but why did you taken me here against my will?”

The old man spoke,”Your power was running loose and it could had destroyed you! You were extending yourself beyond your capabilities! Let me some just a little taste of what I can do.”

The old giant transformed into a twenty foot tall giant that weighed over one ton of pure muscle. The man’s face grows to that of a young man and not of old age. The man’s powerful aura begins to emit around to the point where the hallway begins to rattle like a tin can in the wind.

Tenlong falls to the ground on all fours as he grows very weak just being in fellow giant’s presence. The lad then falls face first unto the ground as if he was being pressed to the ground. The boy tries to beg the old man to stop but his breath had left him as he struggled to even breathe in the same area of the old Gigantos.

The lad’s ki forms around as he attempts to return to his feet as his body starts to change into a larger form as it had back in the woods.

This was a safety mechanism that had been ingrained to each and every Gigantos.

Tenlong managed to stand on one knee in front of the enormous Gigantos as he fought for every

breath of air.

The old man spoke,’Do you not see to what I am saying?”

Tenlong looked down to see his larger body that he was now in. The old Gigantos powered back down to his normal old body. Then Tenlong returned back to his normal seven foot form as well.”

Tenlong spoke,”Yeah I see that I did transformed as you said but I do not remember it happening in the woods as you said.”

The old man spoke,” You had must had blocked out but I will explain it better later. We must first eat breakfast before it grows cold! Come eat with me!”

Tenlong was led into a large dining room by the old man and found a large table covered in all sorts of breakfast meats and many other breakfast foods.

The giant set down and said,”I know that you are hungry after your battle so let us eat. Us Gigantos need a lot of food to be able to fight so much and keep up our large size.”

Tenlong sit at the table and waited.

The old man spoke,”Why the wait? What is the problem?”

Tenlong spoke,”We need to bless the table before we eat our meals!”

The old man prayed over the food and immediately begin to tear into the breakfast food.

The man spoke with some food in his mouth,”It is not poisoned. If I wanted to kill you then I would have done it already. You know all too well how strong I truly am and that power I showed you was just a sliver of my strength!”

Tenlong knew that the old man was unrelentingly strong and was not bluffing in the least. That man had the boy where he wanted and the lad could do little to change that fact. He had some purpose for him but the old man would not let him in on it just yet.

The two Gigantos ate unil they both had gotten extremely full. The two had eaten every scrape of food that was there to be eaten.

The old man spoke,”I will tell you why I had taken you here but first do you want to hear about the story of our people? You asked me a loaded question so I need to put some context to the matter.”

Tenlong spoke,”Yeah, I would like that but who is going to do the dishes?”

The old man chuckled at the comment, “It will take care of itself because one as strong as I is beyond simple housekeeping.”

Tenlong just accepted the answer since he knew that would not probably get an answer anyway.

The old man only told what he wanted the boy to know and not one thing more.

The old man pulled out a large glass orb from a nearby shelf and displayed it to the lad.

The boy asked,”What is that? Is that a crystal ball? Are you going to tell me my fortune?”

The old man spoke,”It is an image orb where it better shows the listener to what the talker is trying to express. It is something that was made by those long since dead centuries ago. It will help you to better understand my reasoning for you being here today and my motives.”

The white orb lights up by itself and hovers in front of the face of the ever curious Tenlong.

The boy was doing all he could to keep himself from smiling at the thought of hearing some more about his people. The old man was ignoring such eagerness from the boy to not effect to what he was doing.

Several millennium ago there lived the Gigantos on the world of Violio, which was in a state of growth. Many different kinds of people were starting to develop more unmistakable to those around them. There was one group of people that was trying to obtain complete control over the large planet. It was a group of people called the Solarians and not the Gigantos. This group of people were bigots of the worst kind that believed that all other races were inferior to them. The Solarians were taught from toddlers that they were truly the master race.

The Solarians attempted to make slaves of all other races and the main group of their slaves

were the Gigantos. All slaves treated like mindless drones and were forced to worked to the death. Rebellion of any kind was punished by immediate death.

The boy interrupted,”I thought the Gigantos were once rulers of the world but you are telling me that they were slaves instead?”

The old man spoke,”Yes they were the rulers of this world and they can be again. But they were slaves before that. It will make sense later on so let me finish.”

The old man continued his tale as Tenlong listened on eagerly.

The Solarians were the best fighters on the planet of their time and they hid their abilities very secretly. This kept the self professed rulers a much needed edge over all that opposed them openly or in secret.

Rebellion against the Solarians went on form time to time but it was always stopped by the ever powerful rulers. The group had some hidden ability that they kept hidden from all outsiders that allowed them such control over others. They were not as strong as the Gigantos slaves that they had kept so close to them were but they still had some sort of edge that remained concealed to them. No one could find the Solarians’ source of power no matter what they did to search.

