Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 11

Red leader was standing in front of Mary and Jimmy’s house. He was somehow destroying all the traps without physically touching them.

He spoke,”Whom ever made this house was very paranoid, but rightful so! It was if they knew we were coming!”

The traps were being lifted out of the ground by some unseen force and safety set off away from

the bandit boss.

Soon all the traps were destroyed as if they were never there at all.

Red leader spoke,”Now to rid myself of all these failures!”

The remains of the dead bandits were bursting into an explosion of blood and gore. The ground was matted with a mist of bandit remains. Red Leader was careful to not damage the mansion so that he could steal whatever treasures that laid within.

Red Leader spoke,”I will wait for Beauty and Beauty to return so they do not get mad that I had enjoyed all the fun by myself.”

The bandit leader was starting to get impatient and he begins to wonder what was going on.

Red leader spoke,”What are two doing? It is two versus one you two! You should should be back here already! Why are you two being so pathetic?”

Red Leader sensed out for the two’s ki and he was surprised.

The pair was fighting seriously together against just one person! Then their ki vanished away into nothingness.

The bandit spoke,”This can not be! They can not be killed by some hick!”

But it was too true and villager’s ki was as strong as ever.

Red Leader was too mad to sense that the ki was racing towards him.

The bandit leader curses and the destroys the top floor of the mansion with a ki blast.

The the remains of the home were covered in smoke for several minutes.

The smoke finally clears and the bandit sees somebody coming out of the smoke.

The basement of the mansion was still intact due to it being specially hard metal and stone.

The foe looks at Red Leader with disdain in his eyes as he races toward him.

It was Jimmy Sr that was racing towards the evil bandit leader who had destroyed his wedding gift to his wife. It angered to see all his blood, sweat, and tears was destroyed, yet alone the potential harm done to his wife and son.

Jimmy punches at the bandit but has attacking fist grabbed by the foe. Jimmy was completely midair while being held by Red Leader. The bandit leader was shorter than Jimmy by at least four or five inches and lighter than him by at least one hundred pounds.

But that did not matter the pair were both about evenly strong.

Jimmy kicked at the bandit with extreme hatred that was totally unlike the usually cool headed master. The father and husband was protecting his family and would do all he could to destroy all that dared to harm those he loved so much.

At the last second, Jimmy’s kick was caught by the left arm of Red Leader.

The two warriors struggle for control but neither could get the best of the other. But finally Jimmy breaks free of the hold and jumps away from Red Leader.

The two stares at each other in wait of the incoming strike.

Jimmy jumps at the bandit with a mighty punch while Red Leader did the same.

The two warriors’ fist collide and the two are knocked back by the blows.

The pair lean forward with their arms extended straight in front of them. They did this to kept from falling unto the two’s back.

The two were closely matched and Jimmy knew that this battle would not be an easy battle. Red Leader was head and shoulders ahead of Beauty and Beast when it came to talent.

After the massive double punch, both Jimmy and Red Leader had managed to regain their balance through their varied battle experiences. The pair was readied to battle some more as if they were just feeling each other out.

Jimmy spoke,”We are both good fighters but why don’t we just go our own separate ways. The violence can stop with us right now and more blood does not has to be shed here on this day!”

Red Leader,”We can not go back now! Neither of us will sacrifice our beliefs once comrades had been slain! You know that as well as I. Don’t be so foolish!”

Jimmy spoke,”I had to try! It is just that when two masters of our caliber battle someone usually falls prey to death! I fight to protect not to destroy.”

Red Leader spoke,”That is where we drastically differ since I believe that might makes right!”

Jimmy spoke,”That way of life is inherently wrong since there is always somebody that us at any given moment. If you were to beat me and you will not be able to do so, then somebody else will just kill you later. Live by the sword and die by the sword!”

Red leader spoke,”I am beyond the point of no return and I welcome my death when it comes!

Enough will all the preaching and let us prove who is truly stronger in their convictions!”

Jimmy spoke,”Fine enough!”

The two warriors start to circle each other waiting for a hole in each other’s defenses. Neither warrior was letting their guard down, while standing in their fighting stance. Such a mistake made by ether opponent could spell defeat.

This period of inaction went on for several minutes without any reprisal from ether fighter.

The pair then rush each other into a lock up of both men’s arms. They both struggled to get the

upper hand over the other.

Yet, no one can get the upper hand in the lock up and they start a test of strength among each other. Jimmy gets the upper hand over the bandit and forces the bandit leader fall down to one knee. The hero was squeezing the hands of the foe and shoving them down behind the head of Red Leader.

The bandit forces himself back to his feet and causes Jimmy to be put in the same position that he had just been in. The weapon master’s arm muscles are starting to burn like they are lit on fire.

Jimmy powers out and is back to where they all started like they were just wasting their time.

Neither one can get the edge and they start to kick each other’s legs, while still not letting go of their foe’s arms.

Jimmy kicks Red Leader in the shins while the bandit tries to use his foot to trip up the hero.

The two remained on their feet and they both knew that neither can get an edge over the other.

Jimmy decides to isolate one of Red Leader’s arms and try to break to break it so he could win this fight.