The hatred that the Gigantos had for their Solarians masters grew larger and larger over the years. The mighty slaves kept their intentions hidden as they prepared to defeat their contemptuous rulers. But it was hard for them to do so since they suffered much violence of all kinds. The Gigantos researched in concealment a way to break the divide in skill that the Solarians had over them.

The Gigantos were experts at fighting themselves and fought against all sorts of fighting styles on the planet. They were the main force of the Solarian army and did all the fighting for their rulers. The Gigantos had soon developed expert fighting skills to go along their massive physical prowess.

The Solarians on the other hand did little training beside what they did as children and figured

that they were never be beaten. They were too lazy to keep up growing as warriors since they were often such great fighting prodigies. Their giant servants knew that this was the masters’ greatest weakness due to many years of observation. The evil ones never realized that pride comes before destruction. The Gigantos were becoming very impatient and waiting for their chance to rebel. They knew that they must not waist such a great opportunity to take the Solarians by surprise.

The old Gigantos took a look at Tenlong and he was now fast asleep after such a long story.

Tenlong fell asleep after all the food that was in his belly. The old man put him back to the bed that he had awoken in.

Tenlong awoke to find himself sleeping in the same bed that he first found himself in. The overgrown boy let out a yawn as he stirred himself back to the land of the living.

The old man was sitting in a large chair across the room from the risen Tenlong. The boy felt that he was just going around in circles with this old guy.

The old master spoke,”Younglings these days become tired so easily and that they need so much sleep!”

The lad was so angered that he jumped clean out of the bed.

Tenlong spoke,”I am not no baby, Mister man with no name!”

The old man spoke,”You can call me master J, if you want!”

Tenlong spoke,”Alright, Master J, why have you taken me here beside my heritage. You must have some other motive in mind. I am not stupid!”

Master J spoke,”I did it so that others less kind than I am would not find you before you had grown into adulthood. People can detect your ki beside myself, some even better than me. I know that you are young, but you had been watched since a child. That much I know to be fact and it was the same way when I was your age.”

Tenlong spoke,”There is no one like that in this land. You are just being crazy!”

Master J spoke,”I beg to differ young one. There are several people watching this land for up and coming fighters. The people of the desert to the east love to take foreign fighters for the gladiator games. The Socanas love blood sports above almost anything! They do not care if you die even if you are close to them. It is a might makes right society.”

Tenlong did not know what to say.

Master J spoke,”I know that it is a lot to take in but you must not fear for I will teach you to control your powers. I will teach you to protect yourself from anyone who wishes to beat you in battle.

Tenlong spoke,”Really, you will?”

Master J spoke,”I can do just that but it is still way too early for teaching you any battle training yet. You are around four years old are you not?”

Tenlong spoke,”Yes I had my birthday a few months ago.”

Master J spoke,”I will then train you here until you are able to control your ki at a very basic level. It could take you years to do so. It is not am easy thing to learn at first.”

Tenlong spoke,”But my family will miss me since I will be gone too long!”

Master J smiled,”It is okay since time is different here. Right now every twenty days here is only one day in the normal world.”

Tenlong spoke,”I can not believe that! You are lying to me!”

Master J spoke,”It was an old trick that came from the battle academy to extend time that a master could use to create stronger fighters. I can make it so one year in here is equal to one day outside.”

Tenlong’s eyes about jump out of his skull when he heard that from Master J”

Master J spoke,”Do not worry I will not put your body under such stresses but only twenty times normal for now. It will be more than enough to prepare you to control your powers. We will do

only basic training for the time being.

Tenlong was shown how to do sit ups and push ups by Master J until he could not go anymore.

Master J yelled,” Keep it up until supper!”

Tenlong was pushed until he could not do anymore exercises then he was told to eat all the food that he could. The boy had a very hard day and fell asleep on the dinning room table.

The next morning the lad was given a fresh set of clothes and led to a shower.

Tenlong spoke,”I can not believe it! I have got more muscles than I had yesterday! This is


He hurried and got dressed, He ran to speak with Master J.

Master J spoke,”What is with the hurry lad?”

Tenlong spoke,”I have grown overnight!”

Master J spoke,”That it is normal for Gigantos to grow muscle so quickly. You are only just

getting started. You were around 300 pounds when you got here about a day ago now you are 310

pounds after a day of 20 times training. You will get even bigger!”

The second day included all sorts of body weight exercises for all different body parts. The boy was showed all kind of ways to stretch his muscles. Tenlong tired before could finish the day’s training.

On the third morning, he had gained another ten pounds. The boy was getting excited from his new muscle and was eager to get more. This day the lad was shown various running exercises on top of his previous training.

The boy tired before he could finish. The training was hard since it added unto the previous days training.”

The forth day the boy had weighed 330 pounds and was a little leaner.

Master J, spoke,” You are starting to get some where and it is time that training gets harder.”

Tenlong nodded his head in agreement.

Days four through six go by and Tenlong now weighs 360 pounds and seven percent body fat.

He started at 300lbs and 13% body fat six days ago.

Tenlong rested on the seventh day and was given a Good Book to read. He study it at the best that he could for his tender age. The old man help Tenlong to better be able to read the Good Book.

All seven days in the cave were equal to one hundred forty days of normal training in the outside world.

The eight day he started all over again.

Master J said,”That he increasing the training to 30 times normal. The physical training will be the same but harder. You will do more and more.”

Tenlong had to study all sorts of book. He learned about the body, history, etc.

It was like a crash course school lessons. This went on for a second week and the boy was taught to read and write do math, etc,. The boy had little schooling from his mother before but he was slowly getting better.

At the end of the second week, Tenlong was 405 pounds and still at the same body fat.

Next week the training was increased to forty times normal.

The boy had to do all his physical training with weights tied to him. The boy had more things to study throughout the week. He grew up to 430 pounds and six percent body fat. The boy’s learning was that one a first grader of an elite scale. He read the Good Book and was showed to prayed on the last day.

The next week the boy had to work at 50 times training. The boy trained with heavy weights tied to him. Tenlong was now 7 foot and 450 pounds at 5 percent body fat. He study until he completed the second grade.

Tenlong spoke,”Can I go home now? I am missing my home!”

Master J spoke,”No, I will not let you go until you are ready to go and that is final!”

Another four weeks went by increased training each week from 60-90 times. Tenlong was now at the same weight but at four percent body fat. Tenlong was near completing the 11th grade.

Tenlong spoke,”Can I go home now? I am missing my family!”

Master J spoke,”No, I will not let you go until you are ready to go and that is final! I would like

you to stay for another month!”

Tenlong was mad but he knew that he could not escape from his teacher.

This month he was taught to control his ki and learn to use it while keeping it hidden. He was taught to control his aura and keep it steady while working out.

It was hard first but soon it went well.

His physical strength and speed had went up again. Tenlong had finished high school and he even got an associate degree in general college courses. 12 weeks had past with the last four being at 100 times.

Tenlong spoke,”Can I leave now?”

Master J smiled,” Your training is not finished yet but you may go home!”

Tenlong spoke,”What?”

Back in Mary’s village just after Tenlong had gone missing. The six hunters that Grimwald had

sent to battle Tenlong had gotten the village into a near riot. They wanted the young Gigantos died and died asap.

Mary begin to yell at the hunters,”How dare you try to murder a four year old boy and make him out to be the monster! Grimwald himself admitted that the mission that he sent you on was wrong and misinformed. So what if he is a Giganto, we have people within the village with only one leg or arm. We love them all anyway!”

The crowd tries to stop Mary but to no avail as she screams out in anger. One person covers her mouth with their hand and she bites it until it bleeds.

The man looses his grip on Mary.

Jimmy JR yells out in anger, ’Stop it! Tenlong is my friend!”

The whole crowd looks at the sight of the crying boy.

One woman yells,”That monster is a deceiver. You two had been tricked!”

Jimmy Jr yells,”Would a bad guy build us a barn and all the meat that we could eat. He did it like he knew us his entire life. He had his Momma killed by bandits and he was rejected by his village.

He got bigger after watching his Momma’s murder and left to get help. But he could not find any until My Momma and I took him home. He had not ate for a long time and had been starving.

He ate an entire pot of my mother’s stew.”

The entire village was silent after hearing the boy’s affectionate statement.

The hunters started to yell again when the boy begun to cry with snot, spit, and tears.

Mary rushed over to her son and held him close to her heart. Grimwald was crying as well and soon the entire village begun to lament as well.

Mayor Grimwald spoke,”Stop this madness and let us help our family find their new friend!”

The whole crowd was powerless to go against the demands since their heart had been broken. It

was the love Mary and their son had held for the well being of a total stranger.

People begun to yell,”What do we need to do to help?”

Mary and Jimmy JR smiled at the comment.

Grimwald spoke,”I had already divided the nearby woods into sections and who is to go to each section.”

The village searched day and night but could not find the boy. This went on for twelve weeks. The people were becoming worried about the boy’s well being and prayed for him. Some even fasted and prayed so that God would intervene.

Mary was cooking breakfast when she hears somebody come through the front. She rushes through the home and sees a large man in a cloak.

Mary spoke,”You better leave or there is going to be trouble!”

The voice spoke,”This is my home, too! You told me that yourself.”

The voice seem familiar and she gasps.

Mary speaks,“Tenlong, is that you?”

Tenlong spoke, Yes it is! I am back!”

Mary was picked up into the arms by Tenlong as she cried.

Jimmy woke up to hear his mother crying and ran to protect his mother when he heard the person speak.