The hero jumps into the air into an arm bar position on the right arm of his enemy. Jimmy legs were wrapped around the shoulder of Red Leader with both of his arms trying to pin down the foe’s arm against his own chest. Red leader clasps his hands together so that Jimmy could not break his arm. Red leader then slams the hero against his knees in a power bomb throw after throw.

These knee strikes causes Jimmy to release the move but as he was letting go of Red leader’s arm he managed to kick the bandit in the side of his cloaked head.

Red Leader was sent flying by the head kick but used his left leg to hop on the ground to try to stop his momentum. The bandit was still leaning hard to the left but was now able to return back to both feet.

While the foe was recovering himself, Jimmy was making a running drop kick in the bandit’s direction. But it did go as Jimmy had at first planed.

Red Leader had carried out a drop kick as well and two kicked each other in the shins. Luckily the pair were both wearing metal shin guards. The opponents then land safety on the ground ready for their next move.

Jimmy pulls out his slender straight sword and lashes it at the bandit leader.

Red Leader dodges each of Jimmy’s attacks and even manages counter the warrior with several jabs.

The bandit jumps back away from Jimmy and pulls out a curved saber from his side.

The two start to swing swords wildly at each other, but both warriors are able to dodge any cut.

Sparks are flying off the blades of both swords as two try to cut each other’s vital points. The two men are swinging so fast that they make a sonic boom that was deafening to all those that was not prepared for such a loud clash of sounds.

Nether warrior could make a mistake or they will die, because both warriors are barely dodging the other’s blow by mere centimeters.

The pair charged their swings with all their strength and clash their blades together in a spray of sparks.

The swords both break into shards and land on the ground beside them in many pieces.

Jimmy pulls out his favorite knife and prepares to strike at Red Leader, who is pulling an

elaborate knife to fight with as well.

The two warriors start stabing each in the torso with various different strikes as they both begin to gush out in blood.

Neither fighter was even dodging each other’s blows at this point. Jimmy and the bandit are at point blank range and they could not dodge even if they had wanted to. They both knew that must change the scenario or they will both die.

Yet, neither warrior will back away an inch so the pair grow desperate.

So desperate in fact, that they both in unison stomp on each other’s foot and stab through their own foot with each of their knifes. Both blades pierced the ground and all four of the men’s feet. Now neither men can dodge as they punch each other in the face as hard as they possibly can.

Jimmy Sr and Red Leader had stopped their physical assault on each on other while both were covered in a bloody mess. The blood was all over the ground at the feet of the men as if someone had

dropped a bucket of red paint all over the two warriors.

The two fighters bend over with great struggle and pull their knives out of their feet. The two men each jump backwards to safety. Jimmy finally sees the red face of the bandit leader and it shirks him greatly at first.

Red Leader had a long elongated head with large black almond eyes. Red Leader had must had been given such a name partly due to his bright red skin. Jimmy thought that this bandit might not be of

this world but he had no time to investigate the matter further.

Jimmy used his healing skills to heal all of his wounds. It was a useful skill but it ate up a lot of

ki. He had less than half of his ki remaining after all the fighting up to now and healing his fellow villagers. Jimmy knew that this battle had to end soon or he would soon run out of ki.

Red leader used some sort of power to heal his body as well.

Jimmy spoke,”If we kept fighting like that we both would had died! You must be smart due to that huge melon head of yours!”

Red Leader did not response as ki begins to form around the bandit in the shape of knives.

Red Leader spoke finally,”My tremendous intelligence lets me heal himself without any medical skills”

The flying ki daggers form seemingly infinitely as Jimmy dodges the attacks by less than one millimeter(less than four percent of inch).

The daggers all pierced the ground around Jimmy in a circle. The blades all charge at Jimmy


Jimmy used his aura to form a shield around him which destroys the ki blades.

But the father could not rest since a large ki blade was flying at the hero’s head.

The hero had to do a last second energy blast out his mouth that destroys the blade into nonexistence.

Jimmy was lifted off the ground by the mental powers of Red Leader about twenty feet up in the

air. Endless pressure was being placed upon the father while the roots of the nearby trees wrap

itself around him.

Jimmy started to turn blue as the roots tightened around him. The warrior was trying to use all his strength to get free but to no use.

Red leader spoke,”Just give up and die since my physic powers are too much for even ki users! H aha!”

Jimmy had tried his defensive ki that he had learned along with his healing arts.

But it did not work just as the bandit had said.

Jimmy knew that he must do something so he used his offensive ki to form ki lighting that begun to electrocute Red Leader.

The two men were both now in pain and was a battle of attrition to see who would give up first.

Blood was gushing out of every orifice of Jimmy’s body while Red Leader was being fried to a crisp.

Red leader lets go of the move at the same time Jimmy stops his attack as well.

Jimmy manages to climb to his feet as he walks over to see if his foe was dead.

The bandit leader jumps to his feet to attack the hero when Jimmy reacts without thinking and slices the foe from the top of his head to down past his groin with his ki infused sword. Jimmy used another slash to cut the bandit in a cross shaped pattern. The four pieces of Red Leader’s remains fall to the ground as Jimmy used a ki blast to destroy the remains of the fallen bandit. Jimmy could not give the foe a chance to put himself back together as he falls on his butt out of tiredness. The Zarabas brothers taught him that fact the hard way.

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