“I am sorry that I could not come sooner but now I am here!”

Jimmy spoke,” Is that you, Tenlong,?”

Tenlong spoke,”Yes, Jimmy, it is me!”

Jimmy jump into the large boy’s arms as well as the three hugged and cried together. The family

of three were laughing and celebrating together all of the morning and well into the same evening.

Mary gasps,”We have been having so much fun that he forgot to tell the village of your return, Tenlong. We have got to let them know!”

The boy had a look of fear on his face since his own village had rejected him as well as Mary’s Village.

The mother explained the villagers’ newfound attitude when seem to please the overgrown boy.

Mary spoke,”My Lord boy, you had gotten so much bigger than I had even thought possible. I had managed to make you a new outfit that would fit you better than the last one, while you two boys was outside playing.”

Tenlong changed into the new outfit and it looked good on him.

Mary spoke,”Let us go to the village and tell the village that you are safely home.

She led the two boys into the village and Tenlong was immediately stared at ,since he was a seven foot, four hundred and fifty pound boy was extremely rare among the villagers of Lowroda.

Tenlong had to have some form of gigantism. The Gigantos breed out all of the weakness of the medical condition.

Some of the children pointed at Tenlong while other children were fearful of the large lad.

She was walking out in the village when he saw Mary and the other two.

Grimwald spoke,”I did not know you had guests. Who is your friend?”

Jimmy Jr interrupted,”It is my new big brother, Tenlong!”

Grimwald’s eyes bug out of his head when he learned to who he was looking at.

The mayor hugs the boy as if he had knew him all of his life.

Grimwald looked up into the boy’s eyes with much tenderness.

The mayor spoke,”I am so sorry for what we had done to you under my leadership! Will you let

us throw you a party as a means to try to welcome you into the village?”

Tenlong spoke,”Will there be food at this party?”

Grimwald smiled,”Yes my boy, there will be food.”

The was given a feast that lasted for the whole night and into the next day. The village wanted the orphaned boy to feel that he was loved and that the whole village could be his family now if he so wanted. Tenlong was too young to fit in with the adults and too knowledgeable to be at the children’s level so everybody took turns spending time with him. The experience was good times for all except for the six hunters that tried to kill Tenlong.

The six men had held grimaces on their faces during the entire feast. The hunters went to speak with the mayor privately as Tenlong saw them in the corner of his eye.

One of the hunters were speaking near Grimwald and the hunter talking even pointed at the lad.

This startled the huge boy and he was beginning to walk away.

Mary asks,”What is wrong, Tenlong? What is troubling you?”

Tenlong’s face was turning red out of frustration.

Mary tried to hold the hand of Tenlong but was totally enwrapped by the young Gigantos.

Tenlong explained to Mary what he saw.

Mary spoke softly to the lad,”It will be okay, honey! Grimwald and I will not anyone mess with you anymore. Just ignore them and pay them no heed.”

Then the six hunters came to meet Tenlong.

One of the hunters spoke,”My name is John and we will like to talk with you. Would you come with us for a little while, please?”

Mary stood in between Tenlong and the village’s hunters.

Mary spoke,”Why will you not leave...”

Grimwald spoke,”It will be okay since they want to take the lad to the church. What mayhem

could be done in a simple church?”

Mary spoke,”You better not let anything happen or I will break your jaw, little man!”

Grimwald knew that the widow woman was not joking and care had been to be made to care for this lad.

Tenlong walked with the hunters and the local mayor.

Jimmy walks over to his mother and says,”Will Tenlong be alright?”

Mary spoke,”He will be okay but I do not know about the others with him.”

Tenlong walked into the church with the seven men and saw an old man waiting for them.

The old man spoke,”It is time to settle this matter and let us do this with a foot washing.

Tenlong was asked to take his socks and shoes off. He was asked to sit in the middle of a hole filled wooden pew as the Grimwald starts to wash the feet of the boy while praying out loud. The six hunters and the preacher laid hands on him as they prayed over the boy with tears in their eyes. Each one of the seven men that wrong Tenlong had washed his feet out of humility. Even the preacher washed his feet which shocked the boy a little.

Tenlong asked,”What have you done to deserve having to wash my feet? I do not know you and

you could not had done me any wrong. Why, go through all the trouble?”

The preacher looked up to the boy and said,”Because I want to see you get a blessing from God

through this act of humility. The Lord washed his disciples’ feet and He was without any sin.

Tenlong spoke,”Then can I do it too to show that I want to forgive them now.

The boy washed all eight men’s feet as the men pray over the lad.

Tenlong spoke,”The fight is over.”

The mayor and the others all hug the lad.

Mary and Jimmy had watched out of sight the entire exchange between the boy and the others. She was blessed with how that it was dealt with. The village would eventually see the lad as one of their own for life over the next few months.

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